Jan 2017 Model Answer for IELTS Speaking Part 2

The January 2017 model answer for the IELTS speaking part 2 topic below was produced by an ex-IELTS examiner. It shows how you can extend your ideas to showcase your English for a high band score. The topic was reported in the IELTS test by students this month.

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IELTS Speaking Part 2 Cue Card Jan 2017

An occasion you received a good service from a company or shop

You should say:

  • who provided the service
  • when you received the service
  • who was with you at the time
  • and explain how you felt about receiving the service.

Model Answer for January 2017

I’d like to tell you about a recent purchase I made and the service I received which I thought was outstanding.

I bought a necklace from a small online shop that I found whilst surfing the net. It wasn’t a shop that I had bought things from before so I was slightly apprehensive about it. The shop didn’t have a wide range of gold jewellery but what it had was unique in style without doubt.

So, about three weeks ago, I selected a gold necklace to buy from this shop and within just three days it arrived through the post. The delivery came beautifully wrapped in fine Japanese style wrapping paper along with a gift voucher for a discount on my next order. I was truly impressed with the care that had been taken in wrapping it and the personal note that also came with it. But what impressed me the most was the free gift that arrived as well. I wasn’t expecting that at all. Along with my necklace was a matching bracelet which was also exquisitely made.

I remember the day it all arrived because my best friend was visiting me at the time. When I opened the parcel, we were amazed at both items of jewellery. My friend immediately went online and put in an order of her own. So, I suppose it goes to show that good customer service has its own rewards.

It’s hard to describe how I felt. Of course, as I said, I was amazed but it was more than that. Life can be tough sometimes and when you get such a lovely, unexpected present, it makes you feel as though anything is possible in the world. I’m pretty sure that small shop will do very well in the future. I know I will certainly order from that shop again.


Fluency: a full talk, delivered without unnatural pauses and without effort.

Grammar: past simple, past perfect, past prefect passive, past continuous, present simple, future form, frequent complex sentences. Error free

Vocabulary: flexible, an awareness of collocations and with a strong range of words: slightly apprehensive, unique in style, beautifully wrapped, Japanese style wrapping paper, matching bracelet, exquisitely made, put in an order, it goes to show, good customer service, its own rewards

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  1. Hafiza Afrin says

    Dear Liz,
    Hope you are well. Actually, my main problem is speaking or writing ideas. I don’t understand how can I generate the idea of speaking or writing. Do you have any suggestion for me? please give I am really worried about it. And one more thing I don’t know about my English grammar. so at this stage, what should I do. Please help. Thanks

    • Ideas for essay topics can be found in my e-book called Ideas for Essay Topics in my online store. These ideas can also be used for IELTS Speaking Part 3. For Speaking Part 1 and 2, start preparing a list of your memories – your childhood, your experiences – also your personal opinions, your hobbies, your routines etc etc.

  2. I don’t know whether I can say some daily expressions in the Speaking test, eg: my gosh?

  3. Navjot kaur says

    Hlo mam i want to clear one thing i hope you will help me …. in ielts speaking part 2 is it necessary to make some notes in given one minute …is it any rule??? If we do not make notes bcoz we know wt to speak is there any bad impression on examiner?????? Please ans me mam as soos as possible would be a great help thanku you

    • I think you are misunderstanding the IELTS speaking test. In part 1, you have no time to think and must answer directly. In part 3, you have no time to think and must answer directly. Part 2 is the only time you have think and plan. It is your task to think what aspects of grammar you have already shown the examiner and which aspects of grammar you would like to showcase. For example, in part 2 you can plan to offer a second conditional, more comparisons, different types of descriptions etc. Your question to me sounds like if you know the ideas, then just start speaking. But your score isn’t based on that at all. Your score is based on the range you give – so use that 1 min to plan very carefully all the aspects of English language you wish to showcase in order to get a higher score. Does that help ? You need to be strategic!

  4. Hello liz. Can i use this statement in conclusion…
    ” In compendium,having mulled over both the aspects i deduce that”

    • No. Don’t learn phrases or sentences to use in your essay – it will lower your score. The phrase you have given above is 100% unsuitable for IELTS.

  5. Thanks very much for useful lessons, tips and videos. In today’s speaking part 2, I was given cue card to talk about TV Series I like, its characters, what happens in the series and why I like it. I do not watch TV series. To answer the question, I used story of a movie but said it is TV Series. will it affect my score?

  6. Hello Liz,

    Many thank for this wonderfully resourceful website. I had my Speaking Test today [06-Jul-17] at Bahrain.

    My preparation consisted only of reading the tips on your website. Though I am not a native English speaker, I would consider my English skills to be at par with the native speakers. My professional career depends largely on my ability to communicate in English. So this IELTS preparatory process of less than 3 days was an eye-opener for me. Not only did I have to really think about how I should speak, I also had to a fair bit of learning and unlearning! It took me a while to understand that what I spoke was not as relevant as how I spoke. Thank you for helping me through this process.

    So here is how my test went.

    Part 1:
    1. Are you a student or do you work?
    2. Where do you work?
    3. What is your role?
    4. What do you like your job?
    5. Do you plan to continue in this job?

    Part 2:
    Talk about a person who really helped you.
    – who is s/he?
    – what is your relationship?
    – how did he help?

    I thought I spoke fairly well though in hindsight, I think it could have been better. I recall that I repeated a few words. I could have also added a few more instances where my friend had helped me. Perhaps I should have used the one minute time better. Anyway, the score will tell the story!

    Part 3:
    1. How do you teach children to be more helpful?
    2. (she agreed with my answer [‘lead by example’] and asked) Should parents be role models to children?
    3. (again based on my reply [’empathy’] asked) What trait other than empathy is required to be helpful?
    4. Something on caring and society
    5. (again based on my reply [‘core values of the society / culture’] Are we becoming more selfish?
    6. Should nurses and doctors be paid more? (I gave an ambivalent answer)
    7. Can you explain?
    8. Do you read magazines?
    9. Do you like e-mails?
    10. Do you use e-mails a lot?
    11. What are the advantages of e-mails?
    12. Do you think email usage will increase in future?

    That is all I can remember.

    Thanks again Liz.


  7. gratefulforLiz says

    Lovely story, Many thanks for posting it.
    I’m totally engaged with it. I had a similar story, Could I use it in the exam, of course with different details?
    Another thing, how can I make sure that my grammar will always be error free? Many times, especially when telling about some incident or experience, I go with the story itself, and in here where the mistakes appear! 🙁 Apologies for that, What should I do?

    • Yes, you can use all my ideas for your test. But make sure you are not memorising long sentences – just take the ideas and express them in your way. About grammar, you should be practising speaking in the past tense, using second conditionals etc before the test. However, during the test, your focus should be on expanding answers and giving more details. Sure pay attention to the grammar in the question, but don’t lose your fluency in order to get better grammar. So, practise grammar before the test so that it is as good as possible, then speak naturally during the test.

  8. toady I did appear my speaking exam.
    part 1
    1 where from you
    2 related to future planing
    3 related to music
    should music subject in school?
    yu know about music instruments
    part 2
    book which would you like to read again
    part 3
    1 which kind of stores children like?
    2 is reading book popular than past?
    3 which popular now days ebook or books ?
    4 forget.
    but say sry to examiner 1 time in speaking . when I repeat one think
    2 time.
    is it negative .
    my LRW on 13th may.

  9. Hello ma’am. My speaking was on 2nd of april 2017.
    Overall i speak nicely but in part 2 there was not much to say so as i speak for sometime then i said that’s all and the examiner asks are you sure you have finished so i replied yes i have only that much to say. Question was about the gift that you gave someone recently: to whom, what was the gift and how was the reaction of the person whom you gave the gift.
    Also in part 3 i got one question wrong and answered it according to the question i heard than the examiner repeated the question again, after that i i understand the question and said the answer but forgot to say sorry for giving wrong answer in the first place so please let me know if these all will affect my marking. I am so scared🤞🏻🤞🏻

    • P.s your site and you are so amazing and it helped me a lot in my exam thankyou very much for being help. Love from nepal🙏🏻.

    • It won’t affect your score if you didn’t understand the question. There are no right or wrong answers. There are no marks for understanding. So, don’t worry. In part 2, it is always best to speak as long as you can but if you’ve finished then it’s fine. As long as while you were speaking, you spoke clearly and fluently, you can still do well. Good luck with your results!

  10. Adnan Shamsi says


    I am confused with cue card part 2 of speaking.
    Whether the cue card question will be like this:
    “Describe something you own which is very important to you.
    You should say:
    – where you got it from
    – how long you had it
    – what you use it for; and
    explain why it is important to you.”

    or like this only:
    “Describe something you own which is important to you.”

    how the question will come??

  11. Hi Liz
    Do you have vocabularies on each common topic? If so could you please give me the link?If not posting vocabularies on common topics or model answers for common topics would be helpful for us.

  12. Hi Liz, I’ve got a silly question.
    Is it ok to express your feelings about the things you answered after the speaking test? Saying that you hope they would consider your answers so they could at least have a soft heart to at least give u a pass mark of 7 since I leave and work here in the U.K. For almost 10 years now!: )

    • If you showcase a band score 7 level of English, you will get band 7. Your are scored only on the language you produce in the test. It won’t change your score if you ask the examiner to be kind. The test is recorded and can be checked at any time to ensure the examiner was accurate with their marking. If you want to get band 7, show band 7 level of language. This doesn’t mean focusing on vocabulary, it means showing a range of grammar tenses and skills as well as the ability to extend all answers.

  13. Please tell me is there any chance of changing cue card jan 2017to april2017 in the month of april because i booked test of 29 april….

  14. Fazilat71 says

    Hi LIZ,
    I have question about speaking. For example if question is “forign counry i have recently visited” and i havent visited forign country in my life Can i tell true? And can i tell friends or someone elses trip. Wouldnt it affect my band score negatively? ?

    • Sure you can talk about your friend instead. It won’t affect your score at all. Just say “I haven’t visited any foreign countries but my friend …”. Or alternatively, you can talk about a foreign country you would like to visit. For example, “I haven’t been to a foreign country, but if I could, you’d go to …”

  15. Hi Liz,
    If the examiner ask me this question, Do you like sports?

    My answer is, Yes, I do like sports.

    Does the answer quite enough?

    • No, that doesn’t show much English. You are marked on your English language “Yes, I do like sports” is elementary level. You need to add more at all times “Yes, I do but I rarely get the chance to play, unfortunately, due to work.” That is a complex sentence with much more English for the examiner to mark you on.

  16. Jessica Green says

    I had my speaking test on the 9th of February 2017, and these are the questions I remember being asked (there are many that I forgot by now).

    Part 1:
    Do you live in a house or a flat?
    What is your favorite colour?
    What colours do you think are popular among your friends?

    Topic is about a starting a small business.
    What is the business?
    What do you need to start it?
    Where will it be located?

    Part 3:
    Which do you think are more beneficial, small locals local businesses or large multinational business?
    Should the government help small businesses?
    3 ways in which they could help?

  17. Hello Liz! Thank you so much for your amazing website. It helps me a lot.
    I just wanted to say that in that sample answer there is one thing that surprises me. It is “AN small online shop”. Shouldn’t it be “A small online shop instead? Thank you! 🙂

    • Thanks for spotting it. A typo. Well spotted 🙂

    • Hi Liz, your tips are more useful and you are the best,
      can I ask you a question in an essay how to describe an introduction if the two statement are given in an essay. For example, question such as to solve the ever-increasing environmental hazards throughout the world, the best way is to increase the price of fuel.
      what is your opinion on the above assumption?

  18. Hello, there.
    My topic was a small business which you would like to start.

  19. Vinay kumar thota says

    I have done with IELTS on 21st January
    my cue card topic was
    Describe a person whom you like the most in your family?
    what the relation with you?
    what does he/she do?
    why you like?

  20. Lilian Otieno says

    Hi Liz,
    I did my IELTS on 21st my speaking exams was to tell the difference between a cafe and restaurant.
    Writing part one hsd some map which was reading 1990 and the same map reading now I assumed they wanted me to note the changes and where according to compass direction.
    Writing part two:New parent’s should go for parental course to what extend do you agree or disagree I disagreed but later gave some peculiar circumstances to agree atleast one.
    Thanks for your assistance as I hope I will perform well.

  21. Chinenye Nneoma says

    Thanks to you Liz. Your online videos were very helpful. It really did help my sister and I in the four sections.
    Good job.

  22. Mohammad Saoud says

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I really appreciate it

  23. Thanks for email back. God bless you

  24. Navdeep Sahota says

    I appeared for ielts on 21st January. My speaking cue card topic was;
    Choose one from physics, chemistry or psychology
    Where did you study
    Why you study
    What is the important in current times

    The rest of the general questions were related to science and medicine.
    Science in daily life usage
    Allopathy and Ayurveda importance and difference/why people choose one over the other kind.
    The introductory questions were about home county and famous festival.
    Hope this will help.
    Good luck with IELTS!

  25. Hi Liz,

    21st of Jan, I took IELTS exam. In speaking part 2, I was asked ” describe two people in same family”.

    I talked about my best friend and his sister. I used some vocabulary coming from latin such as dizygotic twin, fetus and ovular. I used them to describe my friend and his sister because they are twin. I talked like ” They are twin but they are not similar to each other because they are dizygotic twin. According to medical terms, it means that two fetuses in two different ovulars.”
    Does it get good point for my speaking band score?

    I also used some idioms such as “have a lot on the plate”, “blow my mind”, and “keep a lid on it”.

    • You will certainly do well with vocabulary, although using idioms does not mean a higher band score – it is better to use other idiomatic language such as phrasal verbs. Also there are three other marking criteria to consider: fluency, grammar and pronunciation. However, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you and I hope you do well 🙂

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