Sample Answers for Travel and Transport in Speaking Part 1

Below are sample answers for the the topics of travel and transport for part 1 of the IELTS speaking test.


Q. Do you often travel abroad?

A. Not much, to be honest. I don’t get many days off in a year but when I do have time off, I mainly spend that time with my family in my hometown.

Q. When is the best season to travel in your country?

A. I guess it would be spring. That’s when the weather starts warming up and all the flowers start blossoming. It’s a really beautiful season and most places are at their best at that time. Unfortunately, it’s a busy time for tourists as well but that still doesn’t diminish the beauty of the countryside.

Q. Where would you recommend a foreign to visit in your country?

A. Without doubt, London. Not only is it our capital, but it also has some of the most iconic buildings in our country. I don’t think any visit to England is complete without seeing the Tower of London, London Bridge or Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. They really are very impressive pieces of architectural work and can’t be missed.


Q. How did you get here today?

A. I came by bike because the roads are pretty congested at this time and a bike is quicker. It only took me about 15 minutes to get here.

Q. Do you often use public transport?

A. Yes, I do. I use the bus almost everyday. It’s the cheapest way to get around even though it’s really overcrowded and not particularly punctual.

Q. How could the transportation system be improved in your country?

A. Well, I think the first step to improvement would be to widen the roads and build to overpasses and underpasses to help traffic flow more freely which would reduce the congestion in the city center. Also, it would help if the bus service was improved to make it run more frequently which would help with the overcrowding in rush hour. I think those are the two main changes that need to happen.


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  1. Tnank you so much for the tips…am doing my test in 2hrs time!!

  2. Enola Serfoss says

    Good article , thanks and we wish extra! Added to FeedBurner as well

  3. Hi Miss Liz you are an amazing of English teacher. Could please also give us samples of speaking part 3 questions. It would be greatly appreciated if you could do please. thank you very much.

  4. Dhaval Thakar says

    How do you travel? Can you give me a answer of this question

    • This is a question from the topic if travel in speaking part 1. The question is “how do you usually travel?”. This means what kinds of transportation do you usually use in your everyday life.

  5. Liz speaking is very weak and confidence is low. Give me suggestion how can i improve my speaking. tell me about sentence formation.

  6. waqas malik says

    hi mam any links for speaking question with answers i need 9 band

  7. my hanh says

    means of transport in the future

  8. Thank you mam ….

  9. hello, Liz
    my speaking exam held on next Monday and i am very afraid mam. can you advise me mam ,please.
    I need 6 band in speaking.

  10. Usman Afzal says

    Mam i want to ask a question.
    Do you feel that traveling and tourism promotes a uniform culture in the world?

    • Due to travel and tourism as well as international business and the development of technology, cultures around the world are becoming more similar.

  11. Give me some more questions regarding the topic travel and turisom

  12. why you don’t but the listen record in this lesson , i think its better to record the lessons with any student you teach even with your self .. and thanks you a lot liz for this useful lessons .

  13. tejpreet singh says

    What i have to do when a cue card handed over to me? How i remind in speaking all answers in mind,,,can i write ? Or hints are also valueable,,,

  14. Dear Liz,

    Good day! I would like to thank you for sharing your tips and guide for us IELTS takers. I believed that your site made me felt confident that my score in IELTS improved. Your guide and tips are easy to follow, clear and clever. I am still waiting for 2 days more fir my IELTS GT results. By the way, I took my IELTS here in Pampanga, Philippines.

  15. Godfred Ameyaw says

    Hi Liz
    I’m a new student on your site and i have really enjoyed your lessons. I’m planing to take transfer from Russia to UK but before then, i need to take IELTS exames. How can you help me because am not all that good in the language. Please add me to your skype contact; godfred.ameyaw46.
    Thank you

  16. Sana maqsood says

    Hi your teaching style is very helpfull I want to do test in a next month but I can’t understand where I can start ? Please guide me

  17. Hi Liz,

    I had my speaking test yesterday!

    Part 1:
    1. please tell me your full name please
    2. are you a student or do you work?
    3. What do you do at your work?
    4. how important are social media sites?
    5. which is good hand writing or typing?
    6. why good hand writings are important?
    7. in what situations people write by hands?
    8. do you think in future, people will stop writing by hands?
    there were a couple of more questions which I don’t remember

    Task 2. A country where I haven’t been and I wish to visit.

    Task 3.
    Importance of tourism, what developments your government is doing to promote tourism, what are the advantages and disadvantages of tourism?
    There was one more question about tourusm, which I don’t remeber,

    overall I think, my speaking was good. But I think my examiner was in hurry and she didn’t let me finish my answers in task 3, which was suppose to be long answers with descriptions and examples. also for task 2, she had to stop me because it was already 2 minutes and i was still speaking.

    Liz, do you think this will affect my score?

    My writing is on 26th.

    Thank you!

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 In part 2, it examiner MUST stop you when 2 mins is reached. No students can have more than 2 mins. So, this is a normal part of the test and it won’t affect your score. It’s usually a good sign that you were still talking. For part 3, the examiner should give you a chance to explain your ideas for each question. But sometimes the examiner is happy with the language you are producing in an answer before you have finished. In that case, they will interrupt you and move quickly to another question which tests a different language point. I certainly shouldn’t worry. Let us know your results when they arrive. Good luck with your writing, listening and reading!
      All the best

  18. Hello Liz

    your site is very helpful. I’m having my ielts speaking test on friday and i’m continously practising for it from your site. Can you please tell, things I must not say and do while answering the examiner? this is my second time I scored 6 before but this time I need to score 6.5 or more.

    • The examiner is not interested in your ideas, only in your level of English. Add more to each answer. Speaking naturally as though to a friend. Add past tense, future forms, conditionals etc. Explain what you mean, give examples (particularly in part 2 and 3). Never answer with just a couple of words. Look carefully at my model answers for speaking test 1.
      Good luck!

  19. Hi Liz I have question
    Since I never been to my own country & I born & live in Bahrain so how could I talk about my own country?
    Can I talk about the country were I’m living , I mean considering Bahrain as my own country or hometown ?

    • You can talk about any place you want as your hometown. The examiner is not interested if you tell the truth or not. The examiner only wants to hear your English language. So, decide which place you want to be your hometown and use that in your answers. Don’t worry, this is a language test only.
      All the best

  20. There isn’t any tips or vocabulary about this topic

  21. Hello Liz

    I have a question about IELTS Speaking
    Can we use words like “wanna”, “gonna”, “kinda” in the speaking?
    Will our scores reduce if we use that words?

    • Your score will go up. It is a form of pronunciation linking which is good for your pronunciation band score.

  22. Hi Liz,
    Can I have a certain time to prepare for my answers before speaking face to face with the examiner in speaking part 1?

    • There is no preparation time for answers in speaking, except in speaking part 2. You should answer the questions in part 1 and part 3 directly. If you need to time to think for one or two questions, you can ask the examiner to repeat the questions. It won’t affect your score and it will give you time to think.
      All the best

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