IELTS Writing Task 2: Essay Planning Tips

IELTS essay planning tips. Learn how to plan your IELTS essay successfully. Learn how to use your time to plan ideas and paragraphs as well as other essential aspects of your IELTS essay.

Should I spend time planning my essay?

Yes, you should. 50% of your marks as based on your ability to answer the essay question directly, present relevant ideas, have clear supporting points to extend the main ideas, to organise your ideas and have logical paragraphing. So, spending time planning is essential for any student aiming for band score 6, 7, 8 or 9.

When you get to writing task 2, you will be tired. You will already have done the listening test, reading test and writing task 1. This means your concentration and energy levels will be low. It is easy to make a mistake with the essay question, lose focus in your writing and present disorganised ideas. This is another reason why planning is so important. It helps you focus and create a clear strategy with clear ideas. This will make writing your essay easier and help you write a strong essay.

How much time should I spend planning?

Some teachers will tell you to plan for at least 10 minutes. This is good advice but I know what most students are too nervous to spend so much time planning. Other teachers advise students to spend about 3 minutes. This is enough to plan main ideas but not to plan supporting points and to organise ideas.

I advise you to spend at least 5 minutes planning. You must practice planning your essay and calculate how long it really takes you to create a strong plan for your essay. Whatever you decide, know that planning is critical. Lack of planning is the common downfall of most students.

What should I plan before I start writing?

You should have a clear outline of the following before you start your essay:

  • identifying the issues in the essay question
  • brainstorming main points
  • choosing the best main points
  • planning supporting points
  • organising paragraphs

Should I practice planning my essays at home before my test?

Yes, definitely. There is a skill to good logical essay planning which you need to practice. On this blog, I have over 100 essay questions for IELTS writing task 2. While it might be difficult to practice writing over 100, you should certainly spend time planning a lot of them even if you don’t have time to write the full essay. The better you are at planning, the better your essay will be. See the link below for essay questions.

Where can I write my plan?

You can write your plan on the question paper. There is plenty of room to write on the question paper and the examiner will not see it. The examiner only sees the answer sheet. So, use the question paper to plan your essay.


I have seen many high level students with very good English fail to get band score 7, not because of their English, but because of their poor essay planning. Don’t let that happen to you! Plan your essay thoroughly before you start writing your essay.



  1. Hello Liz,

    Thank you for this amazing IELTS source. I have struggle with generating ideas for writing task-2. My mind always goes to writing fancy ideas but it ends with not organizing my thoughts properly. Could you please tell me how to organize ideas?How to simple simple and find relevant ideas?

  2. Negar Banisafar says

    Hi dear Liz
    I used to think it is incorrect to mention ” I will discuss ” in an academic essay until two weeks ago that I was told by my Ielts tutor that I “must” use the pronoun “I” in my IELTS writing task 2.
    I was wondering what is the correct answer?

    • That is 100% untrue. If the instructions ask for your opinion, you must give it. The only way to write your personal opinion in English is to write: I think or I believe or In my opinion or I agree etc. So, you must use “I” if the instructions call for it. If the instructions do not call for it, you don’t use it. Just follow the instructions. See this page:

  3. Taju Alphonse says

    Hello Liz
    I’m Alphonse Taju from Cameroon. I appreciate ur wonderful work here. Infact it’s really helping me through my preparation. I’m so privileged to have come to know this blog.

    Pls is there a link which explains other forms of task 2 essay questions apart from opinion essay?? Thanks in advance for ur reply


    Hello Liz,
    Do we get higher band score for better ideas ? If I maintain the structure and give supporting points along with examples, will it still not boost the band score? Please advise mam

  5. Nitin Singh says

    Hi Liz,
    I am Nitin Singh from India. I read your blog posts & article about tips to get high score in IELTS exam. Your viewpoints are really worth to follow and your suggestions are really good. I was doing practice for IELTS general writing task 2 by writing essays. When I saw few examples, I found a line “This essay will first discuss about advantages of and then outline about disadvantages” (for an essay about advantages or disadvantages) . This line “This essay will first discuss……and then…..” was written in all different type of essays (Opinion/Advantages or disadvantages/Discussion etc).
    My question- is it OK to write this line in all types of messages? Will it make structure of my essay better to get more score?
    Kindly guide me.

  6. Hello Liz!

    Would mind showing us an example how do you plan an essay? Maybe you could use an essay from the suggested 100.

    Thank you.

  7. The last link in this article is linked to a 404 (not found) page.

  8. Nadine AbdelFattah says

    Hi Liz,

    Thank you so much for all your tutorials. I found them very beneficial. I am currently practicing Writing Task 2 GT and I would like to see sample answers to some of the common essay questions.
    Is there a link for that?

    Thanks again

  9. Damanjit Kaur says

    Hello Liz mam
    I revently had a discussion with a ielts trainer near my house.He said you can get a high band score only if u write factual information.For example write international examples, write dates of events related to information of your topic.
    He said start reading newspaper for search etc.
    What should i do?

  10. Damanjit Kaur says

    Hello Liz Mam
    I use very long sentences during my ielts writing practise.
    Please give me some tios for better writing and a good score.

    • I am currently writing a grammar list e-book for writing task 2 – I hope to have it ready to purchase in a couple of months. Long sentences are not always good. You should be limiting the length and selecting different types of sentence structures.

      • Hello Liz, I am interested with the book. Could you notify me, when it is ready to purchase. You can send me the email.


        • I’ll post a notice on this site when it’s ready. I’m hoping to have it ready by March or April. Sorry it can’t be sooner.

  11. Russel Peter says

    Can I write task 2 essay entirely based on personal experience?

    • It is a formal essay so keep a formal content.

      • Hello Liz my question is that it is very difficult to me to analyze many questions in writing task 2 . I don’t know how to write introduction paragraph in a good way . Similarly, planning brainstorm ideas, and how to describe it with example, mentioning topic sentence is more difficult for me. Please Liz help me about this issue I am very weak in ielts task 2. I am unable to get good marks in writing. How can I get at least 6.5 in ielts writing thank you ..

  12. M Aktaruzzaman Hasab says

    Hi Liz
    I want to know how much panulty made on grammatical mistakes both inWT-1 and 2

  13. Rachana Gawde says

    Hey Liz ,
    I have my exam within 3 days .
    I would like to know, do they reduced the score if cancel out or strike out your mistake and rewrite in above it . It looks shabby atimes .
    Could please answer my question .

    • If the examiner can easily read your writing, it’s fine. If the examiner can’t easily read your writing, it will impact your score.

    • Rachana Gawde says

      1.So the strike words or crossed words will be ignore and not affect the score right as long as it can be read ?
      2.Also can I put a small arrow “^” to indicate the word have replaced is it wrong or right ?
      3. Neat and non strike essay increase your band score .

      Thank for the reply
      Could please answer these questions too.

      • I don’t know what you mean by non-strike essay. This is not an English term. You can alter mistakes, insert new words and as long as it is clear, it won’t affect your score.

        • Rachana Gawde says

          This tip will really help me to manage my time in writing . All your lessons were also great help to me to prepare for the exam . Thank you so much 🙂

  14. Hi Liz,

    First of all thank you for such useful tips. My question is, Does poor hand writing affect getting a good band? My hand writing is not very clear no matter how hard I try, it never looks pretty on paper. Please advise.

    Many thanks

  15. Liz I was wondering if I could write some samples for the writing tasks both 1 and 2 and send you for comments and suggestions. Would that be all right? How would I mail them to you? I missed out on my required band score just by 0.5 getting a 6.5 instead of 7 so I really need to improve it!

  16. Pranav Kaul says

    Dear Liz,

    I wish to confirm few things from you regarding TASK-2 in GT.
    1) If in the Question, it’s not mentioned to give relevant examples and we quotes them, will we be marked negatively on that?
    2) In my previous exams, I wrote approx 390-400 words and I got 6.5…was I marked negatively if I exceed the limit ?


  17. Abdu Sudan says

    Hi Liz,
    Thank you for your help.
    I normally come up with good answers ( main points ) and examples ; however, I found out that my weak point is to develop supporting points. can you talk more about this part please?


    • People think supporting points are special and different ideas. Your body paragraph should contain a topic sentence which is your main point. All sentences after that explain your main point in more detail – that’s all. Supporting sentences are just more details.

  18. Dear Liz,
    Just now I bought your Advanced lessons to improve my writing skill. I took IELTS GT last month and got 6.5 in writing. I want to get 7. Hope I would get 7 in next sitting after studying your advanced lesson. If you have any special advice for students those who are struck on 6.5, please do share with us

    • Here are some pointers:
      1. Avoid errors in grammar or vocab. This means – don’t make your sentences too long, keep them accurate, don’t use words you are not 100% sure about. Aim for accuracy and don’t try to impress.
      2. This is a language test. That means each sentence is unique to you and your essay. Don’t use learned expressions or phrases, such as “this essay will discuss the …”
      3. Address all issues in the question and follow the instructions. Never add anything that isn’t asked for.
      4. Learn from my advanced lessons. I’m sure you will have your eyes opened.

  19. Gülüsh Jafarguluzade says

    Hi Liz,
    I found out your blog while searching for IELTS tips on the internet. Thank you very much for this resourceful and very helpful blog. This is just what I was looking for. Since I’m preparing by myself, I was afraid of the process of studying. Your blog is a guide for me from now on. Thank you very much!!



    • I’m glad you found my website. Remember , the more you understand about the test, the less confused you will feel and the more your confidence will grow 🙂 Good luck!

  20. Hi Mam, Good day to you.
    could you please give your opinion that, which book is right choice to buy?
    Is it Cambridge IELTS 11 or 12 Academic?

  21. Hussain Nabil says

    Thank you so much . You are the best !

  22. Hi Mam,
    Is it advisable to use pencil for the task 2 in the academic?

  23. I think I understand how to write an essay before I write it.

  24. Hi Liz,
    Have you covered your lessons, tips and lectures in a book? If so, how and where can I find it. A book would be really helpful.

  25. Meghan Marquez says

    Hi Liz,
    I recently took my IELTS exam and I got a 6.5 on my Writing and I was aiming for at least a 7.0. As I was taking my Writing exam, I had trouble with time. I wrote an introduction, 2 body paragraphs and a conclusion but the words weren’t enough. Also, due to the topic, which I was not familiar with (Space Tourism) and the time constraint, I wasn’t able to organize my thoughts completely.
    Before I took the test, I was chatting with some of the other test takers and one of them said that she planned to do the Task 2 first and never mind if she doesn’t answer the Task 1 well or AT ALL. I was wondering if this is a good exam strategy. Should I answer the Task 2 first then get to my Task 1 after IF I have more time? What if I don’t get to finish my Task 1 because I spent too much time trying to pass my Task 2? Since in the Writing Test, Task 2 has a bigger point percentage than Task 1.


  26. Hi liz
    thank you very much for the very nice level of the information you are giving to us.
    i have one point which is really confusing me always in task 2 writing . for example, the video that you posted in you tube about single sex schools VS mixed schools or the essays which have the same way of presentation.
    should i mention advantages and disadvantages of the single sex schools and then go to the mixed schools paragraph and again mention advantages and disadvantages.
    or i should plan my essay by writing FIRSTLY the advantages of the single sex schools and then mixed schools and SECONDLY the disadvantages of the single sex schools and mixed schools. or i should mention only the advantages of both kind of schools in 2 paragraphs.
    thank you

  27. Noureldin says

    Dear Lize,
    First, i am extremely appreciating what you did for us as IELTS success seekers. I had so mush of your tips and lessons through the last few months. I did my IELTS test on 13th May 2017. I thing my performance in Reading, Writing and Speaking was OK (thanks to your videos and tips), however, i don’t think my grade in Listing will be as i was wishing.
    For the Writing test:
    Task 1: write a letter responding to Airline company survey about your last trip with them. how you heard about them, what did you like and what is your recommendations.
    Task 2: some people thing that employees at the age of 60 or 65 should be retired, but others think they shouldn’t be released until they choose to. what is your opinion?
    for the Speaking test:
    after the casual introduction. where you live and what you like about it, do you wish to stay living there and why? speak about a situation when you tried new foreign food, when and where, what did like and dislike. Do you like shoes? do you think that people expend so much on shoes, do people choose based on where it made? and why? choosing based on where it made, is it discrimination? why and why not?
    My results will be after 13 days. Please wish me luck.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Good luck!!

      • Hi Liz, i have been following your webpage from a week and very thankful for your prompt replies and valuable suggestions. Im currently using this blog for my GT prepration. Below i have made an attempt to task1 above assuming it to be formal, i may be wrong but appreciate your quick comments and suggestions. If you were an examiner, what band do you give. Sorry but im curious here.
        Dear Sir,
        My name is Jagan. I have come across your advertisement and considered your airliner for one of my recent trip to London. I am writing this letter in response to your survey request to prvide my feedback followed by some recommendations.

        I have booked my travel ticket using your webpage. It is very intutive and well organised. I personally liked the way you have communicated the flight departure information with all germane details.

        I also liked and enjoyed the inside ambience of your aircraft that was clean and hygenic. Arrangements like magazines, music CDs and ear phones are much appreciated. The onboard crew’s response and politeness is impressive. The food was delicious and served with care.

        Having enjoyed my travel, I would like to recommend availabilty of general physician onboard who could help the passengers with high altitude numbness and vomiting sensations. It would be great to increase the limit of water bottles to two from one.

        I hope my recommendations will help you to serve better.

        Yours Faithfully,
        Jagan Mudinendla

        Thanks in advance….

  28. Kashif Aujla ACA says

    Thanks Liz… your tips and lectures were amazing…. i jut prepared for two days from your blog and did very well in today’s exams… but not sure about speaking..

    • I’m glad to hear it went well for you. I’ll keep my fingers crossed you get a good score in speaking 🙂

  29. hello mam, while writing in task 1 and task 2 should I underline with pencil the main points???????

  30. Basil george says

    Good afternoon liz

    When we get an opinion type of essay, after brainstorming ideas and the selection of relevant ideas how can we for the explanation ? Do you have any method to explain our ponits / arguments?

    • Each body paragraph states one reason why you have your opinion. Each body paragraph presents one main point with explanation and detail to support or explain your view.

      • Jacqueline says

        Hi Liz!!
        Can we use citations of authorities, of the news, science or just “most psycologist state that children…” as supporting points in Essay 2?
        I´m afraid about my arguments..

        • You are not marked on evidence or facts. You are marked on your language and your explanations which support your ideas. Just explain it in your own words.

  31. great articles indeed

  32. Hopefully next month 🙂


      HELLO LIZ,




      • Uncommon vocabulary is fine to use when it is appropriate but it will not give you a higher score when you use is inappropriately. In normal essay writing for IELTS, we do not write “acquiesce”, however we do use “agree”. Be appropriate at all times – any use of inappropriate vocabulary will lower your score. The passive voice is used when it is appropriate, for example “it is thought that” instead of “people think that”.

  33. Saeed Mollaee says

    Thanks for your useful website
    in Writing task2,what should we do if we would not know the meaning of the keyword.for example,if the topic asks us to explain our opinion about Anorixia(one of my friend`s topic)
    would you please guide me?

    • This is a difficult situation. In writing task 2, you are being marked on your ability to address all the issues in the essay question. If you don’t understand the words, you won’t get a high score. There is nothing you can do except try to guess the meaning and write your essay as closely to the topic as you can. Each exam is a gamble in some way as you can’t predict the topics which is why some students take more than one test.

  34. harpreet says

    Hi mam
    My ielts exam date 4 August 2016
    Please send me some information writing task 2 questions

  35. Hello liz.. I want to know about the singular and plural answers in listening.. if I could just catch the word and not the tense.. for example waiter and waiters.. what should I do. Can I write the answer using a slash for example.. waiter/waiters or a bracket like waiter(s)… to be on a safer side….

  36. Sreelatha rajesh says

    Hi mam,
    I have an advise for everyone, please read the question at least three time .Then only you will understand the question clearly.

    • Good advice. Not only read it three times but underline key words in the question to ensure your essay addresses all parts of the task.

  37. Hi mam can u please give me an example about how actually u prepare ur plan brainstorming for eassy give me some example so that i can practise a bit please?

  38. Dear Liz
    Is it right if I have my topic sentence in the middle or at the end of a paragraph? I mean “starting the paragraph with explanation or supporting ideas, then putting the topic sentence if it is possible to logically and grammatically add it”.
    Will it increase my overall band score?
    I’m looking forward to hearing you at your earliest convenience. Thanks in advance

  39. hi😊 good day., i am practicing myself on the writing area where i only got a 5.5 score on my first ielts exam., i will retake ielts on saturday ( jan. 23) please help me do better to get a band score of at least 6 here is a writing on what i have done in a full 40 mins… >>there seems to be an increasing number of serious crimes committed each year. while some think the best way is to use the death penalty as a deterrant , many people believe that other measures will be needed. discuss both sides. it seems taht there is a growing number of serius crimes committed each year cycle. a number of people believe that the most effective method as a deterrent is to use the death penalty, on the other hand , people think that there are other measures that will be needed. death penalty have been implemented in some countries like china, uae and malaysia. by this punishment, people in their country are afraid to commit a crime. they are afraid to be caught and be put into death. though, there are still some who have committed crimes. before the day of their scheduled death penalty, their family members were the ones who were trying to convince the government to give them another chance and forgive the culprit. but having mercy with the relatives will not hinder the official to push through the punishment & abide to their law. another were the tourists. they have commited a crime because they are unaware of the law and their practices that such death penalty is being used in their country. though they are unaware, they are still unexcused to acquire the said penalty. as tonwhat the law states ” ignorance of the law excuses no one ” . many have witnessed death penalty is really implemented and no one is exempted because they are just following the law. thus, many people believe that death penalyty is the best method to reduce the number of crimes annually. however , other believe that other measures will be needed to control the increasing number of crimes. such measures are putting the culprit into jail,and also having the person person pay the damages he has done. this punishment will give the suspect a little chance to put right what he has done wrong. by this methods, the person will realize that it is not easy to be in prisonned and to pay a big amount of money. he is internalizing that he will not commit a crime agaiin because he is now suffering inside the cell and in paying a big amount of money, it is a big lost for the person. by this methods, folks will be aware that if you will commit a crime there is a certain punishment that would be given to you. this will be a factor to decrease the crimes that is happening in a year. 😊please have time to read it and please give comments on my weaknesses . thank you 😄

  40. Angad saggu says

    Mam I am confused about writing the main paragraphs of the essay , please help me on that

  41. Hi Liz.

    I have two questions

    1. Even though I use a pencil, I keep missing words or phrases in the middle of sentences, which I notice later. What I always do is use the following arrow sign to add the info – ” ^ ” on top. But is it forbidden to use this technique in the IELTS exam?

    2. Does neatness matter?

    I am looking forward to your reply. And I really wanted to thank you for helping all of us prepare for this exam.

  42. Hi Liz,

    I bought 3 of your videos and I watched discussion essay video today. I have a query writing one sided discussion essays. As per video tutorial, in BP1, you have given your opinion along with others’ view and in BP2, opinions of people for other side . But is it not required to mention why we are not choosing the second opinion?

    I am practising sample discussion essay questions now. Your video helped me a lot.

    Thanks and Regards,

    • If the question was “To what extent do you agree” you should certainly explain why you don’t agree with the other side because your whole essay is about giving your opinion in lots of detail. However, this is a discussion essay with an opinion. That means the opinion takes up only 30% of the whole essay. You don’t have enough words to explain why you support one side and also why you don’t support the other side. For this reason, the structures I have suggested work best.
      All the best

  43. Hello Liz,

    My question is , is there any word limit for writing example in writing task 2. How many examples we can write in writing task 2.

  44. Dear Liz,

    Thanks for the wonderful information. I have a question, what tense shall I choose in writings task 2? Can I choose more than one tense? What about passive and active voices? And what shall I use?


  45. Dr. Syed Iqtidar Ali Raza says

    Dear Liz
    Thanks for the reply in which you recommended me your video lesson on task conclusion /overview. But my problem is that I can’t open any of your video lessons. Don’t know how to get it open. If u could kindly help or if I can find these lessons in written form
    Thanks and regards

  46. Dr. Syed Iqtidar Ali Raza says

    Dear Liz
    Do we have to write conclusion in task 1?????
    Waiting for your valuable reply

  47. Hello,
    I found in some Ielts task 2 questions of writing this sort of sentence : “Do you have any reservations?” or similar.
    Can you please explain me what this means

    • There is no IELTS writing task 2 question like that. You should only be using IELTS Cambridge test papers to practice writing.
      All the best

  48. Dear teacher,
    Should we use these terms:
    1. However, we should not turn a blind eye to the unexpected outcomes, one of which is the…
    2. This is not to say that… / Those who harbor the view that…would argue that…

    • Certainly don’t use the first one. You can’t memorise a whole sentence or 17 words together and pretend that they are your own. The examiner will know that you have memorised that language and will not count it. For the other examples, they are shorter and more flexible so are fine.
      All the best

      • Thanks a lot for your advice 🙂
        I also find this kind of question confusing: ‘Do you think this is a positive or negative development?’ do I discuss both sides along with giving my opinion? or should I focus on my chosen view?

        • I don’t know how to explain it more clearly. It does not ask for both, it does not say “and”. It says “or” which means you choose. Your opinion is your choice and is the only task given to you. The whole essay is your answer. You chose one and explain it.
          All the best

  49. Hi Liz,

    Thank you so much for your fantastic website.
    For the essays that ask for the reasons of a specific problem as well as the solutions, can we include the solution at the end of each paragraph that starts with the topic of the reasons of the problem? If not, how can we arrange the paragraphs if we want to offer more than one solution? What I usually do is: introduction, 1st reason or main point in the 1st paragraph, 2nd reason in the other paragraph, and one solution that is included in conclusion. Is that okay? Also, I usually, write my thesis as: “This essay will explore the reasons of this issue as well as the solutions.” In this way, I try to attract the reader’s attention to follow the essay for my reasons and solutions, Is that okay or do I need to mention the specific reasons and solutions in my thesis? I’m a bit confused, would you please advise?

    Thank you in advance

    • Always keep your paragraphing clear and logical. One body paragraph – reason(s) and one body paragraph for the solution(s).
      All the best

  50. Dear mam,
    I have just found your website and it’s very important every ielts test takers as I. So I first thank for you.
    I had five times ielts general module exam and unfortunately, every time I have received 5.5 for reading and listening how can I improve my score up to 7 for both .

  51. Bobby Jacob says

    Respected Madame,
    Greetings to you.I got my UKVI IELTS Academic results just today.Unfortunate enough,I scored only 6.5 in writing module where I was requiring and expecting band 7.Additionally,I scored 7 in speaking and 8 in both reading and listening.I need to achieve band 7 in each module and overall for my NMC registration in U.K..
    Albeit,I am contemplating on re-evaluation but am dithering about it for the fact that it takes 7 weeks for the outcome.Therefore,I request your valuable opinion regarding re-evaluation and the chances of getting band 7 from 6.5 when evaluated by a senior British examiner.
    In anticipation.
    Your faithfully,
    P.S.: kindly oblige me by evaluating my leter.

    • You could consider a remark for writing if you can answer “yes” to the following questions:
      Task 1
      1. did you write a clear overview in task 1? Did your overview contain ALL key features?
      2. Did you avoid the conclusion? It isn’t needed.
      3. Did you support your body paragraph with facts, dates and numbers, if you had a chart, table or graph?
      4. Did you write over 150 words? If you didn’t don’t bother with a remark.
      Task 2
      5. Did you write a clear answer to the essay question in your introduction? If you were asked for an opinion, did you put it in the introduction?
      6. Did you write over 250 words? If you didn’t, don’t bother with a remark.
      7. Did each body paragraph have a clear central topic?
      8. Did you use a range of linking devices? If you use a reasonable range, it’s ok.
      9. Did you finish your essay? Did you write a conclusion? If you didn’t don’t bother with a remark.
      10. Did you over paraphrase? Did you try to change words too much which produces too many errors?

      Hopefully that will help you make the right decision. It is possible to get an increase of 0.5 in one skill. But it does depend on your performance relating to the above points.
      All the best

  52. Hi Liz,

    I need your suggestion as I’m unable to figure out where I am losing the score.

    S-6.5, R-7.5, L-7.5, W-7.0 (1st attempt, 13 Jun)
    S-8.0, R-8.0, L-8.0, W-6.0 (2nd attempt, 27 Jun)

    As I needed at least a 7 in each section, I knew it after 1st attempt that I’d messed it up in Speaking and immediately booked the next available date.

    However, in next one as you can see, my score has dropped by an entire band (7.0 to 6.0) in Writing, though, the score went up in all the other sections.

    As far as Writing goes, I think I’ve lost marks in task achievement section.

    It was a double essay question and I did follow your paraphrasing techniques in the introduction as well as conclusion.

    Also, made sure that I’ve directly answered both the questions.

    But was not confident after exam in task achievement criteria.

    Moreover, I’ve booked next exam in 2 weeks and need your suggestion on the things that I should concentrate on to get at least a 7 in Writing.

    • The problem with writing could lie in either task 1, task 2 or both. You mention Task Achievement but this is for task 1 not task 2. Task Response is for task 2. You need to learn more about how your writing is assessed and what the examiner is looking for. See my band score pages in the writing sections.

      Also ask yourself these questions:
      Task 1
      1. Did you write an overview?
      2. Did the overview contain ALL key features?
      3. Did you avoid the conclusion?
      4. Did you use the right grammar, the right vocabulary and the right linking devices for the type of task?
      5. Did you have two body paragraphs?
      6. Did you avoiding giving too much detail?
      7. Did you write over the word count?

      If you answer “yes” to all the above questions, the problem might be writing task 2. You will need to review all lessons. It is a shame to book your next test in only two weeks when you don’t know where your problem lies. However, hopefully you will be successful and work on your weaknesses.
      All the best

      • Hi Liz,

        After you’ve pointed out, it indeed sounds silly that I’ve booked anothe exam before understanding my weaknesses.

        Thanks for sharing this valuable advice.

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