IELTS Speaking Topic for May 2017 with Sample Answers

Below is an IELTS speaking topic for this month, May 2017. It was reported by a few students in their speaking part 1 test.

Robots: IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic

  1. Do you like robots?
  2. Did you like to watch cartoons about robots when you were a child?
  3. Would you want a robot to work in your home?
  4. What do you think about a robot driving your car?
  5. Would you ever buy a robot?

Sample Answers

These are possible answers to the questions. In IELTS speaking, there is no right or wrong answer. So, I’ve given you three different answers so you can learn technique.

  1. Do you like robots?
    1. Yes, I do. I think, on the whole, they can be very useful as they’re able to do work we can’t do.
    2. No, not really. I’m not very keen on advanced technology and robots take jobs away from normal people.
    3. Definitely. I’m into all kinds of gadgets and robots are top of my list for sure.
  2. Did you like to watch cartoons about robots when you were a child?
    1. Yes, I did. I was huge Transformers fan when I was little. I collected the figurines and even as an adult I love the films.
    2. No, I can’t say I was very interested in cartoons at all. I was so into sport that I didn’t have much time for TV.
  3. What do you think about a robot driving your car?
    1. There is no way on earth I would want a robot in the driver’s seat of my car. They are never 100% reliable.
    2. I think it would be great. I’d be able to sit back, do nothing and enjoy the ride.
    3. I think I’d be continuously nervous waiting for it to break down. I mean, it could cause a serious traffic accident if that happened.

You can find other sample answers and ideas for the other questions written by students in the comments boxes. Notice: Never memorise answers. Just use the ideas and some vocabulary – always express your ideas in your own way.

Vocabulary for the Topic of Robots:

  • breakdown / short circuit / stop working / malfunction
  • never 100% reliable
  • time efficient / able to do work others can’t
  • accurate / more precise than humans
  • able to calculate quickly
  • inexhaustible
  •  driving: quick reaction time / good at steering and manoeuvring vehicles / will not violate road rules / a way to avoid human error /
  • some robots can be easily replaceable / they can be expendable
  • they are obedient and don’t answer back / they follow instructions
  • can be programmed to do different tasks / can be programmes not to hurt people

Examples of Useful Robots Current and Future:

Space Exploration: Robots are sent into space to explore and gather information or materials. They are able to go deeper into space than humans can.

Domestic Chores:  Might one day be useful in doing housework such as hoovering and washing up

Medical Robots: Able to do precise surgery without getting tired or losing concentration. More precise in their movements.


  1. Henrik Ahnberg says

    Berry cool content mamy , those ideas ellped me alot when i stole those ideas for my real test

  2. Can we use mom in place of mother please let me know

    • For speaking, yes. It’s informal and the speaking test is also informal. But you can’t use it for IELTS formal writing.

  3. What a great site for preparing IELTS. I am studying on this site for last three days only, but it has already made a huge change in my Outlook to the test preparations. Thanks a lot mam.

  4. Thanks for your encouragement,and building our confidence.Am preparing for the ielts exam for Academic.

  5. I just want to ask is it necessary to talk on evry cue on the cue card?

  6. I want new topics for upcoming year exam

  7. I want some tips on reading like specially in time management.

  8. Gaurav Babbar says

    IELTS EXAM 09 SEP17 Canada

    Writing Task1
    You are working in an office and would like your manager to order and equipment for your office, describe the equipment and why you need this and what is the use of this equipment.

    writing task 2



  9. Hi liz,

    I am practising speaking and recording it on my phone then i try to listen to my recordings to evaluate myself and i noticed that i often use expressions like “well” before starting my answer is that ok? And i really cannot use a lot of complex vocabulary because i am more used to using easy words but im quite good in expanding my answers and i use complex sentences most of the time.

    • That all sounds fine. It’s normal to use “well” at the start of answers – I do it so often. You will start learning more useful vocabulary when you prepare topics and ideas. But the aim is to speak naturally. This is an informal speaking test – so being chatty is the aim. See this page for model answers and more topics:

  10. hi Liz thank you very much for your hard work and pay attention on the students who face the IELTs.anyway liz I just want to know in listening and reading part should we use capital or not? thank you.

    • I always recommend students to write their answers for listening and reading in capital letters – it’s easier to read and avoids problems.

  11. Hi Liz ,
    First of all liked to thank you for creating this site. Your lessons are really helpful for me .
    my speaking test is scheduled on 5th sept and LRW on 9th sept.
    I have one query related to speaking task .I have this habit of making hand gestures while speaking, will that affect my speaking score ?
    Thank you in advance 🙂

  12. Today i was getting the same questions about robots during my exam!!

  13. Oh! Today i was getting the same questions about robots during exam!!

  14. Hell Liz,

    My Name is Ajay ,I want go abroad and now I’m prepare IELTS course but I do not understand who to Improve our speaking please help me mam

  15. Hello Liz,

    My exam is on friday, and one thing I realized after recording myself that I am very frequently saying “you know” while talking. Will it affect the score, or it could be considered as a part of nature talk.


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    I wait


  17. RAJESHKUMAR says

    Dear liz
    Thanks a lot for your valuable information.. Today 22.7.2017 I did my speaking test..
    Following questions are asked in speaking test
    Part one
    1.Do you work/study
    2.Details about your work
    3. Do you like robots..
    Most of the questions are the same, that what you shared in this blog. (About robots)

    Part 2.
    Describe about holidays…
    Part 3.
    Related with part 2..
    I don’t remember the questions..

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Most of the topics on my blog are common topics – I’m glad you got them 🙂 I hope you do well !!

  18. Hi Liz,

    what is the difference between home and hometown?
    I usually get confuse in this topic.

  19. Lone Wolf says

    Hi Liz,
    Sorry for bothering you mam but I just wanna clarify a doubtful thought I’m having at the moment. Do you agree with the notion stating that speaking one’s mind to oneself out loud (alone in my own room where there’s no one around) is a good way to practice reprogramming my thought process entirely in English in stead of thinking in my own native language like i normally do ? Lately I’ve come across an article online written by a guy named Robby who is also the founder of EnglishHarmony, in which he claimed that speaking to oneself in English is much better than just simply thinking in the language. Here’s the link: . What’s your perspective on this Liz ??

  20. Hi Liz If I remember model answer, will the examinator know that I copy from you?

    • Even if you get the same topic, you might get different questions. Also if your answer for one question is band 9 but your answers to the other questions in your test is band 6, then your memorised answer will not help you. You can’t cheat IELTS. Examiners are experienced and will know your own personal level of English.

  21. Francesca says

    Hi Liz,
    In the question above ” Did you like to watch tv” is it the same to say “did you like watching” and ” did you like to watch” (verbs with like, prefer, love, enjoy ). I remember that these verbs need the form in ing after. Is there any difference?
    Thank you

  22. Hello liz
    I have seen, your site is really helpful and many students are blessed by your work
    I also watch your videos and tips
    But here i like to ask a question regards rechecking criteria, i got less band in speaking module as per my expection, so i want to appear for rechecking.But someone told me, there is no benefit of rechecking,he said hardly 2 persons out of 100 get positive result in rechecking.because the teacher is removed from his designation after 3 mistakes,so the examiner who rechecks the exam he favour the other examiner rather than candidate

    So i need a solution….i got 5.5 band this time..but last time i got 7 band in speaking….so i am willing to appear for rechecking. I know i did 3 grammatical mistakes during this speaking…so kindly guide me please

    I will wait for reply

    • The remarking is done by a senior examiner and that person will not know the other examiner. Getting an increase in remarking happens if your performance was better than the mark given. People’s performance can vary quite a lot from one test to another – it’s natural. The decision to remark must be yours alone.

  23. guys if you can share your question of your IELTS , as soon as after the exam . it will be great helpful for others

  24. Greetings from Norway.
    Thank you, Liz. You know what! I was asked the same question, with exactly the same side questions. And I scored 7 in speaking. (I scored 6 last time) That is an improvement.
    And guys, I am very proud to say that it was ONLY this portal I studied.( I did not have much time to prepare). And my overall score is 8.0, with each band crossing 7.0.
    Kind Regards

    • I’m so pleased for you, Bimal 🙂 That’s really good news and how lucky to get these questions 🙂 Brilliant ! Well done to you 🙂

    • hey dear first of all congrats for your fantastic score
      could you please tell me tips for speaking and how you got such score

  25. karan sharma says

    Is there a limit to use idioms while speaking even if they can be incorporated in a natural manner in the speech?

    • It is best to avoid idioms as native speakers don’t use them so much and it will lower your score if you get them wrong or use them inappropriately. Just speak naturally and be chatty. You can use idiomatic language such as phrasal verbs which are much more suitable.

  26. Ann mary says

    Anyone interested for speaking, pls contact
    I am a candidate preparing for ielts
    I need a good speaking partner

  27. Hello Liz,

    Sorry about tis question, I know there are answers on your blog: but you’ve said in the past IELTS does pay attention if you use capital or minor letters. Is that still the same? I don’t mean in names but in a sentence. I often make mix when I write.

    Thank you!

    • IELTS don’t mark capital letters in listening and reading. Of course, writing is different. 25% of your marks is based on grammar and therefore capital letters are part of that in writing.

  28. 1. Yes because they can do activities faster than humans.

    2. I grew up in a very rural and remote area where there were no television that is why I never watched them

    3. I wouldnt, rather I would prefer to do my daily activities for the good of my fitness and health as I would be also exercising.

    4. It is good especially for driving long distances and very busy and congested routes.

    5. I would never buy a robot since it can make me lazy

  29. Anastasia says

    Question about speaking part 2: is it ok to say I’m going to talk about (for instance: a special event) and that is (the release of my favourite author’s new book).
    I mean, is it ok to say “and that is…”? Should I start in a different way? Let me know and thank you!

  30. Robots are the right hand of our society, today.
    They have ablity to do work continously but humans are want to take rest after hardwork.

  31. 1.I like robots because it will help my day today life such as my studies and working.

    2.actually I dont like watch robots cartoon at childhood because It was very trouble to watch and I was Dont feel happy.

    3.If It will save my time I feel want buy one for my home.

    4.I think It will be funny because I had watch car racing driving by robots so It was awesome thing such as a game.

    5.I never buy a robot in my life I think so It is not a really need in life.

  32. Well, I never liked robots because they are too fictitious. The fact that they are machinated I feel they are dangerous than any other man-made gadget.

    I never liked watching robot cartoons because I felt scared by them for example robocop. The way it would talk, walk and fight made me so frightened. I remember one night when I had to spent it on my parents’ bedroom because of robocop nightmares.

    If it happens that the world is now turning to the use of robots for errands then I will be the only one left out. I do not trust these auto-machinated, they can be dangerous when wrongly operated. I remember robocop would continue to destroy things till they stop it.

  33. Ranjana says

    1Ans.) Yes I do, the robots can perform the tasks
    which the human find them dangerous, boring
    Or difficult.They can do the work with constant
    Speed and they countinue and finish the work
    Without feeling sick.

    2Ans.) No, I did’nt because my parents encouraged
    Us to spend time outdoors rather than sitting inside
    Watching T.V . But now i really enjoy watching one
    Robot cartoon named Doremon with my baby boy.
    My son loves Doremon. Doremon is a cat like robot
    From the 22nd century of the future.Doremon was
    Sent back to 20th century because Nobita’s grandson
    Cant bear to see his grandfather suffer.So he sent
    Doremon to help out with Nobita’s troubles.

    3Ans.) NO, I wont prefer a robot in my house.
    Because, I believe in myself only especially in
    My household chores.And also I’m self dependant
    Since from my childhood. I never rely on others
    For my works.

    4Ans.) Frankly speaking I don’t need any robot
    For driving my car. I love driving myself.

    5Ans.) Yess, I have bought many robot toys for my
    Son like robot cars and spider man.

    • Jannatul Nime says

      yes, i do ,robot is like a machinated gadget over which we can control all alone like a slave which we cannot do in case of human beings as we are so compassionate with our fellow beings . mostly its can work without exhaustion .
      2. yes , definitely . i am fond off to watch cartoon from my childhood and even now specially robotic cartoon . the fiction , the action ,the scene all can make me feel very good while watching this cartoon .
      3, yes , i will prefer to keep a robot with me in my home which work for me like cooking , cleaning , washing and i can spend more time with my book as reading book is my hobby
      4, oky, in future , if i will get chance i will definitely buy a robot for doing my household work . it is very pleasant for me complete my works by others

  34. 1. yes i do like robots because they make complicated task look simpler. For example lifting up a heavy machinery

    2. yes, definately, I loved to watch cartoons depicting robots when i was a child. My favourite one was power rangers.

    3. I would prefer to have a robot working at my home, as it would be a helping hand, to carry out certain activities which are ignored due to lack of time, like for example watering the garden, tiding up the room etcetera.

    4. well, i would not be in complete favour of a robot riding my car, as it requires conscience and awareness, which i feel is lacking in them

    5. I would certainly buy a robot in near future if I get an opportunity to do so, as its of no harm to give it a try.

  35. Katrine says

    I couldn’t say that Robots inspire me, because the way they move, speak and walk seems unnatural to me, like an alients from the “Techniques planet”

    In my childhood I used to watch films or interesting broadcasts about nature, animals or children’s life ( learning in a school, relationships with classmates etc). Hopefully, I was not captivated by the cartoons with robots, so my life was filled with another themes.

    To be honest, I would be happy to have a machine which could be a perfect and versetile home-helper, targeted to clean, wash, swip everything I’ve pointed with the remote controle.

    In my opinion, robots are desighnated to make our life easier, and it’s really sensible idea. However, they couldn’t drive a car, because a driver sometimes should react quickly, to act unpredictable due to the situation on a road. Sometimes even risky, not mechanical or automatic, driving may save our lifes.

    I could predict that in the future the robot-helpers will be in every house and the price of these electrical devices will be affordable for everyone.

  36. anonymous31 says

    1. I have always been fascinated by robots because of their ability to help make life easier for humans by being able to do simple tasks.

    2. As a 90s kid, I enjoyed watching cartoons about robots, such as Voltes V and Transformers, because I feel like having some super powers as I watch them.

    3. Having someone to help with with the household chores such as maintaining the cleanliness of the house and doing the laundry would be such a relief. It could reduce my workload once I arrive from an exhausting day at work.

    4. Having a robot who could drive a car for me sounds cool, but I could manage to drive the car, myself. Although robots could help humans in numerous ways, there are not 100% free from errors and that is one big reason why I would never risk my life riding a vehicle being driven by a robot.

    5. In the future, if I have enough money to purchase a robot, I would love to own one. In the meantime, I will have to learn how to budget my money on essential needs such as food, shelter, and emergency funds.

  37. – Do you like robots?
    Not, really. I don’t like robots. But if they enter into our lives I guess they will become unavoidably desirable. Because they will be able to aid the disabled, and do essential things around the house when you’re not around. For example, imagine when all trees are being watered on time when you are away for a good few days or a thief at home is being observed by an unrecognisable surveillance robot that is able to move afterwards the thief everywhere even outside the house and come back home itself. Or more interesting things that comes to mind is picking up heavy things or do harmful repairs around the home, such as fixing the roof tops.
    I already feel quite apprehensive about robots if they are able to keep people amused. I think they are already going to be completely forbidden in my house if they are going to be equipped with any amusement programs.
    I only can think of them as lovely tools if they are able to aid in difficult situations like in natural disasters. My father is a fireman and you know they are working with many tools when trying to rescue people or properties in trouble. I think a robot which can help them during their work will be a blessing. There are already some robots that are made to go to unreachable places, underground or under collapse but there are still many technical problems there and robots can best help rescuers if they are sure to be used.

    – Did you like to watch cartoons about robots when you were a child?
    Yes, I did. I remember two of them, now: Inspector Gadget and Big Hero 6. Watching both of them was such a delight. I liked Inspector Gadget because it was rather adventurous as well as speculative. With the Inspector being able to make different uses of its legs and arms as well as the little girl, I don’t remember her name, able to speculate locations and control everything from distance. Yes, I think the most interesting feature about robots is control remotely.
    The Big Hero was also very positive presentation of what robots can be. If a robot was able to only act as a precise diagnostic device I think the life would be very interesting in future. Though I’m not sure if they will be as cuddly as in the animation. And whether our children will be able to enjoy their lives by flexibly reshaping robots for various missions.

    – Would you want a robot to work in your home?
    I like to say NO. I absolutely hate robots. But because I know if they enter our lives just like cars did, we will be forced to ask the robot next door to come and help in difficult tasks. Then, I prefer to be equipped to one, myself. But I guess it is going to stay underground. Because I will get angry to see it often. However, by experience I know more modern the technology becomes, you should devote more time to accomplish skills to use them smoothly. So, I think it will be difficult to put it completely aside. Though I can imagine how their preservation and maintenance will become such a headache.

    – What do you think about robots driving your car?
    This is an interesting point to make. Some time ago, I studied about automatic cars which required no drivers. They will apparently be able to predict traffics directions, self-organise their distance from other vehicles, and of course estimate the time at which you will arrive your destination. It seems to me it is more feasible than a robot at home. At least, I think we will have bought one of them before we will have been going to Mars 😊. I think if the technology is well-designed it will be of great help, especially for some of the women who hear many criticism on their driving.

    -Would you ever buy a robot?
    It seems every one of us is inclined to use technology, though it can be in various extent. I’m not sure whether robots that will come are enough compelling for me to buy but I absolutely value my quality time doing my daily chores myself. So, I hope robots are not going to do simple chores because I want to keep my health doing them myself. But if robots will be possible to be customised or programmed to do works when I am away I may buy them if they worth spending. It seems to me that robots can be as costly as cars which proves to be not worth spending. But if they cost like smartphones they might be negotiable.

    • Thanks for your answers but remember that this is for speaking part 1 – no more than about two sentences.

  38. Komronkhan says

    I like robots very much. They have become irreplaceble part of our life, facilitating and allowing us to allocate our valuable time to veg out and mind much more important things than cleaning the house. When I was a kid I used to like watching divertive movies and cartoons but cartoons related to robots appealing me much more. The greatest movies and cartoons such as: StarWars and Star track tought me much more than my teachers and school. In many western countries robots are highly beneficial because people who work in US or in many developed countries in EU including (UK) work the same way as robots 24 hours and no relaxation even they dont possess free minute to smoke. They seriouly need automatic robots in order to have a little but pleasurable weekends to recover their selves. As regards driving a car, robots are good at adhering rules and defining parking zones. In addition robots are very accurate in term of time. They never late and never get into car accidents. But, for those like steering wheel robots are not as good as real drivers. As I mentioned before I used to like them but i dont like them now and I do not need them.

  39. Suhaila says

    I love robots. Robots help human beings in many ways. When i was a child, i loved watching cartoons about robots. They were amazing and funny.
    I wish i own a robot to help me doing my housechores such as washing dishes, cleaning, and ironing. However, i dont think the robot can prepare delicious food. Neither driving my car.

  40. Afdal R. Anwar says

    1. do you like robots?. yes i like, especially because of high imagination effect in some films, such as iron man and terminator.
    2. do you like to watch cartoon about robots when you were child?. ys, i like to. but the most films i liked were not about robots, those are naruto and dragon ball film.
    3. would you want a robot to work in your home?. yes i like, because i believe able to put my trust of home safety to robot rather than to human.
    4. what do you think about robot driving your car?. i think it will be very dangerous , because recent technology does’nt provide a quick response robot.
    5. would you ever buya robot?. it’s possible if the price of robot is affordable and obviously the robot is useful to assist my work.

  41. Do you like robots?
    Yes, of course I really admire this superb invention of science.
    Do you like to watch cartoon about robots when you were a child?
    I was crazy about cartoon movies and their characters. I love to watch transformer cartoons. I had multiple cartoon character toys as long as my memory supports me I remember I had different colours and shapes of robot toys too.
    Would you want a robot to work in your home?
    I know that now a days robots are working in different fields of life such as hospitals, shopping mall, bank, offices and restaurant etc. No doubt they are very helpful do not tired like human but i do not prefer to keep them in my house because i am afraid that may be in future i would be dependent upon them so in order to keep my self busy and active i would not choose to keep them in my home.
    What do you think about robot drive your car?
    Now a days, robots are designed like a human even some can think like a human. They are program according to human need so even some robots are flying aeroplanes and some are going to space as a astronauts. They are free from human error so would prefer robot as my driver of car specially when I am so tired.
    Would you ever buy a robot?
    well, I bought number of toys robot but not a real one ever.

  42. Lina Proverbs says

    The question is.Do you like Robot?
    Well,To be honest I dnt like Robots the way they are moving.
    When I was a little child I was scared and frigthen me.
    Now Days alots of techonoly are invented.definitely , I would like Robots in my home to helping me some other jobs.and the idea that the Robots are driving your car is no for me because if we have a truoble of the machine then we can stock.
    sorry for my english I’m trying to learn so thats why I register ielts

    • Well, to be honest, I don’t like the way robots/they move
      When I was a little child they frightened me
      A lot of technology has been invented. I would like to have robots in my home to help me do some chores
      I don’t like the idea of a robot driving my car. If there’s a problem/if something happens, that means I am/we are stuck/that would mean I’d/we’d be stuck

  43. Pawandeep kaur says

    Yes , i like Roberts . Its great invention

    No, because in my home no child when i was ,so as mother watch movies … I always followed her

    Some tym , when i am tried . I just think , oo here were a Robert who do these all work

    No , never i don’t think Robert drive my car because i m good driver

    No i have not a Robert , Nd i never try to buy Robert

  44. I have stammering problem in speaking it is not natural please give me solution

  45. yes ofcourse I like Robots, one of the most brilliant inventions of humans. Robots play a helping hand in lot of experiments conducted across the world.

    No I preferred to watch cartoons involving human characters and animals because Robots were not common in that time.

    Definitely, I would love to have a robot in my home and helping me with tiresome jobs like dish washing and laundry. I would be more than happy if it could take over all the household chores.

    I don’t go with the idea of Robots driving my car because I enjoy driving a lot. Ah, yes it will would be ok with me having robot behind my steering if all the vehicles on road are driven by robots.

    Yes, I would definitely get one for me. I am pretty sure that they would be one of the family members in our household in the near future and they cannot be neglected.

  46. Well I think I love robots because it makes life easier and more comfortable. I also think I would have loved to watch cartoon about robots when I was a child but I was not opprtunied! Because my parents couldn’t afford a television set. No I would not like to ride in a robot driven car because I have read about self driven cars and their failures but as technology keeps evolving may be in the future I will. Well I will like robots to work in my home considering d nature of my job. It will be convenient for Roberts to do d repetitive jobs at home.well I will love to buy a robot when I start making babies! But at the present I would not like to purchase any

  47. Yes I like robots because they respresen
    t human success in technology
    I have loved cartoon about robots since
    my childhood. I spent lots of time watching it when I was KID
    I think it ‘ll be great if robots do house work because house works are quite boring .
    I like the idea that robots May drive card but I ‘m not sure about the safety. However I ‘ve heard that Mercedes has invented car to be drived by robots

  48. Narinder Deep Singh says

    Do you like robots? be honest, being a technophile , I simply not only like robots but actually, I am literally obsessed with the robots.
    Did you like to watch cartoons about robots when you were a child?
    Well, I tend to get nostalgic whenever I reminisce my childhood days as I used to spend endless hours watching robocop series , it is only by the virtue of those cartoons that the affinity towards robots rubbed off on me.
    Would you want a robot to work in your home?
    Well,Ofcourse yes its going to be like a dream come true to have a robot working at my place. In fact it would give me a feeling as if I am Alladin and the robot is a ginnie saying “your wish is my command”.

    Howdy Liz
    Greetings of the day
    I would highly appreciate if you could be courteous enough to reply on my afore written answers and here’s one query that i have… I end up using certain metaphors or idioms naturally while speaking and the local trainers here tell me stick to vernacular. Will the use of flowery, decorative English or certain complex but relevant idiomatic language affect my score in Speaking?

    • I didn’t plan on commenting on students’ answers with this exercise. But you’ve brought up some relevant points and I will answer.

      On the whole, I don’t recommend the use of idioms in speaking. Why? Because most students will go to websites and learn lists of awful idioms which are no longer used today, they will misuse them and over use them – this will lower their score. For this reason, the rule is don’t bother. But actually, in your case, it is different. You are someone who uses English very naturally. You are expressive but not memorised. Your ideas are your own and expressed in your own way – this is perfect for IELTS.

      There is a difference between idioms and idiomatic language. Idioms are actually one type of idiomatic language. There is a range of idiomatic language which is excellent for IELTS speaking, for example phrasal verbs. You used the expression “rubbed of on”. This is a perfect example of a phrasal verb, which is idiomatic, and will help your vocab score.

      So, my advice to you – carry on! Your language is flexible and enjoyable 🙂 But always remember that some answers can be direct and serious – particularly in part 3. In part 2 talk, take your talk in any direction you want – be descriptive! Also add past memories and future hopes to showcase your grammar range. Good luck 🙂

      • Narinder deep singh says

        Mademoiselle I feel honoured that spared a while to revert back. I am a bit apprehensive to appear for the exam because I have been training candidates for 5years now and even the abecedarians of this abysmal yet capacious dialect have managed to get a minimum of 6.0 in speaking after 21days of incessant training. I have done English hons and Master’s in English literature and I aspire to become an IELTS examiner but there is no information available over the Web regarding the recruitment process. I have been following as well as recommending your posts and they come in immensely handy if a candidate is accustomed to self learning. Rarely do we come into acquaintance with people getting 9 in speaking. I would be grateful to you from the bottom of my heart of you could enlighten me that whether should I go for CELTA or strive to get 9 bands in IELTS?

  49. Poseidon says

    Yes, I like Robots. Robots are one of the achievements of human beings in 20th Century. I guess, I haven’t watched any cartoons with Robots. It would be great to see a Robot doing our tiring house hold tasks. It would be much more interesting to see them driving our cars. But here I’m little worried about job opportunities of the drivers. If the travel companies like Ola / Uber are started engaging Robots for driving task, then it may create a huge unemployment problem.

  50. Yes, I love Robot because it is a machine and it can work without stop.
    Yes, when i was child , I had watched cartoon in my home.
    Actually I am not prefer it at my home because I think we can use robot for any type of heavy work.
    Obviously not, I like to drive car at myself.
    yes, I think i have bought a Robot for my nephew in his birthday.

  51. Well I think if the robots were to drive cars there would be fewer accidents. The roads would be much safer for pedestrians as the robots are capable of greater efficiency n accuracy than ordinary people.

  52. Yes I think I like the idea of robots as these automated machines are quite useful at performing repetitive tasks. The robots are preprogrammed and we do not need to waste time to give regular instructions.

  53. abass folashade says

    No I am not in love with robots.
    Actually there wasn’t any cartoon about robots when I was growing up,that will make me a bit indifferent a out answering the question
    Yes I think I will prefer robots working in my
    Home considering the hectic nature of doing house chores
    I can’t even imagine that because there is no sense in a robot
    It might end up putting someone in a big mess through an accident.
    Like I said earlier,yes only for house keeping..

  54. Do you like Robots?

    yes, I like robots as they perform some actions like humans.

    Did you like to watch cartoons about robots when you were a child?

    At that time no any renowned robotic cartoons were famous. usually watch tom and jerry and pink panther.

    Would you want a robot to work in your home?
    yes, I would like a robot to do dish washing and vacuum cleaning of my house.

    what do you think about robots driving your car?
    I dont feel comfortable for current scenario as traffic system is not as safe as it should be for a Robotic driver.

    would you ever buy a robot?
    Yes, once i bought it for my son, and he teared it just to find out how it works 🙂

  55. yes ,I love roberts because it can help me in my different tasks. Moreover, it can make my life easy.

  56. Talk about a statue painting or an art work
    *What it is ?
    *How u saw it?
    *What are the specialities
    *Explain how you feel about it?

  57. Yes i also got these all question in speaking on 1st april
    I answred as in this modern era everyone want easy life so same like that i also like any robot work for me
    *in second ques i said that in my childhood i doesnt get chnce to watch cartoons due to my elder brother bcz he hate cartoons so never give me remote to watch cartoon
    ***yes as i told earlier i also love if robot follow my istruction and work for me and make my life easy .
    ****frankly speaking i don’t want any robot driver. Bcz i luv to drive moreovr i prefer any person in car who accompany me while driving rather than robot.
    *****yes in my childhood my uncle gifted me robot toy which works with help of 3 battries .

  58. Hi liz,

    Thank you very much for effort and useful website.

    I attended IELTS UAE exam on 29/4/2017, however part 2 was about time you spend with a child and you should talk for 2 min and you have to mention the below,
    – who is the child?
    – how you spend the time
    – why you spend time with child ?

    And part 3 was discussion about below:
    – what is the most difficult to grow a kid?
    – are you enjoy play with kids ?

  59. 1)Yes, I like robot
    2)Not really
    4)Very okay
    5Yes, to help me with some tasks

    • Remember to add more to each answer 🙂

    • You should complete more the answer because the eximner want to know why. However, you will get good score in your exam.

    • I’m not very chatty either but I’m trying to tell myself these things.
      ▪Be a chatty Kathy
      ▪Be confident
      ▪Add an experience/example
      ▪When asked for your preference, add a why or a what; timing, add a when; occurrence, add a when/why/with who….I haven’t gotten “Whs” to add to ability (can) or things or people yet
      It gets better with practice. Just keep thinking, “I’m chatty and I’m confident!”

      • Excellent advice!!! Sometimes I say to quiet students – pretend you’re an actor for 14 mins – it’s not long and will help your score.

  60. I love robots very much. I think they are facilitating our lives if they exist. But sometimes they give me the feeling of lazinea..
    2. Unfotunately no..At my era the were no cartoons about tobots.. but I saw them in English movies helping people and clean for them.. I really hope to have one..
    3..Robots driving..woooow. it would be an incredible idea as there won’t be any swearing.. they will be very organized plus they for sure will stick to the road rulea

    • Komal sandhu says

      I like robot. Because they will very helpfull for human being in future. Moreover ,when I was in my childhood period .I loved watching cartoons.

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