Can I write a long introduction for my IELTs essay?

How long should your introduction paragraph be for IELTS writing task 2? Some students write two sentences (about 50 words) while other students write three or four sentences (about 70 words).

How long should my introduction be?

You should have two statements for your introduction. You should have a background statement which introduces the essay question and a thesis statement which introduces your position or main points. This means you will write about two sentences.

Can I write a longer introduction?

There is no reason to write a longer introduction. The only reason for the introduction is to introduce the essay topic and your position, any other information is unnecessary. Unnecessary information is a waste of time and shows a lack of focus for a short, concise essay.

The key to a good score for your IELTS essay is to write strong body paragraphs which each contain a clear, relevant main point that is extended and developed. So, don’t waste more time adding more to your introduction. You will be marked down if your essay includes unnecessary information or lacks focus.

What about a hook?

Many essays have a very general sentence at the start of the introduction to get the readers interest. For example “In the modern world, technology is playing an increasingly important role“. This is not needed in IELTS. You just need to introduction the essay question and then introduction your position or ideas. You must use your time wisely and spend more time planning your ideas and writing your body paragraphs.

How can I write a good introduction for IELTS writing task 2?

Just follow this link to a free video lesson on how to write an introduction for writing task 2.

Is the introduction the same for GT writing task 2?

Yes, the technique and aim for the GT essay is the same as the academic essay. That means all tips, models and lessons given on this blog can be used by ALL IELTS students.




  1. Thank you so much, Madam. I learned a lot from you. I improved my Writing from 5 to 6.5. You are doing a great job.

    Secondly , I got 7 in speaking even though I spoke well. I can not complete all questions of cue card in 2 minutes, because he stopped me.

    Does this also affect the score?. I mean one should precisely cover all questions of cue card within 2 minutes before examiner stops you?.

    • Well done with your score 🙂 There are NO questions on the cue card. There are prompts which are given to help you – you do not have to complete them at all.

  2. ravi chandna says

    Hi Liz

    Your blogs and website provides very fruitful information… I have a query in listening module… Suppose the answer to a question is £50… So, can i write pounds 50 or i have to write £50….

    Ravi C

  3. Is there enough space in question paper to draft the essay (of about 250 words) before writing in answer sheet?

    • There is plenty of space to plan an essay on the question page. The aim is to plan it – not to write it in full. You are not writing a draft – you are preparing a plan.

  4. Does adding an inductive paragraph boost my band or I should write all the main body paragraphs in a deductive style?

  5. Anjal Poudel says

    Can we write reading and listening answer in block letters?

  6. Hi Liz,
    It is my first time to take an IELTS exam so I decided to purchase your 3 lessons in writing task 2. Task 2 has 5 different types of questions and I found out that you don’t have any video lesson for solution and direct question essay. If one of these two types of question will be given during the test what approach should I need to use. Please advice

  7. Pravallika says

    Hi mam
    At writing part the introduction should be written in active voice or passive voice
    Thanks in advance

  8. Pravallika says

    Hi mam
    In introduction For task 1 we want to write in active voice or passive voice.How it effects the band score?

  9. Hi Liz,
    I have been appeared in IELTS academic in London.
    There were easy but tricky listening, intermingled traps like plastic houses all house was built by recycled material or not??? Though plastic is also recycling product, one question comes like bell tower is originated for clock but answer was also from prisoner place, traps were there, reading very straight forward questions there is no way that you can go for key words only you should have an appropriate speed because there was direct question, direct answer, but have to extract from passage it is not what u can assume as you say in all your first class lectures, your lectures were helpful. Though yes no I might get an educated guess because there was a lot to read, it was about mammals, a medical topic about children’s play and another was about a garden it was much detailed and complicated comprising of MCQS, writing was about pie charts it was good one, task 2 was about social skills I even included to know how to use social media which is very common use to socialise but it can come through only after education and importance of councils to encourage students to come and get knowledge about behaviours etc

    I am hoping result will be fine. Anyway. I could do much better as this is human instinct.

    Thanks for your guidance
    All the best.

  10. Your tutorials and videos really helped me in my test. You are the Best.

  11. if ive written my task 1 upto 210 or 215 . how it gonna affect my bands

  12. Solange atem says

    Hi liz im Solange from cameroon just did the ielts academics today
    The writing part was a table on the various continent in 2000 and predicted pop in 2050
    Task 2 was on the consumption of sugar based drink causes and measure taken to reduce it
    Speaking was on weather wc u prefer most sunny or rainy also on flowers how impt flowers are if u have ever grown them and y u grow flowers

  13. parampreet says

    Hi liz,
    I have a question that if i write task 2 with 315 words then will it affect my band scores??

    • If you include irrelevant information or if your essay is not focused, you will get a lower score. Also, you get a lower score when you make mistakes in grammar and vocab. So, keep your essay focused and accurate – aim for about 270 words.

  14. Hi ! Liz .First of all a lot of thanks for your guidance that I have got from you .I m having my ielts exam tomorrow .I m having some doubt about use of writing sheet .Can we extend lines by pencil for more space on both sides .Please reply.

  15. thanks.its great idea,usefull

  16. thank you so much for your great efforts darling..God bless you

  17. Hello Liz,
    Thanks for ur great ideas. It’s really helpful. I’ve got some confusion . Can u please explain me the format for essay or the different paragraphs’ requirements.

    Thank u…!!

  18. maura sgaramella says

    Hi LIz,
    Would you say this strategy is the same for all levels? I’ve seen some books for people looking to achieve a 7 or higher and the introductions seem longer. Thoughts?


  20. Nami Erins says

    Thank you so much Ms. Liz for writing all these lectures for IELTS examinees. I am one of the many people who you really have helped. More power and many more lessons to come! 🙂

  21. Hi Liz ,

    I have one doubt regarding LISTENING answers ,
    For instance listening answer was “(a) car” and i written on the answer sheet is “car” only
    Please tell me which was the right answer ?

    • Yes, it’s right. When you see the answer “(a) car” on the answer sheet, it means that there are two possible answers: “a car” or “car”.

  22. Dr.Md.Rokunuzzaman says

    Hello Liz,
    Its my pleasure to get your wonderful lectures.I am used to hearing your lectures regularly and these help me to recall everything properly.For listening on sentence completion, part 4 , , Map discussion because your lectures make every thing so easy.


  23. Thanks Liz

  24. Barkat Khan says

    Hi Liz!

    Thank you for the useful information regarding writing task 2 essay. I work out on introduction and my count wording reached to 60 most of the time. As is this range is okay or further compress to 50?
    My IELTS test is on 20-August-2016


    • I would say 60 words is the max and about 40 words the minimum. But this isn’t fixed. It depends on topics, questions etc.

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