Sample Answers for Speaking Topic: Health

Below are some sample answers for the topic of health in IELTS speaking part 3. When you answer in speaking part 3, remember to extend you answers with lots of examples and explanation. Also remember to give a direct answer the question asked  and then develop your answer.

1. Do you think people pay enough attention to their health these days?

No, definitely not. The average person nowadays has a sedentary lifestyle and pays very little attention to their diet and also does hardly any exercise. If you take a typical English person, they eat a quick breakfast, such as a sugary cereal, they have a quick bite at lunch, like a sandwich, and for dinner they are either too tired to cook something healthy and nutritious or simply don’t have enough time. It’s pretty much the same with exercise. Few people these days have time to fit it into their daily routine.

2. Do you think the government is responsible for public health?

Well, to be honest, I think it the responsibility of both governments and individuals. Governments certainly could do more to educate people about ways to improve their health and I suppose it would be useful if they could some how have more controlled over the fast food industry. However, much of the responsibility falls on individual people to take exercise, eat well and have a balanced life style.

3. Do you think there are more unhealthy people these days than there were decades ago?

Yes, without a doubt. Generations ago, there was no fast food or convenience food so people generally ate healthy fresh produce instead of the junk food they eat today. Furthermore, people were also more active in the past as they either cycled or walked to get around and also had a healthier life style. Compared to now, they were much healthier.

4. How could parents encourage their children to be healthier?

I guess the best way would be to set an example. I always think that if adults lead by example, then children will  follow suit. What I mean is if parents need to get involved with sports and out-door activities, it will show children that exercise is fun. Another way would be for parents to get children involved in cooking healthy meals to encourage them to change their eating habits. Both methods, I’m sure will have a positive effect.


  1. Hello Liz,
    Thanks for all your wonderful videos and tips to help me improve.

    I see that there’s an error below for the fourth question:
    …to get children involved in cooking “health” meals…

    Shouldn’t it say “healthy meals” instead ?

    • Well spotted 🙂 Thanks for letting me know. My typing is dreadful.

      • Chetna SP says

        Oh Liz! Not at all.. you’re the best 😊 I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. If not for your sample questions and answers I wouldn’t have made it this far. I’m so grateful to you 😇

  2. hi Ms. Liz,

    how you will know if your speaking test is in test 1, test 2 and test 3?
    because we’re focus on the question and answer.

    thanks you so much

    • Do you mean part 1, part 2 or part 3? That is easy to know. All questions before the talk is part 1. There will be about 3 topics and the examiner will introduce the topic, “lets talk about sport”, for example. Part 2 is when you are given the cue card. After the talk, part 3 starts with more difficult questions. Read all lessons and tips on this page to prepare:

  3. Hi Liz,
    I wonder if I can speak personal experience in part 3.
    is it possible? or should I speak general situaions?

    thanks you so much

    • Part 1 is about you. Part 2 is about you. Part 3 is a chance to show the examiner you can speak about the world in general rather than yourself.

  4. what to do to get 9 score in speaking

  5. Sometimes the examiner asks very difficult questions such as the benefits of reading books or how to take care of a patient in hospital. Do you think that you can give an immediate answer without much thinking?

    • You can ask the examiner to repeat the question so you have time to think of an answer. It won’t affect your score to do that.

      • Tri Nhan says

        Do you think the speaking format of the IELTS has some limitations? Some examiners have very cold and impersonal manner – just look into your eyes and question and question, which does not reflect real life communication. There is not any real interaction in which the candidates can give their opinions and ask the examiner some questions in return. If there is a real interaction (like one in a talk show) , I think it’s easier for the examiner to evaluate their performance

        • The IELTS speaking test is the best speaking test that exists in the world so far as it is face to face with an examiner – but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be better. It would be good if there was a section that involved the candidate asking questions rather than just answering them. But to have a speaking test that was complete chit chat makes it hard to control and standardise to make sure it is the same worldwide. It isn’t easy designing a speaking test. Lets see how IELTS evolves in the future 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂 I enjoy hearing what people think and it’s nice to talk to someone from Vietnam 🙂

          • Tri Nhan says

            It was so nice talking to you. You helped me to keep things in perspective. Thank you very much.
            Tri Nhan (from Vietnam)

  6. Hi

    dear You have a grammatical mistake in question number 3; ” fresh produce ” it is
    ” fresh products ”

    kind regards.

    • I’m very glad you are proof reading 🙂 However, in this case, it is correct. The word “produce” is noun in this essay:

      • Thank you

      • Hi liz
        Thanks for your great lessons. I have got a question. Is it bad to be stopped by the examiner at the end of the two minutes in part 2? I mean am I obligated to finish before 120 seconds? And I may lose marks if I continue to speak more than 2 minutes while I have mentioned all the points? Is it ok to look at my watch to manage the time? Is it necessary at all?thanks

        • No candidate is allowed to talk for more than 2 mins. These are the rules. The examiner will stop you when you hit 2 mins. You do not need to manage the time in the speaking test – the examiner controls the time, not you.

  7. Hi

    You said it is not recommended to use ” furthermore ” in speaking, and use ” also ” instead, but you used it in this page

    Kind Regards.

    • It can be used and you won’t be penlised for it. But generally the rule is to avoid speaking academically. So, I usually recommend students not to get into a habit of using academic linking words – but it is ok to use them from time to time.

  8. pargat singh says

    how can i score more bands in writing task 2 by explaing one idea nd giving relevant examples or by giving more than one idea in body paragraphs

  9. The average people pay(s) very little attention and do(es)hardly any exercise.
    Check please

  10. Dear liz
    Could you help me please in this cue card?
    Talk about an article that you read from magazine or Internet about healthy life
    What was this article about
    In which magazine or website did you read it
    Why did you like it

    • This is an easy topic because you can choose any information you want to talk about. It could be something you read about food, exercise, stress, work, lifestyles, sports – anything which is connected to having a healthy life. You explain what you read: so if you decide to talk about food and a health life, you explain that you read an article which gave a list of foods you should and shouldn’t eat. You can tell the examiner the list and explain if you agree with it. Then you talk about the magazine or website where you read it. You can just make it up if you want. Talk about a website you know or a magazine you know which contains similar information. Talk about what type of people read it, what other information is in the magazine and talk about how often you read it. Then you can talk about why you like it. Don’t forget to add something about the future (for example, “I will continue to buy thi magazine because…). Adding future forms will help your score. Don’t forget that you can add any information you want to your talk. The prompts are only guidelines.
      All the best

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