Advertising Vocabulary & Pronunciation

This lesson focuses on essential advertising vocabulary. There is also an audio so you can listen to how the words are pronounced. At the bottom of the page, is some practice exercises to learn how to use these words correctly. Advertising is a common topic in both IELTS speaking and writing task 2, so you must learn all the basic vocabulary to be able to talk and write on this topic.

This lesson contains a lot of vocabulary. Take your time to learn the words and practice your pronunciation. There is an audio under each table for pronunciation practice.

Forms of the word:

  • ad (n)
  • advert (n)
  • advertise (vb)
  • advertising (v+ing)
  • advertisement (n) (there are two different pronunciation – UK and USA)

Main Types of Advertisements:

main types of advertising Listen to Audio

Other Types of Advertisements:

advertising word list Listen to Audio

More Types of Advertising:

more types of adverts Listen to Audio


Practice Exercises with Advertising Vocabulary

Use the vocabulary above to complete the sentences. Words may be used more than once.

  1. I think I prefer …………….. because they are really good fun to watch and often have a catchy tune or song to go with them.
  2. Last night, I was just sitting down to my favourite series on TV when the phone rang. It was another …………. I find them really annoying.
  3. Personally, I think that …………………… in movies is the most effective because you aren’t even aware that you are being targeted by a company while you’re watching.
  4. I think ………………… are a great way to advertise because they are so entertaining but I guess they must be very costly to put on, particularly at peak viewing time.
  5. There’s nothing more annoying than trying to work online and getting bothered by ………………
  6. I hardly ever pay attention to adverts in the ………………….. because they aren’t usually very attractive but whenever I flick through a ……………., I’m constantly drawn towards their beautiful, glossy ads.
  7. I find telesales quite ……………….. because they call your home to sell you something. I think it’s an invasion of privacy.
  • eye-catching = appealing, attractive
  • subtle = not obvious
  • flick through a magazine = look at the pages quickly
  • to target an audience = to aim for a group of people
  • catchy tune = an appealing melody
  • peak viewing time = a time when the majority of people are watching
  • glossy = shiny
  • specific market  = particular group of people
  • specific interest group = particular group of people with the same interests
  • persuasive = it convinces us to do something or think something
  • memorable = it stays in our minds for a long time
  • intrusive = causing annoyance, uninvited
  • invasion of privacy = when your privacy has been invaded (entered) without permission
  • up-to-date = current
  • customer database = list or record of customers

Listen to Audio

  1. TV commercials
  2. cold call
  3. covert advertising
  4. TV commercials
  5. pop-ups
  6. newspaper / magazine
  7. intrusive




  1. Rahul Khatuja says

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    I hope you are doing good. 🙂

    This is a writer and user of your website from India. I am and preparing for the IELTS exam and targetting it sometime soon.

    I have seen more often than not your material is factually also correct. However, in covert advertising you have mentioned “James Bond drives a BMW”. Actually its Aston Martin. Just to lighten the mood of everyone here.



    • Actually James Bond changed the car he drove a number of times. See this page: 🙂

      • ruth bagnes says

        Hi Miss Liz, I tried to answer the writing task 2 about advertisement I would like to ask if you can assess my work thanks. 🙂 Here is my work:

        The effect of fast-food restaurants and companies’ promotion at school to children well-being have a crucial focal point in this essay, which was always debatable, has now become more controversial. It can be agreed strongly upon the fact that this matter has some convincing arguments, despite the contentions about it. This is essay will discuss how promoting companies such as fast food restaurants encourage a poor diet and how children/ students benefit from these kinds of school sponsorship advertisement by companies related to fast-food restaurants and thus will lead to a reasoned conclusion.
        At the outset, there are numerous reasons why sponsored adverts from fast-food restaurant at school have some negative aspects to children, but the most alarming one lies in the fact that promotion of companies like fast-food restaurants at school encourages a poor diet on students, and this can be a contributing factor for the children to consume food with high salt and sugar content that can be harmful to their health. For instance, research in this area invariably shows that children who tend to eat fast-food meals have higher rate of being obese and worst-case scenario having an early diagnosed of diabetes. For this reason, the adverse impacts of companies who gave a sponsorship advertisement at school should not be ignored.
        Nevertheless, some people tend to believe that advertisement coming from fast-food establishments and companies in schools can be addressed with some positive facets as well. However, the most predominant one stems from the fact that children benefit from these kinds of school company-sponsored advertisement, which is not only beneficial but also necessary. As an illustration, findings of some studies reveal that 80% of children benefit from the additional resources and facilities that schools can afford due to the funding from the companies provided the schools promote their products and services to school children. Therefore, the importance of sponsored adverts by companies to school children is undeniable.
        After analyzing the above discussion, it can be concluded that the impact of promoting companies such as fast-food restaurants to school children well-being is significant, although the given negative effects should not be overlooked.

  2. God bless you, Miss Liz. I merely voice my appreciation. A teacher recommended me to improve my writing skill extract the collocations and structures from magazines or websites (The Guardian…). However, after a while, I felt it is so boring and time-consuming. Please give me a method to enrich my vocabulary in all specific IELTS Topics.

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  7. First I didn’t realize what could be the answers, I thought I’ve to writer Advertisement in other forms like -ad, advertise etc,. Then I stopped and read carefully, then I got 4 correct answers. Its really tough -IELTS.

    • It’s tough. But with the right practice and deeper understanding of requirements, it is possible to conquer.

  8. Liz ,I got only 2 correct answers.

    • These are practice lessons to help you learn and develop. This is not about scoring high the first time. Use my site to learn. Use my site to build awareness of your own strengths and also of the areas you need to develop.

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    Thank you in avance !

    • There is no difference in how you tackle them. Some questions are YNNG and some are TFNNG.
      YNNG are usually about the writer’s opinion.
      TFNG are about information given in the passage.
      But, as I said, you approach them in exactly the same way.

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    • Sorry, I don’t offer that service.

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        • Be careful aiming for lots of new words. It is usually better to review the words you already know and make sure you use them correctly. You should aim for accuracy when you use language, rather than aiming to impress. Each word you use incorrectly will lower your score – so limit yourself and don’t try to learn it all. Be strategic in how you approach IELTS. Build on your strengths and be careful of the areas where you struggle 🙂

          • Ammar Hdaifeh says

            Thank you for the advices, Actually this applies to the Writing Section, but in the Reading section: the greater the knowledge of the new words, the greater the understanding of the text, in the reading section they play a game (paraphrases game!) in the Question a word and in the answer a paraphrases

            • That is correct. Unless you have a good understanding of synonyms, you will struggle with reading. The problem is that you can’t predict the topic for reading. The topics are very random, unless you are doing GT – they are often similar for GT reading. To actually increase your knowledge of a language takes time – there is no quick fix. To enlarge your English, you can read BBC news, online magazines etc. See the Useful Websites Page of this website and you’ll find links.

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    Same about Writing part. What if some words I will write as per American English rules and some as per British English rules (e.g. labour – labor, authorised – authorized)? Being a foreigner sometimes it’s difficult to memorize which word is used in American English and which in British English, that’s why I came up with this question…

    • For speaking, it’s fine to have a mixed accent.
      For writing, you must choose either US spelling or UK spelling. You can’t mix them.

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        • Glad it’s useful. Read the instructions on the HOME page to learn how to use this site for your IELTS preparation.

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    Would it have been correct if I answered “telemarketer” instead of “cold call” at number 2? It seems to be grammatically correct and the person making the call is called a telemarketer (derived from the category/type of Advertising the point refers too). I work in advertising and in my country (South Africa), we mostly refer to those phone calls as another “telemarketer call”. Or should we rather strictly follow the text as given? I though it might be a “trick” question.

    • A “cold call” is NOT a person. A cold call is an action where someone calls you randomly trying to sell you something on the phone.

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    • You will need to ask IELTS directly about this. I’m sure that something can be organised to facilitate your wife with a medical certificate. But you will need to speak directly with IELTS.

    • There are various patterns for disabled or people with special needs in the IELTS module so you have to find it via IELTS website or by contacting any center for further information.

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    • There are 300 pages of free tips, exercises and model answers on this website – start reviewing the pages. Click on the test section on the red bar at the top of the website.

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    • You should show a range – it isn’t always possible to use all tenses that exist in English. Aim to give a past tense, a future form and a second conditional as minimum.

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        • I do not have tests, I have practice exercises to develop skills. Therefore, try one full practice test from the Cambridge book and then do some exercises to improve.

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    • To get band 7, you will need a higher level of English. Tips help with the test but if your level of English is too low, you will not get band 7. Work on your English before aiming for band 7.

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      • everyone can be a teacher to someone. if your tips were effective to you why can’t I try it, right? thanks anyway to your tips. noted, i will try it.

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    • Please see my video about how to improve your speaking at home. It’s on the main speaking page. IELTS is an international test so all accents are accepted.
      All the best

  102. Thank you for sharing everything you’ve got. I took my exam last August, and unfortunately I didn’t achieved the band score that I needed. I even enrolled to an IELTS review center, but I find this site more helpful. I hope I can reach my desired score the next time I will take it. *sad face*

    • It is common for students to take the test more than once. The first time, they discover more about the pressures of the test, the format and also about their own weaknesses. After that, you should make a list of things you really need to improve – specific things. Once you are improved and more confident, book the test again. Don’t forget you can also buy individual writing task 2 lessons if you need more help from my writing course – there’s a link in the right hand side column.
      Good luck!

  103. Hi Liz,

    Today I have seen writing task 2, it’s really very good. Anyone can easily understand.
    Thanks for your efforts.


  104. hi Liz,
    Today i have found your blog and I’m so glad to see you here. I am sure i can get some important tips on how i can get my goal band on IELTS . Also, i read your followers comments its really help me a lots how to prepare myself before taking the exam hence I have similarities errors with them firstly reading ,secondly writing essay. Once again let me express my feelings how great full I am, really appreciated your efforts. I’ll continue visiting your site every now and then.

    • I’m glad to know you find my site useful. You can learn a lot from both lessons and other people’s comments.
      All the best

      • hi liz….,i am weak in vocabulary and trying to improve my vocabulary so i am practising the vocabs which u have wrote on your website but i wanna asked u that do i need more to practise more such as to prefer more books for vocab or not???,is your vocabulary is sufficient for our ielts exams?

        • You should always prepare as much as you can. Get as many topic vocabulary books as possible. Just look around online to find one you like.

        • heer says:
          march 21,2016 at 1.44pm
          hi mam, i am a poor in english so i did not reach my gole,i wrote three time ielts test two time academic and after 3 years i wrote general test w-5,s-4.5,r-5,l-5.everytime i score 5 bands.i need some help to you because this time i need overall 6 or 6.5 score in ielts how can i improve my english could you please send me a good tips for scoring this marks and do u have any ielts book ,please send me to my email.i shell be thankfull to you.

  105. Hi Liz,
    I find your writing tips and vocabulary lists really useful and want to print them out and carry them with me so I can go through them when time is available e.g. on the bus , waiting for someone etc. However, it seems printing ur materials is disallowed. I understand this is copyright protection, but it is rather impractical if I need to copy everything out by hand since it is not just a word or two but pages and pages and pages. Could I ask if there is a way to print them out for my own reference?
    Thank you.

    • The pages with lots of vocabulary usually have downloadable pdf files. Take a look. But not all of them because I haven’t had time to complete them.
      All the best

    • saqib qayyum says

      Hello ma’am, I have been seeking help from your lessons and i have found them very useful. You are easy to understand and you explain it well. I really like your lessons and i am thankful to you for guiding use with your valuable knowledge.

      I am feeling difficulty in accumulating new words. How can i increase vocabulary ?

      Keep smiling

      • Start making a word list. To learn words, you need to use them. This means practice putting them into sentences when you answer questions, practice spelling them and practice using them in writing. Also start reading more. The more you see words in context, the more you will remember. Don’t forget that you should not aim to learn 20 words in one day but rather learn 5 words very very well.

  106. Hi Liz,

    I’d really like to thank and grateful to you for the efforts you put down to help us. I am appearing for IELTS next month Oct24. I was googling about IELTS speaking tips and found your blog. It is nicely written and structured. But i would like to get help in speaking section because i always rush through whatever topics were given to me and complete in just 1-2min. It would be of great help if you give some tips to expand my speaking time.

    Thanks & Regards,

    • Firstly, there are NO questions in part 2. There are guidelines for the content of your talk. You should use your 1 min to think about what you will talk about and what extra information you will add. You can add information about people, past experience, future hopes, buildings, streets, activities, weather, food etc. You can add any information to your talk to make it more interesting and to show the examiner the range of your language. Ever time you speak is a chance to show your English. See my speaking page for more tips.
      All the best

  107. Hi Liz

    I am from Sri Lanka.As I see this very good site for learn IELTS. I want to know how can I plan my IELTS exam. This my story . I took IELTS in last month and I only able to get overall 5 (L 5.5 W 5 R5 S 5).So I need to get 6 for all brand.Now I am confusing how I can improve my English and where I have to start it.If you can give some your idea it would be a great help for me

    • Please see my home page to watch the IELTS Preparation video. Developing English is something you must plan for yourself. MY blog is about IELTS rather than English.

  108. Hello miss liz…
    Thank you for this great opportunity to learn with your lessons.

    I will be taking my academic ukvi exam on sept 26. I am bothered because its my first time to takr the struggling with speaking and reading…and sometimes i cant finish my reading aand writing in time..what should i do? Thank you in advance.

    • You will find lots of tips about improving your score and techniques for answering questions on the main pages for each section on this blog.
      All the best

  109. Thank you very much for your efforts.. i am so happy cuz i found like this website that has a lot of information.

  110. hi..
    i have download\watch all of your videos which are updated on youtube.
    first of all i tell you big,very big thank you for your such a nice effort.
    i have already taken a date which is 24.oct and i am not confident about my IELTS band score.
    in the past i give IELTS exam and i got a 5.5 overall band score.
    it’s time i’m very nervous and day by day my nervousness was increased and i can’t even think about it.
    plzz tell me or guide me what should i do..

    • Spend some time planning how you will use your time to prepare before your test. Review each types of question for all skills. Review all model answers. Think about techniques. Also start writing a word list of paraphrases from the practice listening and reading lessons on this blog. Take your time.

  111. fawzia sultana says

    Hi, it’s me fawzia From Bangladesh. Today i have found your site and felt that i need your help ti improve my English skill so I am your new student. Please accept my request and help me. Today I have seen your video where found that at first need to check English Level.Would you please tell me how can I check out my English level. I want to sit for IELTS exam within next October,2015. Please suggest me

    • All my free lessons are contained on this blog. There is a lot of free tips and materials to help you. I am not able to help or tutor individual students.
      All the best

    • Muhammed Shamsuddin says

      Fawzia if you want we can practice together . My skype id is muhammed_shamsuddin

  112. Kiran Dave says

    Hi Eliza,

    I appeared in the IELTS General from IDP in June, where I got 5.5 bands, now I booked again in October from British, Let me know how should I prepared to get 7.5 in each, Please reply fast as I am loosing my level of confidence day by day.

    • You must review all information pages for each section, review band score information, review model answers and also techniques. Then you must review your English language. To get band 7, you should have few errors in vocabulary and grammar. Take your next test when your practice test scores are at the band score you require.
      All the best

  113. Hi, I am glad to visit your site here. In fact, I was wandering to find an appropriate way to lead to a successful destination to IELTS. And I got you here. I’m dated on Sept.26.2015 but yet, I don’t have sufficient materials to have a better preparation. Actually, I realize that I am remarkably weak on vocabulary for writing tasks and speaking on the other hand. I would be obliged to get your hearings regarding the issue.
    Thank you,
    Your Frequent visitor

    • You definitely need a good range of vocabulary and to understand collocations as well. There are books, “Vocabulary for IELTS” as well as some other books, which you can get.
      All the best

  114. Hi Liz
    today the first time I”ve visted your wibsite
    I think it”s realy useful for me
    thinks alot

  115. My english is not to much good , Can i prepare for ielts in one month ,

    • If your English is not good, you should wait until your level is better to do IELTS. If you want band score 6, you should have only some errors in English with enough language to talk about most topics. If you want band 7, you should make few errors and have a very good range of language for all topics.

  116. Hi Liz,
    Huma here.i gave my ielts exam on july 2015 and got 6 bands at that time i was following your site also joined acadamy. although my requirement is 7 bands in academic,like time i decided to just follow you because regular classes are not useful in my opinion.
    kindly give me some suggestions i actually feel blank this time.
    and i must say you are Great………..Excellent job!

    • The problem is your level of English. You have too many errors for band 7. Work on your English to build more accuracy before you book another test.
      All the best

  117. Engr Muhammad Abdurrehman says

    Dear Mam, i am your great fan it is good to see that you are helping the Allah’s Creature without taking any pinny May Almighty Allah protect you and give you a long life.
    Mam i want to share you some personal information please how it’s possible?

    • AMJAD NAVID says

      Liz, you are amazing. I have never experienced a great and a sincer teacher like you. Publishing and sharing your knowledge without any cupidity is marvellous becuase this is effectively going to help all of us to get higher band score. I am struggling with the words to admire your efforts and contribution that is the very focused and to the point for IELTS. You are great and world would hardly find people like you who are really dedicated and stunning. Wish you all the best.

  118. Manoj Giri says

    I am manoj giri from Nepal. I would like to know little about, is grammar important, if yes what actually in grammar do i need to learn. Can you kindly suggest me please..

    • Grammar is 25% of your marks for speaking and writing and plays a role in listening and reading. You just need to learn tenses, sentence structures, articles, plurals etc. Visit a grammar website and start learning. You’ll find a link to one in the IELTS Extra Section on the Useful Website Page.

  119. Marwan Abu lughod says

    Thank you liz for all efforts.

  120. Justinas says

    In exercise sentence no. 3, does the answer ‘covert advertisements’ match with ‘is the most effective’ gramatically?

  121. Hi Liz,

    Since last week I am going through all your lessons. Very useful! the way you explain is so amazing! I feel that you are just teaching in front of me.

    I have learnt many points, too easy. Great!


  122. Thanks a lot Liz. I learnt a lot from your site. I like your videos much. You present lessons in an attractive manner. I specially appreciate the effort you make on the vocabulary part. Thanks once again!!

    • Thanks so much for your support. For you, I’ll post another vocabulary lesson today about Crime and Punishment 🙂
      All the best

  123. hello liz, i have a problem in writing essays,i always can’t finish on time.Any help

    • Most students can’t finish on time for two reasons: 1. they make lots of mistakes while they write and spend time fixing them 2. they change their ideas and need to think of ideas and get stuck. For both reasons, the solution is planning. If you have each paragraph and all supporting points, the writing will come easier and faster. Also practice is necessary.

  124. Your videos are really helpful.
    Thank you Liz

  125. Bashayer says

    Thank you in advance
    Was very helpful

  126. Md. safiqul Islam says

    Just I watch your some videos about IELTS listening section.
    I am very happy to say that your videos very very helpful for IELTS tips and tricks.
    But I’ve a problem that I ‘ve no partner to practice .
    please give instruction how can I improve my skills.

  127. A big thank you to you Liz. I am preparing for ielts examination in next 3 months. It is very useful website. Thanks again.
    Vu Hoang Van (Vietnam)

  128. Harvinder says

    Hi Liz, That is what I was thinking because I did not find any link asking for money to explain the issue further in detail….great work Liz. God bless you

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