IELTS Speaking Part 3 Model Answers: Sport

Here are some IELTS questions and model answers for the topic of sport in speaking part 3.

1. Do you think children get enough exercise these days? Answer

No, I don’t. Personally, I think that children spend too much time sitting in front of computers or tablets instead of being outside playing and exercising. A few generations ago, children were much more active but nowadays they only do exercise at school during PE lessons.

2. Is there a difference between exercise that boys like and exercise that girls usually enjoy? Answer

Yes, there is. Generally, boys tend to prefer doing more strenuous and active exercises which require more strength and stamina, such as football, boxing or basketball, whereas girls often prefer more relaxing and gentle exercises, like yoga or walking.

3. How can parents encourage their children to take more exercise? Answer

To be honest, I don’t think it’s easy for parents to encourage their children to be more active. However, one possible way would be for parents to get involved in sports themselves and take their children along to join in. I think, if exercise is made fun for children and they can do it together with their parents, it would probably result in more children being more active.

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