Improving Sentences for Academic Writing

This practice exercise is about improving sentences for a higher score in IELTS writing task 2. See the essay question below.

There is a significant gap between rich and poor countries. Some people think that richer countries should be responsible for supporting poorer countries while others think it is the responsibility of the poorer countries. What is your opinion?

Below are some sentences from a student’s essay on the above topic. Read through the sentences and try to improve them yourself before you check the model answers. In other words, write the sentences again to make them accurate and also a better score.

1. Firstly, it is obvious that this is their job. Poorer countries should not wait for any organisation abroad or other governments to deal with this.

2. Secondly, depending too much on rich countries may make them weaker. For example, they will lose a part of their power  if they agree to allow developed nations to help them with critical issues.

3. Regarding to responsibility  of wealthy countries. They should support poorer countries because there are millions of people in poorer nations need their help. Many people in Africa, especially women and children die everyday because of lack of food, medical treatments.

4. However, rich countries should not be forces to help poorer ones. It should be a choice not a responsibility.

  1. Firstly, poorer countries need to take immediate responsibility for developing their own country rather than wait for aid from foreign organisations or governments.
  2. Secondly, if poorer nations overly rely on aid from wealthy counties, it can create a dependency which may result in them growing weaker rather than stronger in the long run.
  3. Regarding the responsibility of the wealthier nations in the world, they should support poorer countries which are in need of fundamental help. For example, in Africa many people  die needlessly everyday, especially women and children, because of the lack of food and medical treatment which could be provided by richer countries in the form of aid.
  4. However, aid given by  richer countries should not be an obligation but, instead, a choice to take responsibility to help people in need regardless of the country in which they live.


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  1. Hello Liz,
    I wanted to inquire about the e-book. is it available?

  2. Ana Luiza ALthoff says

    Hi Liz thank you so much for this exercise, I think the writing test in IELTS it is the most frightening, and this exercise it’s great to improve accuracy and collocations (that can be trick due to collocations in your native language) before facing the scary task that is write a whole essay with your own ideas. I’m looking forward for the Idea’s ebook, I found the sample chapter very useful, although the exercises were quite easy…
    Anyway, thank for all the support and help!

    • I understand fully about the writing test being daunting. Hopefully I’ll have the Ideas E-book ready soon. I’m also working on a Grammar E-book for writing task 2 – that will help a lot as well. It should be ready later this year.

  3. muhammad aslam says

    Ought to the prescene of a significant gap in development, progress and quality of life of human beings in general between wealthy and poorer nations, it is often argued by some that wealthier countries must contribute to uplift the needy and underdeveloped countries while there are others, who think that it is the responsibility of later themselves to struggle finding their way to prosperity. In My Opinion, while, i believe that rich countries must provide periodic assistance in terms of financial aid and provision of advanced technology, however governments in poorer countries should also help by implementing proper policies and instilling healthier habits and culture within their communities.

  4. Hi Liz…this here is my exact weakness with respect to writing Task 2, inability to develop sentences.. Pls do you have more of these practice lessons on Sentence development, I think my ability to master this skill can launch me into the band 9 category….Pls I would appreciate any suggestions you can offer as my exam is scheduled for the 30th of this month. Thank you in advance

  5. Sakina Raza says

    Hi Liz,

    Thank you for introducing us with such a valuable resource. I have already appeared thrice for Academic but scored no higher than a 6.5 every time in writing. I have booked my test for 12th August,2017. Hope I make it this time.


  6. Hi Liz !
    Thanks for the advanced writing lessons , really beneficial .
    However , Sorry ,I am a bit confuse ! Is this a discussion essay+ opinion ( as it talk about two different view ) or its agree and dis agree question ?
    I do not know why I am so obsessed with the understanding some types of essay ?
    Please help us

    • In the “discuss both sides and give your opinion” you discuss both sides and you also give your opinion. You choose what your opinion is. You might decide to agree or you might decide to disagree. Your opinion is your own.

  7. Hi Liz …what would be the corrct thesis statement for this essay?can I say…

    In my opinion,it is the responsibility of the developing countries to initiate progress and implement actions to be fully successful economically,however, assistance should also be given freely by richer countries.

  8. Hi Liz
    thank you very much for your valuable lessons especially writing task 1 and2. I already appeared for the academic IELTS exam quite a few times. But I failed to achieve 7 for writing. Hope I can get through it next time.

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