IELTS Reading: Choosing a title

A lesson on choosing a title for IELTS reading. Remember you need to think of the whole aim for the passage for this IELTS lesson. Useful for both GT and academic students – the level isn’t too hard.

Here are some tips to help you with how to choose the best title for the reading passage below.

Tips for Choosing a Title

  • This question type is usually the last question of the passage
  • By the time you come to this question, you will already have read skim read the passage
  • You should find the main aim of the passage
  • Analyse all the options for the title
  • Common trap – there will probably be information about all options in the passage – you need to find the main aim / message
  • Always look at the introduction sentence and concluding sentence to see if there is a similar message

Reading Passage:

Coffee is one of the most popular hot drinks in the world. Almost a third of the world’s population drinks coffee. People often meet at cafes or coffee shops for a coffee break during the middle of the morning or stop work in the afternoon to drink coffee.
About 7 million tons of coffee is produced every year. Brazil is, by far, the world’s largest coffee producer. About a third of the world’s production comes from this South American country. Other coffee producing countries include Vietnam, Indonesia and Colombia.
The United States is the biggest coffee consumer in the world. About 1.2 billion kilograms of coffee are consumed there every year. Drinking coffee is extremely popular in European countries, like Italy, France and Germany, as well as in Brazil.


Choose the correct letter A – C

Which is the best title for the passage below?

A.  Coffee – a popular hot drink
B.  Coffee – the main consumers
C.  Coffee – the main producers


To see the answer, click below:


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  1. Jashanpreet kaur says

    Answer is A

  2. Hi Liz,

    I think you should start putting in full- fledged papers with answers so people can start practicing on timely basis

    • You should be using authentic test materials if you wish to practice full tests. You can purchase the IELTS Cambridge test books which are real tests published by IELTS. MY lessons are for building awareness, developing skills and gaining confidence.

      • Anupama sharma says

        U r so good….m speechless abt ur way of gloing us…..bcoz of u even in lcdwn worst situarion v r able to do prep for ielts….thnx alot dear liz…

  3. Hi Liz,

    I was doing reading Listening task practice from one of the Cambridge books and the answer for 1 particular question was cafe.
    Is it correct if I write cafe or should it be café?
    The answer at the end of the book was, café. I am a bit confused.
    My exam is on this Saturday, please reply as early as possible.


    • It would probably be fine without the accent above the “e”. But you should learn to transfer answers from the passage to your answer sheet exactly as they are written.

  4. A

  5. Blessing says

    Useful tips. Thanks

  6. A

  7. Emmanuel says

    The best answer that comes to mind is A.

  8. A

  9. Khan Immran says


  10. Ramyaa RN says


  11. Siti Marlina says


  12. Option A

  13. A

  14. Rana Abid says


  15. CLEMENTINE says


  16. B

  17. Vishal sharma says


  18. RevyMae Dacanay says


  19. A

  20. mohamed mamoon says

    I think the answer is A because of the first and second and last statement is talking about the popular drink

  21. a

  22. A

  23. Amandeep says

    A is the correct answer.

  24. A

  25. Parveen kaur says


  26. Beena Thakkar says

    Answer is A

  27. Mamun Hossain says


  28. B

  29. A

  30. My answer is – A
    Because the passage has begun with the title saying coffee is a hot drink. So in my opinion answer is A because thesis statement always with the title of the passage.
    Dear Liz,
    Please correct me if i am wrong. awaiting to your reply.

  31. A

  32. Vijay saini says

    Definitely OPTION A is correct

  33. I think the best title for this passage is A. I hope my choose is correct.

  34. Alanny Melo says


  35. Suryandaru says

    b. Coffee the main consumers

  36. SUHANSAR jit says


  37. The answer is A.

  38. A

  39. Beena Thakkar says

    My answer is A

  40. A

  41. Sharan pyata says


  42. Amandeep Sharma says


  43. A

  44. A

  45. Sabbir Ahmed says


  46. Here the passage is about A popularity of a dri nk ,so option would be A

  47. I think the answer is A.

  48. B

  49. Celestina says


  50. A

  51. A

  52. Abdus Salam says


  53. Priyanka says


  54. Akash Panchal says


  55. thushara says


  56. Sithara Suraweera says


  57. Shekhar Garg says

    Option A , trying to stick to basics as mentioned by mom 😃, focussing on opening sentence of passage and concluding line of passage.

  58. Megha Nath Bagale says

    A is the most suitable title.

  59. B

  60. Shalini Wadhwa says

    The Answer is A

  61. Enos lui says

    It’s c,

    Since it the keyword from passages is produce

  62. The Answer is B

  63. Pabitra K Bhattacharjee says


  64. SUNG IL ROH says


  65. Cho Cho Than says


  66. A

  67. Hema Ramagiri says


  68. Lily Njau says


  69. My answer is A

  70. a

  71. A

  72. A

  73. A

  74. A

  75. Williams says


  76. A

  77. A

  78. A

  79. Namsoo Han says

    A is the answer for the title of the statement.

  80. C

  81. Juveriya says


  82. Eara Lori says


  83. sushmita kc says

    B is the answer for this passage i think

  84. I’m gonna go with A , too

  85. A

  86. A

  87. A

  88. Oluwaseun says


  89. A

  90. A

  91. Gurpeer singh says


  92. A

  93. A

  94. Avinash Shah says


  95. Nwaokoro John says


  96. A
    Thanks Liz for your kindness, you are not only a teacher but a really mother.
    May God bless you.

  97. My answer is A

  98. A

  99. Abdul Wahab says


  100. A

  101. Sruthy Raj says


  102. A

  103. Idowu Adenike says

    My answer to this question is option A.
    Looking forward to your answer with explanation.
    Thank you.

  104. A from the tips given ‘ always look at the introduction and the concluding part to see if there’s always a similarity’. So I go for the option A

  105. A

  106. A

  107. A

  108. A

  109. A

  110. Thea0328 says


  111. adefunke ozigagu says


  112. Kuti Rashedat Olorunjuwon says


  113. Asong Saintdrick says

    Because the second, second to the last and the last sentence talks more about consumption.

  114. B

  115. A is the answer

  116. A is the answer
    Please when you reply tomorrow please explain

    • In the afternoon UK time. You can find new posted in the side bar column of all pages or you will receive them by email if you have subscribed. Otherwise, just check back on this page at the end of tomorrow and the answer will be there.

  117. A

  118. Ifesinachi Okorie says


  119. A

  120. Stella o says


  121. A

  122. A

  123. C

  124. A

  125. Temitope says


  126. A

  127. The option A is the answer as complete passage focuses (conveys a central idea) on “Coffee” by mentioning it’s popularity, consumers, and producers

  128. A

  129. Answer is A.

  130. It should be ‘A’

  131. A

  132. A

  133. I think it’s A

  134. A

  135. Evelyn Edmund says

    The answer is A

  136. Sharmila says


  137. Tsvetelina Ignatova says


  138. Innocent Ablorde Lumor says


  139. A

  140. My answer is A

  141. Margaret says


  142. Srinivasan says

    C is the answer, according to me.The emphasis of the article is about Coffee DRINKING,and not about producing.So B can not be the answer.Also the words “HOT DRINKS”usually used for Liquor.So C is the logical right answer.

  143. mojgan behzadipour says


  144. A

  145. Edicha Onekutu says


  146. Tomy jose says


  147. A

  148. César Díaz says


  149. Shabnam Khan says


  150. A

  151. Deeksha sharma says


  152. I chose A

  153. Oduah onyinyechi says


  154. Ravinder Singh says

    B, because 70% passage about consumers

  155. OJEBO Alexander says


  156. A

  157. C

  158. Answer-A

  159. Ritu bassi says


  160. A

  161. A

  162. A

  163. A

  164. The answer is A

  165. B

  166. Aminur Rashid says

    The correct ans is A, because the first sentence of the passage tells about the popularity of coffee. As well as the last sentence tell about the popularity of the coffee.

  167. A

  168. A

  169. A

  170. Gursewak Dhanoa says


  171. Lilian Chukwuwetalu says


  172. A

  173. Usman Bashir says


  174. The answer is ‘A’

  175. A

  176. Olaoluwa says

    A – A popular hot drink. This title addresses both the main consumer and the main producer

  177. Joyce addo says


  178. Answer : B

  179. Aye Chann says


  180. A

  181. Khin Phyu Sin says


  182. A

  183. Reena Choudhary says


  184. Hi Liz,

    Thank you for your website and ofcourse the advance lessons.
    I get the score that I have needed for uni.

  185. A

  186. A

  187. John Mark De Real says

    A. I just think I read this passage before making it familiar.

  188. Patience Andem says


  189. Chekwubechukwu says


  190. Margaret says


  191. Joseph anil says


  192. A

  193. A

  194. A

  195. Md. Golam kibria says


  196. Cossia Jocelyne Assare says


  197. Juan Pablo Guerra says


  198. A

  199. Le Le Tun says


  200. A

  201. A

  202. A

  203. A

  204. Anilkumar says


  205. A

  206. A

  207. A: The passage begins with the popularity of coffee, it then goes on to talk about its consumption locations/venues, where it’s produced ( Brazil, Venezuela etc) and finally its largest consumers.

  208. Answer is A

  209. Jaskaran Singh says


  210. A

  211. The right answers is the “A”

  212. A

  213. B

  214. Amrit kaur says

    Answer ..A

  215. Hsio Ching says


  216. A

  217. A

  218. in my opinion it is A.

  219. A

  220. Reading is the main concern. Am facing problem in headings match.

  221. A..Coffee a popular hot drink

  222. Rishu budhiraja says


  223. A

  224. Sarita Shaji says


  225. Answer- A

  226. Coffee- a popular hot drink

  227. Ifeyinwa says

    The answer is A- coffee is a popular hot drink

  228. A

  229. A

  230. nelda antolo says


  231. B

  232. Such a simplified approach, you really a life saver for ielts aspirants

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