IELTS Speaking Part 3: What makes a good painting?


What makes a good painting?

Ideas and Vocab

  • the composition of all the parts
  • the painter has a good eye (to know when something is good)
  • perspective and symmetry (sizing and balance of all parts)
  • using a particular style or an unusual technique (skill)
  • the subject (person / landscape / animal etc)
  • the balance of colours and contrasts
  • to bring about an emotional response – it touches people
  • to evoke a memory or idea
  • impact – something you can’t take your eyes off
  • historical background or relevance

Model Answer

From my perspective, I suppose a good painting is one you can’t take your eyes off. For me, it’s either due to the colours and images or because of the emotional reaction I might have to the painting. But I know that for other people, they think a good painting is usually because of the skill involved in painting it or because of the unique creativity of the artist. I guess that a good painting means something different to everybody.

Video Watch

This video shows an art dealer talking about what makes a good painting. It is not a video made for language learners so the English is advanced but hopefully you can still learn a lot from it.


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    you started to sentence with but in modal answer but i remember that you said you cant use capital letter with but because etc. because you cant start to sentence with this kind of words. I just confused

    • You need to be very very careful when you learn advice. That advice was for IELTS writing, which is formal, and not for IELTS speaking. The IELTS Speaking Test is informal and such rules do not apply. Don’t mix writing rules with speaking rules. I’m glad you posted this message so that others can learn from this as well.

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    Questions I had to answer for Part-3

    1. What advices can a professional trainer give to athletes.

    2. Should Professional Sportsman keep personal trainer for guidance.

    3. Apart from advice on training what other advices can Professional trainers give to their clients.

    I want to know how bands are affected if one goes off topic with his answers. Same has happened with me, I am afraid my bands for Speaking would be adversely affected.

    She also wrote “11/4” in her notes. Does that signify I was able to answer 4 Questions out off 11?

    • You are not marked on being on or off topic in IELTS speaking. The marking criteria are not the same for speaking and writing. You are only marked on your language production in IELTS speaking – nothing else influences your score. Ignore any numbers written down by the examiner – they do not relate to your score or the questions.

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    • You do not get a higher band score because you have a partial view. You can get a band score 9 with a one-sided view. Read the question and you decide your own opinion – one sided or partial – it’s your choice and doesn’t affect your score.

  16. Hi Liz

    I have a question in Listening.
    What is the correct way to write name like T-H-O-M-A-S or Thomas in answer sheet ?


    • If the speaking says ” T hyphen H hyphen… ” then you will write a hyphen. Do not write anything that is not given. Unless it is a compound noun which uses a hyphen.

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    • You can talk about anything you want because your ideas and choices are not marked in IELTS speaking.

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        I will speak on golden temple in India if I get that

        • Sounds interesting. When you give your talk, you can add any information you want. Anything! It won’t affect your score. So, write about the layout, colours, uses of the temple, ceremonies, your memories of the temple, your future hopes for the temple, compare it to other temples etc. The more language you add, the better.

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    Can you please give me some last movement tips for IELTS Writing Task 2. I am expecting some important tips which readily impress the examiner.

  20. Hi Liz first of all thank you for all your support through your knowledge to us. And I have done my ielts exam very well your lesson helped me a lot and I completeld my speaking session in part 3 they have asked me, is driving essential for all job holders? do sports men need to know driving? which is the better age to learn driving wether teenage or old age? And should government encourage drivers to use public transport?
    What should government do reduced congestion of traffic?
    These are some of the questions they asked me hope they are useful to you .

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    I have my speaking exam on 17th August and all my teachers have the same problem with my speaking- fast execution. I really want to know whether fast execution would affect my band score or not because I am really not able to slow down my speaking pace.

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    • If the examiner has a problem to understand you, it will affect your score. The marking criterion for pronunciation is whether or not you are clear and easy to understand. Do you think you are easy to understand?

      • I think there’s no problem with my pronunciation, the teachers are able to understand what I say. But I am afraid the examiner might think I don’t have control over my voice.

        • If the examiner can understand and your speed doesn’t impede your intonation, it’ll be ok. But if you are worried, practice slowing down. You can learn to slow down – it’s a matter of practice and determination.

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    Are there any other ways to say ‘waste of time’ and ‘waste of money’?
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    • waste of time = it isn’t worth the time / waste of money = not cost effective (this is for formal / serious topics)

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    It is confusing me since long.
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    • I would write them as you see then on the question paper. It doesn’t matter if you use capital letters or not.

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    • You prepare as you want. Some students find it boring to prepare only listening for one week. But others find it is better to concentrate on just one. You must decide what works for you.
      All the best

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    • There are no cause effect questions in IELTS reading or writing. I’m not really sure what you mean. Try writing your question more clearly.

  47. Hello Liz, I have followed you for a long time and just had my speaking test yesterday. I think I did well in part one and part two, but in part three it’s about how can artists make themselves famous and questions like that, I only used some simple words and made some grammar mistakes, would that stop me from getting a high score?

    Thanks for reply:)

    • Your score is given from the language you used throughout your whole test, not just in one part. Also, I find that students are not the best judges of what is considered higher level English and what is considered lower level. Wait until your results and relax for a while. Let me know how you get on.
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    • The good thing about IELTS speaking is that you don’t get marked on your ideas or how you tackle the question. You only get marked on your English language. This means you have a lot of freedom to answer questions the way you want. So, if you consider photography to be art, you can say this and talk about photography. This is also the technique you use in part 2. Look at the topic, follow it but also adapt it to suit you.
      All the best

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    • Please see my band 9 model essays in the writing task 2 section. Or see all model answers in the speaking section – they are all band 9.

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