IELTS Speaking Part 1: What’s your favourite…?

Learn some useful tips for improving and developing your answer to one of the most common questions in IELTS speaking part 1.

In this lesson you will find out what mistake many students make when they answer this question as well as how to create a higher band score answer by adding more information to your answer.


  1. I appreciate all your efforts to help us in our IELTS test
    If I am asked a family celebration,is it okay or appropriate to talk about a religious celebration?

  2. Hi Liz,

    Thank you for all the stuff you are providing us to improve. My concern here is in the Speaking part-2, where I will be given a question I have no interest or have I ever done that say for example: “Tell me about your favourite book”. As I donot read any books apart from my academics, what do you want me to do in this situation.

    • This is not a trick test. You talk about a book you have read or you explain at the start of your talk that you don’t read books and will talk about a film that comes from a book. Or talk about a magazine or newspaper. Just stick close to the main topic, be open, be friendly, explain in depth, be natural etc etc. It is an informal speaking test and ideas or information are not marked.

  3. raghavendra says

    You are really great thanks

  4. Dear Liz, thank you for the amazing work you are doing! I have a concern regarding speaking test part 2. If I am given a topic I have no experience relating to the given topic, family celebration for example, can I simply say I don’t have experience about family celebration and explain why and what I will do to improve the situation and this sort of things? Thanks again!

    • Sure you can. You can go even further and continue to talk about other celebrations that you think are more important. The general topic is celebrations so go with that and expand. In IELTS speaking, it is fine to do that because the scoring is only language based, not ideas based. So it’s easy to expand your talk and take control in part 2 in order to showcase your language ability and range.


    Thanks for your kind assistance.

  6. your tremendous support is awesome. Tons of thanks Liz.

  7. Ahmed Aboelata says

    Very useful,thank you

  8. can i say that my fvt drink is soft drink cocaola

  9. which I find very refreshing
    Which I find is very refreshing

  10. I have a weakness which I’m failing to get read of, “ummm”. Can I completely fail the speaking test because of this s

  11. Hello Liz,
    In case if, in the speaking test (part 3), the topic given to me is the one which i have very less idea of, I hardly know anything about that. Then, can you please give me suggestions on how to act on these kind of situations.
    thanks in advance ! 🙂

    • The examiner will not change the topic. You will need to answer as best you can. Remember the examiner is not interested in your knowledge, only in your English language.

  12. Hi Liz,wanted to ask if there is a penalty for speaking more than the allocated time for part 2?….thanks

    • It is not possible to speak for more than 2 mins because the examiner will stop you. The time is always strictly controlled.

  13. Hello Liz
    Can i say, My favorite drink is green “this is because” i find it refreshing at all times.would it be fine to use “this is because”, instead of “because”

  14. Deny Dipin says

    Good ….

  15. Hi Liz! I’ve been studying through your website for about 2 months now, and i find it very helpful. I just want to ask if it is okay to say “well” at the start of every answer in ielts speaking? Because it has been my expression eversince. Thanks and more power.

    • Not for every answer. It is essential that you show a range of expressions: well / let me see / I suppose that / I guess / actually / to be honest. Of course in the test, try not to think too much about it and be natural. But before the test, try to practice a couple of alternative options. Go ahead and use “well” but also add a few other options.

  16. are ther any way to improve writing essay

  17. thanks

  18. ramya sree says

    Thank you very much Liz mam

  19. Hi, i am happy too much beacase i saw your site. I enjoy your videos and i try to follow them.
    Thanks a lot.

  20. Hi Liz..I love reading your suggestions. I just have a question about part 1. Is it okay to limit the answers to 4-5 sentences? or is it okay to go for more?

    • There are about 12 questions to answer in less than 5 minutes. This means you will probably use about one long sentence or two sentences for your answer. The examiner will interrupt and move on to new questions if necessary.

  21. benjamin graham says

    i am asked about any question related to flower topic in the beginning in part 1/part2, and i say ” i don’t know much about flowers” . Will the examiner change the topic ?

    • No, the examiner won’t change the topic. Students with a good level can talk about any topic regardless of their own feelings.

  22. Hello teacher,

    what do you call it in English when we eat in the middle of the night? Actually, we have three main meal per day: A) Breakfast B) Lunch C) Dinner
    Usually, we call what we eat after or before eating breakfast, lunch and dinner a snack. Am I right? However, I’m wondering what you call it in English when we eat in the middle of the night? Is there a word for it in English? Can I name it like ” midnight snack” ? It seems to me that it is very basic vocabulary in speaking test. For this reason, could you recommend for high level word for that meaning, please?
    Thanks a million!

    • A very funny question 🙂 You are absolutely right. It is called a “midnight snack” and although you think it is simple, it is considered unusual vocabulary and is high score. I have never had a student ask about this word and I have never had a student use it. So, even though it is logical and easy to understand, it is still uncommon and high level. I hope you can use it in your test. Do you know, even the word “snack” is not such a common word and is not taught until intermediate level.
      All the best

      • Thank you very much

      • In my city there is one restaurant which has started food at 11 pm and named it “supper”. Is it correct ? because I believe supper is snack taken before dinner between 4 to 7.

        • Restaurants can call the meals anything they want. It’s their choice. Many people think “supper” is just a late meal.

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