IELTS Speaking Part 3: Environment

Below are some questions for the topic of the environment for IELTS speaking part 3.

  • Are there many environmental problems in your country?
  • Are people concerned about environmental problems in your country?
  • Do you think enough is being done to deal with them?
  • What can  individuals do to help?
  • Do you think older people have as much awareness of environmental problems as the younger generation?
  • Do you believe that climate change is a serious problem?
  • What causes climate change?
  • Do you think recycling is important?

Here are some sample answers:

  • Q) Are people concerned about environmental problems in your country?
  • A) Well, it’s hard to say for sure. I think some people are concerned but probably not enough of them. There are people who take environmental problems seriously enough to actually recycle their rubbish appropriately but I don’t think there are enough people who concern themselves with resource depletion which I consider to be a pressing issue. So many people are using energy and buying products without any thought to the impact of their actions. We all know that the world’s resources are being used at an alarming rate but no one seems to actually feel it’s their responsibility to change the way they live. So, I guess, although there are some people who are concerned, it’s not enough and more people in my country need to change the way they live.

  •  Q) Do you believe climate change is a serious problem?
  • A) Yes, I do. The issue of climate change has been growing over the past few decades and we are now witnessing serious changes in global weather patterns. While some countries are suffering heat waves, other countries are suffering from terrible snow storms. But that isn’t the worst of the problem. The changes in the climate are also causing extreme weather such as typhoons, earthquakes and tsunamis, which are devastating many countries. On top of that, there are also concerns about rising sea levels, which although not a problem now, will be a serious concern to any low lying country in the future. So, I feel that climate change is something which needs to be taken very seriously.


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