IELTS Water Supply Diagram

The IELTS diagram below shows two diagrams in two different time periods. This diagram was not drawn by me but by an IELTS student called Shindhu who got this in the academic writing task 1 test.

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IELTS Water Supply Diagram

IELTS Water Supply Diagram Present & Future 2015

Model Answer: Water Supply Diagram

The diagram illustrates the way the water supply system currently works in Australia and the plans for future changes. Overall, the main change in the future water supply system is based on recycling water for use in the city.

The current water supply system shows that pure water is stored in a dam before being transferred to a city to be used by households, shops and factories. From the city, storm water is directed straight into the river whereas waste water is sent to the water treatment plant to be processed. After the waste water is treated, it is safe to be released into the river.

Regarding the future water supply system, it can be seen that the storage of pure water in the dam and the uses of it in the city are the same as the previous system. However, both the storm water and waste water from the city are to be directed to the water treatment plant for processing after which they will both be recycled back for use in the city. It is planned that no water will be released into the river.

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IELTS Rainwater Diagram

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  1. You are amazing. Thanks 😊

  2. What if I say ‘drawings’ instead of ‘diagrams’? Would I be negatively scored for that?

    • IT is not an appropriate word to use and that falls under the marking criterion of Vocabulary which is 25% of your marks.

    • I got this same writing task in test performed in New Zealand on 12 dec,2019; unluckily I could not respond like this. I used clean water for clean water no change of words and my response said water goes to the city, it looks wrong too. Things would have different if I have read this task written by dear Liz. 🙁

  3. Hi Liz!

    I’m confused….is it really”
    The diagram illustrates or the two diagrams illustrate?

  4. Hi Liz! Your tips and ideas have been very helpful… I would like to express a cordial gratitude for your effort… I have a small query. Do we need an overview for a diagram/ process writing?
    BEST Regards,

  5. Is there anything like this that diagram has to be written in passive voice always?

  6. Hi Liz and readers,

    Do you think these paragraphs will score 7 and above for WT1?

    The diagram illustrates the way different kinds of water (pure, storm and waste) flows from the area where it’s kept going to the river and water treatment plant in Australia in two different time periods (present and future).

    Overall, pure water comes presently from the Dam and is sent to the households, factories, shops and city which is the same with the future water supply system. The current water supply transfers the storm water to the river as opposed to the future system where it will go directly to the water treatment plant straight from the city.

    The water used now by the households, shops, factories and city goes to the water treatment plant and is being pushed to the river whereas in the future water supply system, waste water will be pushed back to the households as pure water which is the same process they will do with regards to the storm water.

  7. Can i use the word The above pictorial representation illustrates…. for the start of introduction instead of the the diagram below shows…? is it fine?

    • A diagram is a diagram – you do not need to change that word. There are plenty of other words that can be paraphrased.

  8. Respected Madam,
    Almost whole Task 1 answer is written in Passive Voice Tenses. Is it feasible?

  9. Alex Logan says

    I wish i could write like this or atleast similar to this on my paper

  10. Hi Liz.
    I love your site. It is really helpful. I want to ask you about task 2 for writing. I saw in a comment you told a guy whe the question says “is it a negative or a possitive effect?” You said you have to choose only one of them because of the word OR. What about when the question says “to what extent do you agree or disagree?” Is it the same I can only write about one of them but not both?
    Thank you in advance Liz!

  11. Dear Liz,
    Hello. I am living in an village in north of Iran. when I come to the closest small town, I download and print your valuable lessons for IELTS. I would like to express my feeling and thanks for your great web page and it’s excellent lesson. there is no teacher for English here and you gave us this chance to learn pure English and the best usage of it.

  12. Hi Liz!

    In what country did this question come out? 🙂

  13. The chart given depicts the flow of present and future water supply system in Australia.

    At present, water supply system in Australia starts at the Dam, wherein water is being stored, it will then supply pure water to City for the consumer usage like households, shops, and factories. Consequently, after usage, waste water flows to a Water treatment plant and will finally released to the river, as well as the storm water from the City.
    However, water supply system in the future will be directed to the Water treatment plant. Waste water from the City, also the storm water will be released directly to the treatment plant. Households, shops, factories and alike will received pure water from the Dam and Water treatment plant.

    In the end, it can be concluded that the projected future water supply system excludes the river on the system and all of the unclean water will be directed to Water treatment plan for recycling.

    HI maam! Just tried this chart and If you could please mark my work? Many thanks! 🙂

  14. Hello! I would just like to ask if its okay not to have an overview of the topic on the intro part? Instead, a conclusion on the last part? Thanks in advance 🙂

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