Practice with Linking Words

In IELTS writing task 2, you will need to use a range of linking words to connect your sentences and to make your essay coherent. If you are aiming for band score 6 and above, it is important to show the examiner that you can use a good range of linkers. This lesson is aimed at intermediate to upper intermediate levels.

Below are some sentences which relate to the topic of work. Fill in the gaps to complete the sentences by choosing the appropriate linking word. Please note that you will need to consider the grammatical structure of each sentence to choose the correct linking word.

1. It is generally agreed that professional people doing shift work, …………………. (like / such as / take for example) nurses, doctors and police, should be given compensation for unsociable hours in the form of better benefits and higher pay.

2. Working overtime has its compensations ……………… ( therefore / but / although) can have a detrimental effect on the family.

3. ……………..(However / Although / But) women have equal employment rights to men, there still exists a glass ceiling, in many countries, which can prevent them from reaching the upper levels of a company.

4. Juvenile delinquency, which is a growing issue in many countries, should be addressed by both schools and parents ……………………( consequently / so as to / so ) get to the root of the problem.

5. Technology has had a great impact on the way people work …………..(but / and / consequently)  will no doubt continue to do so in the future.

  1. such as (‘like’ is not appropriate to use /  ‘take for example’ would require a different sentence structure to be used)
  2. but (‘although’ would require a different sentence structure to be used)
  3. Although
  4. so as to (this means ‘in order to’)
  5. and 


  1. Don’t just learn the meaning of linking words, learn how to use them correctly.
  2. Never use ‘like’ as a linking word in an academic essay.
  3. Don’t forget to use the linker ‘and’ – it is easy to use and still able to give you a high score.
  4. If you make mistakes with your linkers, you will struggle to get over band score 7 in Coherence and Cohesion, which is 25% of your marks.


IELTS Teachers and students can download this lesson for free on pdf file: linking-words-practice


Conclusion Linkers: Video Tutorial


  1. Anas Eltaib says

    Hi Liz,
    To be honest, I have thinking of taking the general training IELTS module for more than a year, but I was so reluctant to do so until I came accoss your amazing videos concerning IELTS prepration lessons.
    You somehow boosted my self confidence guiding me step by step to hit the band score I have been dreaming of.

  2. i brought you advanced videos, they are very helpful and finally i was able to write one essay my own because i was really struggling how to start n end the essay. i learnt all the techniques and patterns of writing essay.
    but i am still unable to get brainstormimg/ideas/points for writing an essay.
    can you please guide me for this?
    one question, i cannot follow my answer when i make a post on your blog. even if i click notify me i cant find.

    • When you comment on my site, you need to remember the page that you commented on.

      For ideas in writing, you will need to start developing your own ideas as part of your preparation. You will need to research ideas online that you can use for various topics. I am currently writing an ideas book and I hope to have it ready for January or February. Sorry it can’t be sooner. I’ll put it with my other advanced lesson when it is ready to be bought.

  3. Hi Liz,

    I am planning to buy your advanced writing video, hope it gets me above 7 band


    • The lessons will teach you the right techniques for band 7 and above. However, you need to produce English at the right level to hit that band score.

  4. Hi Liz,
    Thank you for your painstaking work
    (as regards the first sentence…is it ‘unsocial hours’ the collocation which must be used? )

    Thank you so much for everything 🙂

    • You can use both “unsocial” and “unsociable”. They have the same meaning.
      All the best

      • Hi Liz,

        Your work is amazing and helps thousands of students, including me.
        Sorry for the above comment, my vocabulary is so limited. You help me to improve it daily.

        Best regards,

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