IELTS Two Line Graph: Sample Answer & Exercise

Here is an IELTS line graph sample answer describing two lines. You must fill in the gaps to complete the model writing task 1. Answers are given below. If you wish to learn more vocabulary for a line graph, follow the link.

The line graph below shows radio and television audiences throughout the day in 1992.

Source: Graph below was not designed by IELTS Liz. Source unknown.

two line graphs

Line Graph Sample Answer

Fill in the gaps to complete the sample answer for the above line graph. You can use more than one word in each answer.

The line graph illustrates the (1) ………………………… of people listening to the radio and watching TV who were over the age of 4  in (2) …………………… period, in the UK from October to December 1992.

Overall, the (3)…………………….. of people listened to the radio in the morning while (4)………………. people watched TV in the evening. Over the 24 hour period, there were more people watching TV than there were listening to the radio.

(5)……………………. the TV, at 1am there were under 10% of people watching TV. This (6)…………………………… remained relatively (7)…………….. until 11am when there was a (8)……………. increase in people watching TV before (9)………….. at approximately 45% at around 9pm. After that time, there was a (10)…………… drop in viewers to under 20% by midnight.

Similarly, the percentage of listeners to the radio also began low at under 5%. After continuing at under 5%, the figure then rose (11)……………… to a (12) …………. of almost 30% at about 8am. From that point, the proportion of audience (13) ………………. in a gradual (14)……………… trend to 5% at the (15) ………. of the day.

  1. proportion / percentage
  2. a 24 hour
  3. majority
  4. most
  5. Regarding / With regard to / In regard to
  6. figure
  7. stable / constant
  8. steady / gradual
  9. peaking
  10. sharp / rapid / dramatic / sudden / considerable / significant
  11. sharply / rapidly / dramatically / suddenly / considerably / significantly
  12. peak / high
  13. fluctuated
  14. downward
  15. end




  1. The graph illustrates the audiences of TV and radio period 24 hours between Oct and Dec in 1992 in UK.
    Overall the radio unchanged from 1:00 AM to 6:00 AM but increased dramatically in 7:00 AM although after 3 hours drop to 26%. Likewise, in TV in morning duration it hadn’t changed until 8:00 AM rise to 6% which have decreased in 10:00 AM.As we see in TV is rises especially in evening whereas radio rocked in the morning.people almost reach to 50% between 16:00 PM to 21:00 PM which start to drop to 30% in the following hours.
    In the whole, the chart despite that in 13:00 PM both get to 15% but after an hour radio fall to 12% also decrease again to 10% in 15:00 PM. Although radio had fluctuate after 15:00 PM.which explain that people prefer watching TV in the evening until midnight even though 6% of people watching in morning.Despite of this that the most people as the graph shows they rather to listen to radio in the morning they reach to 25% in this percent was the highest one of radio.
    dear Liz could please tell me which the expected band can get it in IELTS.
    Thank you very much

  2. Dear liz,

    I did the Ielts couple days ago, on the writing of task 1 I wrote the whole structure which includes intro by paraphrasing the question and in the over view I wrote that “Overall, USA has the highest number of immigration as posed as Australia has the lowest number of immigration while USA has the highest number of immigration for the the whole period whereas Australia has the lowest number of immigration “. Plus paragraph one I explain every year separately there was 11 years on the graph that is given + one sentence of paragraph 2, with using translation words in the whole task. On the other task or task 2. I wrote the almost the same intro as yours with including 2 or 3 high level of vocab it was about 100 words it took most of the first page. first I mention brief intro about the topic than a brief intro about what should I include than my opinion after that what I will include in the whole task. The paragraphs was containing (brief intro, thesis, one or two (complex or compound sentence)and full of simple sentence the result than a small conclusion).
    So please could you estimate my mark according to what I have said.

    • Your score is based on Task Achievement, Coherence & Cohesion, grammar and vocabulary. Your writing is analysed in great detail to decide a final score and is not based on a simple description of what you have done. You must wait for your results to see your score. However, I will say that an introduction which is 100 will not help your score. An introduction is usually 40 – 50 words.

  3. Namaste, from Nepal
    Dear Liz, we were taught to write conclusion in writing task 1, but i don’t feel comfortable with it as we mentioned same things in overview. What should I do?

    • Never repeat information. Task 1 is not an essay. It is a short report. All key features are reported in an overview and should not be highlighted again. The body paragraphs present the details (usually data).

  4. Thank you a lot!

  5. Hellor Liz, thank you so much for this amazing website.Much appreciated . With regard to writing task 2, I seem not to find any other lessons apart from writing Introduction and Thesis statement.Can I get a link to the rest of the lessons for writing task 2?.
    Thank you!

    • Look at the red nav bar at the top of this website. You will see links to all the main pages on that red bar. Click on the writing task 2 section to find a lot more posts, model answers, tips, videos etc.

  6. Minh Hoa says

    Minh Hoa says:
    Hi Liz,
    I am not good at analyzing charts, tables to do IELTS TASK 1 . Could you really help?


  7. Mohammad Zakaria says

    Thank you mam,

    Can you give me any instruction or link abut the use of preposition?

    Thanks in advance.

  8. Hoang Si Van says

    Hi Liz,

    Your lesson is very useful.


  9. Nhung Tran says

    Hi Liz,

    Is this sentence acceptable?

    There were more people watching TV than listening to the radio

  10. Hi Liz,

    Can a conclusion be avoided altogether in task 1 academic
    I’m confused!HELP

  11. Hello Liz
    Your teachings have been of great help to me.I am presently preparing to take my test by the month end.Please how do I get my essays and reading practices assessed?

    • Unfortunately, I don’t offer any marking services. On this blog, all reading practice exercises have answers. If you want to practice full reading tests, you should get the IELTS Cambridge books 1 to 10 (number 10 is the most recent). They are books with real exam papers published by IELTS. For writing, you will need to find an IELTS teacher to help you with assessing your level.
      All the best

  12. Dear Liz,
    What’s the difference between “In regard to” and “With regard to”? Aren’t these the same in grammar and meaning?

    Would be so kind of me by explaining it.

    With regards,
    Mohan Anbgo

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