Improving an IELTS GT Letter

Improving a letter for IELTS General Training Task 1. Learn how to make your IELTS GT letter better for a higher score.

In the IELTS GT writing task 1 test, you must write a letter which is usually either formal or informal (occasionally it is possible to get a semi-formal letter). The aims of the letter are given by IELTS as well as three bullet points which explain the content you must include.

Improving An IELTS GT Letter 

Below you will find a letter task from IELTS and a candidate’s answer. Take a look at both and then post your feedback.

Letter Task Given by IELTS

You ordered a book online for exam preparation. It has been some time since you ordered it and you still have not received your book. Write a letter to the e-commerce company about this.

  • describe your purchase order of the book
  • explain the importance of the book
  • say what you want the company to do for you.

Candidate’s Letter Answer

Look at the letter below which was posted by someone on this site and decide:

  1. Does the letter fully cover all information required?
  2. Is the information organised well into paragraphs?

Dear sir,

I am writing this letter to inform you about my order of a book form your company on 20th march and my order number is Az435677 which i have not received yet.

I am preparing for IAS exam for which i ordered a book General Studies Manual by Manohar Sharma. It is the best book for preparing for this exam.. and I only got it on amazon and was out of stock from other sites.
After checking the delivery time in 5 days i ordered this book because my exam is on 15th April. Its’s already been more than 10 days and i did not received my order yet.This delay impacted my preparation and I left with few days to study. I believe I can not make up for the lost time.

Since you have wasted one week of delivery I request you to refund me for the book and courier charges if I will not get the delivery in 2 days. As it is hard to cover for the gone time but I am a regular customer and this is the first time i had to face this problem so I will wait for 2 more days.

I hope to hear a positive reply.
Your sincerely
Sam Smith

How to Improve the IELTS Letter

To learn what the problems are and to see a model IELTS letter, click below:

Problems with Above Letter

This letter has a number of problems.
  1. Although the task has been completed, it is wordy (too long). It is 211 words. This will not help because it means there is a lack of focus and irrelevant detail. Task 1 is only worth 33% of your marks. Keep your letter within 170 and 190 words – then move on to task 2.
  2. Opening line. For a formal letter, the opening line should be the purpose of the letter. This letter isn’t to inform someone, it is to complain or to express dissatisfaction. Remember, you have paid for something that you haven’t received – you are not happy about this.
  3. Furthermore, your opening line should only contain the main aim, not the details. The letter above puts detail in the opening line that should be in the first body paragraph.
  4. Organisation is a serious problem. There are three prompts and each prompt forms one body paragraph. You need to organise your information into these body paragraphs.
    1. BP1 – the purchase order. Give all details. In the letter above, two sentences of BP2 contained this information. So, the order of the detail was scattered and not organised into one single body paragraph.
    2. BP2 – why the book is important to you. This letter only contains two limited sentences about this.
    3. BP3 – what you want done. This should be written concisely. You want your book immediately or your money back. These are the main options. Of course, you need to word this more politely, but also word it firmly. The letter above was too lengthy and not concise enough in this aspect.
  5. Signing off. In the letter, this was incorrect. If you start with “Dear Sir”, you end with “Yours faithfully. If you start with “Dear Mr Jones”, you end with “Yours sincerely”.

Those are the main issues with this letter.There are minor language issues in the letter which do not concern me. Your English does not need to be perfect for a high score. The main problems are:

  • weak opening line
  • lack of organised information
  • not enough detail in the right place and too much detail in the wrong place
  • incorrect signing off
  Model Letter with Notes

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to complain about my order of a book from your company on 1st April which has not arrived.

My order number is AZ435636 and it was for a book entitled “General Studies Manual” by Manohar Sharma. It was the one which came with a CD and was priced at £15.99. The delivery was guaranteed to be only two days but so far I have waited nearly 2 weeks without receiving anything.

This book is essential to my studies in preparing for my IAS exam, which is only 1 week away. It is the only book that explains some of the key aspects of the exam and without it I will struggle to get the grades I need for my future goals.

If your company is unable to deliver the book within the next two days, I would like a full refund including the delivery costs.

I hope to hear from you on receipt of this letter as this situation must be urgently resolved.

Yours faithfully,
Sam Smith

(Words: 173)


  1. Title – IELTS will tell you what title to use in their instructions.
  2. Clear concise opening line.
  3. BP1 – lots of detail about the order
    1. Date of order
    2. Name of book
    3. Order number
    4. Delivery date given
    5. How long I have already waited
  4. BP2 – why the book is important – Make your case
    1. why that book was chosen
    2. why it is special
    3. what happens if you don’t get it
  5. BP3 – what you want to happen – be direct
    1. How long you are prepared to wait for it
    2. What you want to happen if this is not possible
    3. Remember, you have paid for something you didn’t get – keep the right tone for a complaint letter. You do not need to be submissive in requesting that you receive what you have paid for – you need to be direct and state clearly what you want to happen. You are in the right and they are in the wrong.
  6. Sign off appropriately. You do not need to use a title when you sign off, but you must use your full name.
  7. You do not need to write the word count. I have done this to show you the length. In the computer delivered IELTS test, the word count will be shown on the screen.


If you would like a list of useful tips for IELTS GT Letters, click on the following link:

Essential IELTS Letter Writing Tips

I hope you found this lesson useful 🙂

All the best



  1. Hello Liz,

    If you are writing a complaint letter to a company, shouldn’t you start the letter with
    “Respected Sir or Madam” rather than “Dear Sir”. I believe it is important to show some respect to the person or company you are writing this letter to.

    I would use “Dear” with someone I know or have met in person.
    Please let me know if “Respected Sir or Madam” is acceptable in IELTS for GT writing task 1?

    Your lessons are really helpful. Keep up the excellent work.


    • No, it isn’t usual to write a title to a letter that way. It would be considered over the top language. “Dear” is completely sufficient and appropriate.

  2. Hi Liz,
    I have my writing test tomorrow and i am confused with a small little detail.
    While writing a semi formal letter, do we start with Dear sir/m or with Dear Mr Brown?
    I read somewhere to only start with Dear Mr brown if the name is given in the question otherwise opt for dear sir/madam. Is that true for semi formal letter?
    Thanks for all your help. You have made IELTS easy for a lot of us.

    • IELTS will tell you when to start “Dear Sir or Madam”. If there are no instructions about the titles to use, you must decide for yourself.

  3. Ali Kadri says

    Dear sir,

    I am providing this complain of a book I already paid to receive in 2 to 3 days, but it has not arrived since a week.

    The order number of my purchase is WZ12547 which was for a book named “Arts & Life” written by AKADIA KLOPI. Photos and samples of real artist’s stories are included with the edition offered on your website.

    My brother is learning drawing and painting and I decided to give him the book as a gift for his birthday which was 3 days ago. Actually, I bought the book form a bookstore in the same day of his birthday when I felt disappointed not to receive the book even when I wait more time than you guaranteed.

    I expect a full refund from your side including the delivery fees as it considered as a mistake from your side and I was waiting the book in a time you offered before I paid.

    Kindly, inform me when you receive this letter of complain and let me up to date for any news.

    yours faithfully,
    Ali Kadri


    Dear Sir,
    I am writing to complain of a book I purchased from your company on 29th March 2020 which is still yet to arrive.
    My order number is 00194 and it was for a book entitled Blonde Roots by Bernandine Evaristo. The delivery time indicated at the time of purchase was 5 days but it has been two weeks and it still hasn’t been delivered.
    This book is on my reading list for April and will be discussed in my book club on the 21st of April. This leaves me with just one week to complete the book in preparation for the Book Discussion event.
    If your company is unable to deliver the book within the next two days, I would like a full refund, including delivery costs.
    I hope to hear from you on receipt of this letter as this situation needs to be addressed and resolved urgently
    Yours faithfully
    Taiwo Adeyemo

  5. Hi Liz,

    Thank you for the valuable information given. Would you be able to clarify a small doubt please. On GT writing under CD IELTS, is there any way to check the word count on the computer or how would you suggest a way.

  6. If the answer in listening is asked for no more then three words,and answer is mentioned as “book shop’ and i write down as ” A book shop” @s in audio they clearly speak Article before. Would that be consider right or wrong.?

    • IT would be marked wrong.

      • Shakib Anwer says

        Hi Liz,
        I am Shakib Anwer from India. I am preparing my IELTS exam for GT. I am an Ardent follower of you. I have written a Letter i mean Task 1. I would be very thankful if you could check my letter . Is it score a good band or not ?

        one of my friend invite me to spend some time with him about my holiday…..

        Dear paul,
        I am Writing a letter to show you my hearty appreciation, that you have invited me to spend my holiday with you. I am very eager to celebrate my valuable time with you. But unfortunately i am not able to make it to stay due to my hectic office work.

        Let me explain my issue in details. I have recently started my new job related to my qualification which is in Information and Technology. do you understand there is crucial responsibility in my job ? My boss has given a deadline to submit my project on time. If i don’t do this , it create too much problem for the company.

        Could you tell me please , if you have another perfect time for meeting. I am free at the starting of the new year, do you have available to time to enjoy our holiday with a good memory.
        I look forward to hearing from you ,
        your friend

  7. Dear Paul,

    I am writing to you to thank you for such an amazing holiday. I could have never been able to enjoy Mount Abu if you were not there. This holiday will always remind me that great time we spent together. Although, I left my wallet at your place.

    Let me explain my situation in more details. Do you remember when I was running for the station in hurry? At that time my wallet was in my hand as I was taking money out of it for the cab. After that I forgot to keep it back in my pocket, However I realized it when I reached to my city’s station and tried to take cash for the coolie. I’m sure last time I remember it was on the side table of the sofa with a telephone you have in your living room. My wallet contains my office ID and I will not be able to put my attendance in biometric if I don’t have my card.

    Could you please courier my wallet to me as soon as possible as I must join my office back from Monday? You can parcel it from DTDC as they have 1-day delivery option and reliable. While sending the parcel please put it in an envelope and wrap it with the tape all over as it also contains my credit cards and license.

    Please let me know the amount that will be charged for sending. I will send it to you by UPI.Also, Mention you UPI id on a piece of paper in the same envelope.

    Your Friend,


  8. Hi liz, I hope you are well. I have some below queries if you could help 🙂

    1. Is it possible for you to let me know whether the below letter is informal or semi formal. It looks semi-formal to me, but I just need your confirmation.

    A friend has offered you some work in his company. You are currently employed and not able to start for 3 months. Write a reply to your friend. In your letter:
    – give details of what you know about his company.
    – explain your current situation
    – give your answer to the offer and explain why

    2. Also would a letter to a landlord be written in a formal style?

    • Correct. It’s semi-formal. This is a letter to your friend – that means it is not formal. The topic however is not about a party or a holiday, it is about work which means the general content will be more serious.
      A letter to a landlord is formal. Even though you know him, you do not have a close personal relationship with him.

  9. Hi Liz,
    I hope you are in good health. I always follow your post to clear my IELTS related doubts.
    Today I want to ask that
    Is it ok to use inverted commas to highlight any specific name in the GT letter?
    like you use in a model letter to highlight the book name.

  10. Dear Liz,

    Thank you very much for the effort you put on your website.

    Please I would like to know if signatures are accepted in writing task 1. The normal official letters that we write, we usually append our signatures before writing our names. Is this acceptable in IELTS?

    Thank you in anticipation.

  11. Hello Liz,
    Your website is marvelous. With lots of resources and preparation material the website is a prime reference in helping me clear my doubts and prepare for the exams.

    Keep up the hard work! May God bless you in all your endeavors.

  12. Hi Liz,

    I’m trying for band 7+ in GT. Could you please advice how to improve my letter below-

    Dear Sir/Madame,

    I am writing this letter to enquire the whereabouts if the book I ordered from your website a week ago.

    I had ordered for the paperback edition of the book “IELTS Preparation Guide” on 28th August 2019. The order number is A12345. The order confirmation message stated that I would receive the book within 3 working days. However, its been a week since I ordered and I have not received the book yet.

    I intend to pursue my higher studies abroad so I will be appearing for the IELTS examination next mnth. I had planned to do my complete preparation as per the instructions in this book because its one of the top rated guides available in the market currently.

    I would be very greatful if you could track down my order and deliver the book atleast withing next 2 days so that I can go ahead with my preparation without much disruption.

    Hope you take the necessary actions to deliver my book at the earliest.


  13. Hello Liz,
    Your site has been of a great help. May God continue bless You.
    However, i would like to know if i will loose mark if i don’t use contractions in my informal letter.
    Meanwhile, I just got an information now that your sick. My prayer is that the healing hands of God will come upon you. As you read this message may the angel of healing swing in to action for your sake. Amen. I’m Looking forward to hearing your testimony.

    Thank you.

    • You should use contractions (simple ones, such as it’s or haven’t) in an informal letter. Thanks for your kind words 🙂

  14. Dear Liz,
    I am grateful for your suggestions and tips.
    Few queries if I might ask in GT-Task1
    1. Do we have to introduce the writer details in depth in the first paragraph? or Just name and purpose of the letter alone enough? please advice.
    2. For formal letters: what is the best to introduce?
    “I am writing with regards …..” OR
    “I am writing to inform or concerning…
    3. Informal letter: While addressing the recipient, should we use any name?

    thanks in advance.

  15. Dear sir

    Iam writing this letter to express my dissatisfaction regarding the late delivery of book that I ordered on 20th may on your website.

    The tittle of the book is ‘Fundamentals of IAS’ written by Kalyani publishers. I ordered it with reference number M1236, during last month , with advance payment of £20.5 including £5 for delivery charges.

    This book is extremely important for my future career, as Iam preparing for PCS exam, then I have to clarify my all basics from this book only, otherwise I will have to search for multifarious websites, which sometimes become preplexing owing to abundence of material. In addition lot of time is required for web surfing, that is not likely for me because my exam fell on 27th of next month and I already have wasted 10 days in waiting for your delivery, but your website always promise to deliver within 5 working days.

    Moreover, as lot of my precious time has been wasted just because of your dissatifactory servicd, then I expect from you to refund me 50% of my charges and deliever it within 1 or 2 working days, otherwise I might have to take a action regarding this matter.
    I expect that you will consider this matter on priority basis.

    Yours faithfully,
    Mark Steven

  16. Kulwant Singh says

    Dear Sir,
    I am writing this letter to complain about the delay of my “IELTS Reading Book”. I had ordered this book via order no 1534xyz on March 1st 2019 and was assured that book will be received by the end of March itself.
    This book is of paramount importance as I have booked my IELTS exam in the second week of May and there has been considerable delay from your side, as the April month is almost coming to an end. This has caused lot of incovenience to me as i had to check multiple websites for the related information, consequently create state of confusion in my mind. I was confident that if I had recieved this book as per deadline, i would have been to prepare the 90% of my work by now.

    However, i expect the authority to explain to me in writing about the reasons for the delay and as you may be aware that the IELTS exam cost is 80 Kuwaiti Dinars and shall appreciate if the company willingly charges the book at 50% of the said selling price and pay 50% of the fees for my IELTS exam. If required, I can furnish all the documents of IELTS booking exam to prove my claims.

    I am looking forward to your positive and quick response.
    Yours faithfully
    Kulwant Singh

  17. Hi there,

    I am writing with regard to see what happened to my order.

    I ordered some ielts reference books 2 weeks ago, but until now I still did not receive the package. I checked my order status on your website, but the status bar always showed my books were not sent yet. I could not understand why it is processed so lately. I paid the bill once I knew the order was successful. But your delivery service is not endurable.

    I will take part in the test after two weeks. So I hope my order could be processed as soon as possible. Wish I receive my ordered books in this week. Otherwise, please cancel my order and compensate me 3 times as my payment.


  18. Hi Liz, Please should the signing off be on the left or right. I’d really appreciate your response

  19. Dear sir,
    I’m writing you this letter in regards to inform you about a book that I ordered two weeks ago. Its title is ‘research methodologies for DC machines’ written by ‘M.K Dave’. On time of purchase I was made assure that I will receive my order within one week, but it has been two weeks now and nobody gave me any information about my order.

    This book is extremely important for me as I need it to complete my research thesis. I researched internet but found no other book providing information even close which this book contains. It is best seller and has most relevant data to my research topic.

    I request you to look into details and find out reasons for this delay and negligence form you company. Also inform me about when I will receive my book, as I need it urgently.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Yours faithfully,
    Zainab shahid

    dear liz kindly mark me for this

  20. Petoon Inc says

    Hi Liz and all

    I sat recently for an IELTS computerized in Turkey and was provided with non English keyboard. It types a Turkish dotless i instead of i in all answers which will be deemed wrong by the computer. I was only provided with an English keyboard before writing. Anyways I filed a complaint and yesterday I received a call from British council coordinator who barey spoke English and he said that I am liar and I did bad in the exam and just trying to find an excuse. And that I should know how to use a Turkish keyboard even I am not Turkish. Therefore, my complaint was rejected.
    What should I ?

    • I’m in the dark along with you about this. You can try taking it further to IELTS Official rather than just your local test center. There is the public IELTS Official FB page where you could post a notice in public and ask how to take this complaint further. I wish I could suggest more.

      Anyone reading this – feel free to comment and give advice.

      Good luck dealing with this 🙂

      • Petoon Inc says

        Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I just want to clarify that what happened is real and i was even hung up on by this coordinator.
        I called British Council HQ and they askes me to file a complaint but did not feel that they also cared much.
        Is there any higher authority?

        • I completely believe you – never doubt that. When it comes to complaints in policy and procedure, I find IELTS to be disinterested in dealing with situations or improving their services. I think as a company they actually forget that people have paid good money for their services and deserve to get what they pay for – well behaved speaking examiners and proper test centre conditions/equipment.
          The only place I can think of, as I said, is IELTS Official. Don’t forget that BC is only one owner – there are three that make up the whole company called IELTS. IELTS Official is the actual company itself. But I really am not sure how far you’ll get with this – worth a try though 🙂

          • Petoon Inc says

            True!. They do not care. It is a monopoly kind of.
            It is my third exam in a row. Everytime I paid tickets, hotels, fees in addition to time and then i do not get an English keyboars for an English exam and I get called liar and hung up on

            I will wait 10 days as advised by HQ and then If not satisfied I will dedicate one week with 10 of my friends to post this issue everywhere.

            With media we are more powerful.

      • Petoon Inc says


        I tried but the page is locked. You cannot post

    • Azeeza Ajibola-Adelabu says

      @Petoon Inc, I am sorry to read about this development. It is just as Liz has said. I feel you can push it further on social media (get any relevant links on search engines) and you would get someone’s attention in the right quarters.
      Best of luck!

  21. Hi Liz,

    Thanks for this model answer. So conscise and explicit.

  22. Hello Liz,
    Thanks for all your efforts.
    The topic talked about writing a letter but in the last paragraph in model answer mentioned it as an “email”. Is it correct answer or not? Could you please clear it for me?
    Best regards,

  23. Naveed Anjum says

    I am going to convey you about the book which i order about 2 weeks ago on 1st april 2019.Unfortunately the order not delivered yet. I am totaly dissatisfied of your service because your agency aim is delivery will be reach withen 4 working days.
    Therefore i explain to you next month i have exam and i need the book which i order very soon.Without this book i will not be able to appear in exam because i cnnot recover the full course.
    It is my request to you aendme the book withen next 3 ro 4 days.
    Best regards

  24. Thank you Lizzy, I have been using “Yours faithfully” with “s” but I noticed there is no “s” when you used it. “Your faithfully”

  25. Dear Sir,

    I am articulating this letter in order to express my dissatisfaction towards your services. Around ten days ago, on 2-May-2019, I ordered a book named as computer applications by R. D William Vol.4 and my order purchase number is AATZY0A1Y.

    Furthermore, as per your delivery policy, my book has to be delivered within 5 days. Unfortunately, I have not received it yet. This book was extremely vital for me as I am preparing for a computer exam which is on 20-May-2019 and my mentor has suggested me to follow this book for better preparation.

    However, due to your poor service, I am already behind my schedule and want compensation as somehow I arranged to book. Otherwise, I have to take strict action against your organization by reaching the consumer court.

    Hopefully, you will understand my situation and take wise actions.

    Yours faithfully,

  26. Thank you Mam and this is truly beneficial.

  27. AJAYI Funmi says

    Thanks a lot for the information. The teachings are very helpful. I’m auniversity graduate but I’m thinking of booking for general test is it preferable?

    • You choose the test based on your future goals. See the official sites to learn more about choosing GT or Academic.

  28. Hi Liz
    in my opinion i think the student did not explain him or herself very well in the second bullet point.

  29. Hi Liz
    in my opinion i think the student did not explain his or herself very well in the second bullet point.

  30. Rose kalu says

    Thanks for the correction. I really learnt a lot from the correction.

  31. Hello Liz,
    Thanks for your very helpful lecture.
    Actually, I rewrite all of your letters and writing samples to better understanding. It causes me to be more accurate in some cases.
    With regard to your sample letter, it seems that you used phrase “email” in last paragraph, however it’s a letter as it mentioned in the topic and also in your first paragraph as well. Could you explain it if it’s correct or not? Would I lose mark in test for the same manner?
    All the best,

    • Thanks – such a silly typo. It’s the word I mainly type and my fingers just did it automatically. That is one of the worst parts of typing rather than writing by hand. Thanks for letting me know 🙂
      To get band 9, you don’t need to be perfect. As you can see, even native speakers will make the odd error through lack of concentration. They do allow for that to happen for all the higher scores – even up to band 9.

  32. You are doing a great job especially for those of us source for free but resourceful IELTS materials.

    I stumbled on your website a day before my IELTS academic test in January and I made the following scores: SLRW 7.5,6.5,7,7. Your tips on writing was very useful. Thank you.

    I am taking the general module on 27th April and need band 8 in listening. Your lessons are easy to understand and boost test takers confidence.

  33. Lovepreet singh says

    Thanks mam for the feedback. It is quite helpful

  34. The question has 3 bullet points so I presume the letter should have 3 paragraphs. But Liz your letter has more than that, is that allowed?

    • It has three body paragraphs. It has an opening line and it has a closing line. That is normal for a formal letter.

      • Hello liz, based on what you said about a formal letter having an opening and closing lines seperate from the body paragraphs, does it mean that it’s ok if we include the opening and closing lines in the body paragraphs when writing an informal letter?

        • Opening lines in informal letters do not show purpose or intent as formal letters do. However, most informal letters do have opening and closing lines – they are just different in their content and aim.

  35. Thank u so much Liz. U are really a great teacher. I truly appreciate the help ure offering to us as we prepare for our exam. May God bless u and grant you ur heart desires

  36. Dear Sir,
    I am writing this letter with regarding to my General banking practise test book which is I ordered from your company. My order number is A0001234.
    Actually, the delivery date is 02/04/2019. but still now I haven’t recieved anything. My exam date is approaching. I am so afraid off. I have to improve more. And also I have to practice more tests. I don’t know what is the actual problem of delaying but, I have to get that book as soon as possible.
    If there is another fast way to get that book ,please inform me. Otherwise send my order without any late. I never dissappointed anything before although I feel very bad because of your service right now. I think you can understand my situation. I would be grateful if you send my order without any late.
    I look forward to hear from you.
    Your faithfully,



  38. Idris Ibrahim says

    Dear Sir,

    I write to notify you about the delay in the delivery of my order. I placed an order for the “Crushing IELTS” textbook by Liz Jones from your website on the 1st of April 2019 with order number F23456778 and the delivery time frame was 5 workings days at the point of placing my order. Unfortunately, my order has not been delivered.

    My main purpose of ordering this textbook was because it had enough practice questions with most recent IELTS questions and also it was recommended by a friend who also used it in preparing for the exam. My exam is slated for 1st of May 2019 and the delay in the delivery of my order is really affecting my practice as I have to resort to making use of online videos while I await my order delivery.

    I would appreciate if the delivery of my order can be expedited so I could receive my order within the next 2 working days. Having fully prepaid for my order, I would like to have a full refund including shipping fee in a case that my order can’t be delivered within the next 2 working days.

    I look forwarding to reading from you so as to know my next line of actions.

    Idris Ibrahim

  39. Carl Kenneth says

    Dear Sir/Mam

    I am writing this letter to inform you about the book that I have ordered in your company on April 11. The order number is abcdef3, Which I haven’t received yet.

    In the order confirmation, It states that the book should be received 3 days after the purchased. Its been 7 days then and I haven’t received any emails or text from you for the reason of the delay.

    I am taking my IELTS examination this coming month and that book would be beneficiary in my review. Because it can clear any of my doubt’s about the exam and I can have an overview of what to expect on the IELTS. The book would also help me to gain and learn knowledge, for me to be able to get the score that I want.

    I hope you can send it to me this week. For me to be able to prepare early for the test.
    Thank you and I hope I can hear it from you soon.


    Carl Kenneth Doble

  40. Himanshu Anand says

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am writing in reference to my order, Order number A0002802, for a book that I purchased from your website on February 14, 2019. It was due for delivery on February 17, 2019, however, I have yet to receive it.

    Let me explain my situation. I have been preparing for my IELTS test which is due in one month, and this book plays a very important role in my preparation. It is quite comprehensive and provides a detailed explanation about what to expect in the exam and how to approach the various types of questions in an organized manner. The aforementioned book was recommended to me by a lot of people who have aced the exam, as well as by professionals who rely on it to teach their students.

    Would you please look into this issue at the earliest and help expedite the delivery process? It would be great if you could arrange to get the book delivered within the next two days. I have been your frequent customer and I would want to keep it that way.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Yours sincerely,
    Andrew Stein

  41. Dear sir/mam,
    Iam writing this letter to you with regard to my recent order which I didn’t received yet.
    On 26th March, I have ordered a book from amazon. It is Barrons for IELTS by Dr. Lin Lockheed, 5th edition with order no. A24890356. As per your delivery time, it should have arrived in 3 business days but I have not received the item till now.
    I booked my slot for the exam on April 25th and was hoping to prepare from that book. This book has a very good tips for listening and reading modules which can get me a good score. As it was not found in near by stores I have ordered it from amazon expecting it to deliver in time.
    As I did not get my order till now and cannot bring back my lost time, I would like you to cancel the order and refund me the amount as soon as possible. I have tried to contact you directly and cancel online but couldn’t do it due to the technical issues.
    I look forward to receiving your response.
    Yours faithfully

  42. Temitope Oke says

    Dear sir,

    I am writing to you concerning the book I purchased from your e-commerce company on February 4, 2019 which has not been delivered to me.

    The title of the book is “Ä stitch in time” by John Snow. This book is a best seller and was priced at $15 on your website. The invoice number that was sent to me following the purchase is EN1023745 and the tracking number is 1034721045.

    The book is important to me because it is a requirement for my undergraduate literature course. We are now three weeks into the course and I am yet to receive the book. This has affected my participation fully in the course because I am unable to keep up with deadlines for my assignments.

    I would like your company to review this situation urgently and provide a solution. Specifically, I would appreciate if the company could send another copy of the book to me within the next three days. If this is impossible, kindly refund the payment made for the book purchase.

    Your faithfully

    Temitope Oke

  43. Daljeet Singh says

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am writing this letter to express my dissatisfaction with the service provided related to the purchase of the book “Cambridge IELTS 13” from your e-commerce website on 1st April with order ID “XYZ123”. During check-out, the expected delivery date was 5th April but, unfortunately, it has not been dispatched yet.
    As I am a regular customer of yours, I have never such issue before. Currently, I am preparing for my IELTS exam and this book is considered to have a lot of resources related to the exam. Due to its imperative role in my preparation, I have bought it from the local market yesterday evening.
    At last, I request you to cancel my order and make a refund of the paid money to my e-wallet, credentials of which have been submitted during check-out. In addition to this, I would suggest you to do internal audits regularly so that such daunting issues should not arise with any of your valuable customers.
    I hope to hear from you soon.
    Yours faithfully,
    Daljeet Singh

  44. The letter does not really cover the information required. The second paragraph about the importance of the book was not well explained.
    The ideas are not clearly organized.

    Dear Sir,

    I am writing to inform you of the delay in the delivery of a book I ordered on the 15th
    of March, 2019.
    The book is Stella’s IELTS, 20th Edition with order number MI 01. I paid $200 including the cost of delivery and it was to be delivered to my office address in Port Harcourt within a week of purchase.
    The book is considered a very valuable resource in IELTS preparation. It was recommended by a friend who scored band 9 in the just concluded test. It outlines all the necessary tips guaranteed for high scores provided a person is able to study 80% of its content.
    I would like to request for a refund of payment as my test is slated for 19th April, 2019 and there is little time left to study the material. I would also like to recommend that future delays for whatever reasons be communicated to the customer for better quality service.

    Thank you.

    Yours faithfully
    Stella Oduah

  45. Eze Jonas says

    Dear Sir,
    I am writing this letter to inform you about a book I ordered on 25th March from your company, but I have not received it.

    On 25th March, I ordered for a book from your company. It is Barron’s for ILETS by Dr. Lin Lockheed, 5th edition. My order number is QP3468.

    I am preparing for ILETS exam and the book is one of the text books recommended for it. After checking your menue and the book was available at the time, I ordered for it. According to your delivery time, you deliver in 4 days, but I am surprised that I have not received my book for 12 days now and I have a few days left for the exam.

    Please, I would want you to deliver the book to me in two days or you refund me for the book and courier charges. I am giving you two days to deliver it to me for I am your regular customer and this is the first time I am having this type of problem with your company.
    I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Yours sincerely,
    Eze, Jonas.

  46. Eze Jonas says

    Dear Sir,
    I am writing this letter to inform about a book I ordered on 25th March from your company, but I have not received it.
    On 25th March, I ordered for a book from your company. It is Barron’s for ILETS by Dr. Lin Lockheed, 5th edition. My order number is QP3468.
    I am preparing for ILETS exam and the book is one of the text books recommended for it. After checking your menue and the book was available at the time, I ordered for it. According to your delivery time, you deliver in 4 days, I am surprised that that I have not received my book for 12 days now and I have a few days left for the exam.
    Please, I would want you to deliver the book to me in two days or you refund me for the book and courier charges. I am giving two days to deliver it to for I am your regular customer and this is the first time I am having this type of problem with your company.
    I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Yours sincerely,
    Eze, Jonas.

  47. Dear Sir / Madam

    I am writing this letter in regards to inform you that I had made a purchase from your online portal a week before. However, I have not yet received my purchase order.

    I have bought a book with the name called ” Advance Programming with C++”, by John White on April 1st 2019. I had received the invoice number which is “ABC254329” on my e-mail address. I can recall, it was mentioned online that order will be delivered in 3 days to your address, although it has been more than 7 days and I have not received the book.

    This book is very lucrative especially for the students to enhance their technical knowledge and is highly recommended by industry professionals too. I have my exams in the coming month and part of my exam is to develop a software project which I need to submit to my university. This book will help me to clarify my doubts and will be advantageous in the development of my project.

    It will be great if this can be delivered at my address as soon as possible as my exams are approaching. I request you to take this matter on a priority basis.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours faithfully,
    Siraj Qureshi

  48. Jincy Ann Varghese says

    Dear sir,
    I am writing this letter to inform you about a book that I have ordered and I didn’t get the book yet. I ordered it on March 20 with booking number s223 and it’s name is Cambridge IELTS exam book volume 11. The expected time of delivery was March 25
    As my exam date will be on April 30 I need the book immediately so as to practice early as possible. I have to work more with the reading section which I felt a little difficult. Apart from that I need to practice all the other 3 modules as much as possible as my study time is very little.
    I am really unhappy with your services as you promised the delivery date would be exact and there would not be any delay. But it has been nearly 10 days since the delivery date has passed. I need the book as soon as possible. So you have to take an enquiry about what really happened regarding the delay of delivery and make it possible to deliver before this week.
    Hope you will understand my situation and kindly do the needful.
    Yours faithfully
    Jincy Ann

  49. Ogundele Uchechi says

    Dear sir,
    I am writing to bring to your attention the issue am having on my recent order. I ordered ministry works by Eric Williams on the 28th of March 2019. My order number is ZT3103 and was to be delivered in 7 days but it’s almost 2 weeks now and I have not received it.
    I am extremely in need of that booking order to enable me prepare for my upcoming church ministry program am hosting on the 17th of April. The information I need from the book will enable me organize the activities of the day as well as the lectures I will be given. The writer of the book gave a more explicit and detailed explanation unlike the other authors.
    I would like to request for a total refund of my money including courier if the book is not delivered in two days. This is because the purpose will be defeated as there will not be time to adequately utilize the book if it is delivered later than 2 days. I hope my request is considered favorable. Thank you.
    Yours faithfully,


  50. Hemavathi Nagaraju says

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am writing this letter to notify you about the delayed delivery of my order placed on 15th March 2019 and purchase id is “0HKUKL7”. Order which I had placed was a book named “IELTS PRACTICE EXAMS” by Barron’s experts. This book was supposed to be delivered on 19th March, unfortunately it has not reached me yet as expected.
    This book is extremely important to me as am preparing for my IELTS exam by end of April month. This is a reference book which has helped lot if students to prepare themselves exclusively, frankly after thorough research I could finally find this book on your website and immediately placed it irrespective of price and paid additional delivery charges for fastest delivery.
    I just have another 20days left to prepare for my exams, hence it is my sincere request to prioritize this order and identity where it is stuck to reach the destination address.

    Looking forward for a positive and quicker response.

    Thanks in anticipation,

  51. Paschal Azuka Eze says

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I humbly wish to notify you that the book i ordered from your company through online has not been received. I ordered this book on March 20th 2019, and the name of this book is Advanced Engineering Mechanics 4th Edition. The purchasing order number is KCB10967. The copy of purchasing order and the payment will be attached.
    Moreover, the reason why i am writing this letter is to tell you how important this book is for me. i am going to use this book mostly for my forthcoming examination and my lecturer has outline the chapters i should cover before the examination. My examination is coming up on 3rd April 2019 and by now i should have received the book.
    As regards this delay i wish to ask your company for compensation of 50 percent discount in my next order which will be by ending of April 2019.
    I hope and i will be glad if my request for the delay will be considered.
    Yours sincerely
    Paschal Azuka

  52. Nadeeshani says

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am writing with regard to a book that I ordered online via your website.

    On the 20th March I made an order to a book called “Grammer for IELTS”, order number O887666 by a credit card payment from Sri Lanka.

    The book is very significant for my IELTS examinations. An IELTS examination has been booked at the end of next week and the book was not yet received. The exam is vital for me and it is impossible for me to postpone it due to an unavoidable reason. However, it has been almost 10 days since I made the booking, I am still waiting for it.

    As the book is not yet delivered, I would be appreciated if you could cancel the order and refund me, if you cannot deliver it within 2 days, so that I have some time to go for a shop and buy it. I would like you to contact me at your earliest when you receive this letter.

    I await your prompt response.

    Yours faithfully,
    Nadeeshani Jayathilake

  53. Ramyaa RN says

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I am writing this letter to express my dissatisfaction about an order I placed in your website for the delivery of a book. Let me explain this in detail.

    On March 10th, I placed an order for the book named “Indian history and culture” through online. My order number is IHC 0023. I also received a confirmation mail for the payment of Rs. 2000/- through mail. It is mentioned that the maximum delivery time for the outstation customer is 4 days. But it has been more than 20 days, since i placed that order and have not received yet.

    Being a post graduate student in the field of history, and my exams are scheduled in the second week of April, this is book is very important to me for my preparations. This books also contains all the necessary information for the my final thesis submission, in this semester.

    It would be very helpful, if you can deliver this book within two days. If it is not possible, am requesting you to cancel my order and refund the amount.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Ramyaa RN

  54. This is a formal letter writing.

    1. It should be Dear Sir/Mam,
    2. opening statement information is not in order. It should be – I am writing to report the delay in delivery of the book ‘……..’ with order No.xxxxx.
    3. The paragraphs need to be organised to link the content.
    4. The statements seems to be informal like ‘ since you have wasted one week….’ Instead, we can write – ‘I would request you to prioritise the delivery in next 2 days. I you are unable to meet the delivery timelines, I would request you to refund the full payment including cost of the book and courier charges which will hep me to look for alternative ways of puchase.
    5. It should be – Yours Sincerely,

    • Irenevergeldedios says

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      I am writing this letter regarding the delayed delivery of the book i purchased online with the order no. Avq112345 an IELTS book of Collins.

      I was expecting that I would recieve the book with in ten days but its been 17 days since i purchased it and until then I did not recieve anything or any update information or emails from you. Sorry to say i am disappointed in your service.

      I would like to request a full amount refund charge and for the shipping payment as well for that item mention above and i can not wait any longer. Which will Help me to find in other alternative ways.

      You’re positive response is highly appreciated!

      Yours sincerely,
      Irene vergel

  55. Harini Kumar says

    Hello Liz, below are my comments.
    1. The tone is inappropriate.
    2. Grammar tenses are incorrect.
    3. Incorrect punctuations and no usage of capital letters.
    4. Usage of contractions as well as single words written as 2 words. For example: can not
    5. The signature is incorrect as it is a formal letter.
    6. The letter is tangential to the task prompts in few places.

  56. Chito Omeke says

    Dear Sir,
    I am writing about a problem with the book i recently ordered from your store’s website. I ordered a Business Management text book written by Prof Maduka Emmanuel and my order number is W3742 but i have not received it.
    Last week Monday , i ordered a Business management text book written by Prof Maduka Emmanuel from your website, it is red in colour and has a hard cover.
    I ordered this book because the writer gave a detailed explanation in the text unlike the books i have read from different authors. This book is easy to understand and i bought it for my upcoming exam which is scheduled on the 19th of April. I have not received the book and i was told i will get it within 3 days after payment.
    I would like your company to contact the seller who sold the book to me and find out the reason for the delay in delivery. I really need this book to be delivered to me as soon as possible to enable me prepare for my exam.
    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Loveth Daniel

  57. Dear Mrs. Liz,
    My name is Sam, I’m using your programs and lectures for IELTS exercise,
    These are really perfect and your instruction is pretty outstanding,
    Mostly I do the listening part exercises and found it very useful,
    Thanks a lot of you well beneficial materials you are sharing,

    Kind regards,

  58. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am writing to you to express my dissatisfaction regarding a recent purchase I have made from your web store. Let me explain the situation.

    I am a final year student of Bachelor of Science and scheduled to sit in an exam starting on 25th of April. In order to prepare well, I have order a book that contains past ten years model papers from your website; however, despite choosing two days delivery method, I have not yet received the book.

    This book is very vital for me to get good grades in my final year to be eligible in getting admission for Master Program. It is only weeks left for my exams and still I am waiting for this book. I hope you can empathize with me. Hence, I demand you to take this matter seriously and arrange a delivery within two days. In addition, I understood from your website that under the circumstances like these, a partial refund is also in order. This refund should be credited to my account at earliest.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.


  59. Josephine Isesele says

    I think the letter covered the information required but was not well organised
    My answer,
    Dear sir,
    I am writing this letter to you in respect of the book i ordered from your company online ten days ago (april 1st 2019). The book is titled “ielts success” by george abel with the purchase number 123456. The receipt number for the purchase is a4759. . I received an email after payment that the book will be delivered april 8th 2019 ( two days ago).
    I am a final year student, preparing to take the general ielts in two months and i need this book to aid my preparation for the exam. The book is very important as it contains series of past questions and sample answers for ielts. Many of my friends that have used the book for this same purpose had good band scores .
    I will like the manager to please look into the delivery system of the company and make ammends where need be as this will help to promote customers satisfaction . Meanwhile,i will be expecting my book to be delivered by next week or a refund if delivery wont be made before the end of next week.. I expect to hear from you soon.
    Yours faithfully,
    Josephine ose.

    • Sameh thabet says

      Dear sir,
      I am writing this letter to inform you that I ordered a book one week ago but I did not receive it till now.
      Last week I ordered a book named ” genetic disorders” written by George Argin . The order number is 123456 where I ordered the book from your books site a week ago .
      This book is of a great importance to me as I will have a test after two weeks. This exam will determine my future in genetics career so my college professor asked me to buy this book to help me passing this exam.
      I paid about 25% of the book price and I will give you 2 days to deliver it. If I did not get the book in two days , I will ask you to refund my money .
      I know I can depend on you . I hope to hear from you soon
      Yours Faithfully,

  60. Dear Sir,

    I am writing this letter to inform you about my disappointment on not receiving a IELTS writing book which I purchased on March 25th, 2019 and my order ID is RST25252019.

    I am preparing for IELTS and for that I bought a book from your online store. It is written by a famous author Garry Finley. Moreover, the best part of book is that it is having latest structure of every type of essay along with the lexical content. It consist of A grade vocabulary which would help me to achieve good band scores. Apart from this, it costs me $50 after discount and now it is out of stock. Unfortunately, I did not receive my book on time as it was supposed to be delivere on April 5th, 2019. Now I do not need of that book as I got it from Flipkart.

    I would like to request you that please refund my money which I paid you in advance. My transaction ID is TSR258717. You can transfer funds either in my bank account or add in Amazon balance.

    I am looking forward for your prompt response.

    Your’s sincerely,

  61. Joseph Akinbola says

    The Task was addressed but not well arranged. For instance, there are three bullet issues to address, this should be in each paragraph.

  62. Dear Sir,
    I am writing to you to bring to your notice about a problem that I am facing .
    Recently, I have ordered a book, named ” How to communicate in office” written by P S Sagar and my order no is A124qud.
    I have ordered this book as I need to submit an article on communication in coming Monday. After doing all my research, I have come to know about this book and this is the best book available in the market. However, all copies are sold out in online market except in Amazon. While placing my order, it showed that delivery would be done in 2 days . It’s been 5 days since I placed my order and getting no sign when it will be delivered as Amazon online tracking is not working.
    I have left with only 4 days in my hand to prepare my article, so it is my request to you to look into the matter with utmost seriousness and try to deliver by tomorrow or else kindly initiate payment refund.
    Looking forward to get positive response and thanks in anticipation.

    B K

  63. Dear Sir,

    I am writing to remind you of the book I ordered from your website three weeks ago which you promised to deliver yesterday but have defaulted. My purchase reference is 2019/Acd4 and the book is titled ‘Why We Struck’ written by Ademola Ademoyega. Remember that I paid for the one with blue hard cover that come in a special bag case.

    I am scheduled to sit for an aptitude test next week and three quarter of the test questions are set from this text. Therefore, it is essential that I get my order to help me prepare and ace the exam.

    Although the delivery date has passed, I am willing to over look it by not invoking your refund policy which guarantee me a total refund plus 5% interest. So, I am requesting that the item be sent to me before the end of tomorrow. Alternatively, you can send me a soft company of the book as this would also serve the purpose. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Yours faithfully
    Joyce Brown.

  64. Ankit joshi says

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    I am writing a letter to express my concern regarding unfulfilled order for a book from your e-commerce website.
    I placed an order on 20 August in the morning for a called IELTS Cambridge 13 and the system was showing that only one stock left, so I had immediately placed the order.
    The reason is why the book is important because I have registered for the exam without the book. I cannot prepare and practice for the test. furthermore, the book is limited edition I cannot find it anywhere on other websites, so that is why the book is so crucial for me.
    there are two viable solutions to resolve the problem. firstly, to contact the seller immediately to find the order status and approximately delivered time. another solution could be to find a suitable seller who can deliver the book earliest possible.

    I await your prompt response.

    your faithfully,
    Alex Jones.

  65. Lovepreet singh says

    Dear sir/madam

    My name is lovepreet singh and I am one of your frequent customers. I am writing this letter to complain about a delay in the delivery of a book namely Arihant General Science, which i ordered on 20th of March, and its order number is Avhsjfj123. It was supposed to be delivered with in 4 days, but it has been 7 days since i ordered, and i have not received it.

    This book is of the utmost significance for me, because i am preparing for the IAS exam, and it covers General Studies section, having weightage of around 40 percent of the exam. I am to appear in the on the 30th of August, so even the delay of one day in the delivery of the book will cost me a lot in terms of preparation and can affect my deam to become an IAS officer in 2019.

    I am extremely displaased from your service, and since delivery has already been delayed by 4 day, I want you to take an immediate action about this. The tracking service is showing that the book is somewhere in Bathinda, which is not much far from my home(CAN I ADD THIS INFO ), so it must be delivered with in a day so that i can carry out my preparation. In case of further delay i want my money to be refunded.

    I look farward to hearing back from you immediately

    Your faithfully
    Lovepreet singh

    1 i think i should rather write this letter about the book that i want to gift my sister as a present on her birthday. I think that would have sound more natural because nobody buys a book just 1 month before exam.
    Mam, am I right about this?

    Mistakes as i could notice ( thought i may have done also)
    1 . Didn’t mention expected date of delivery
    2 the dots before and in the second bp ( it might be a typing error)
    3. Shouldn’t have mentioned that book was out of stock from other websites
    4 use of contraction
    5 the biggest error in the task response. The third bp should have been about what do you expect.
    6 comma is missing in the third bp . After checking…., I orderd.
    7 comma since….,
    8 conditionals( as much i know ) if + present indefinite
    9 as— but they do not seem ok in the last bp.
    As it is….. but

    There can be more errors in the letter. ( in the last bp

  66. Mary Banda says

    The letter was not well arrange and some words was not properly used.

  67. Praveen tomar says

    Dear sir,

    I ordered a book named Marketing management by philip kotler with order number A456789 on july 6th with the delivery date of july 8th but i have not received it yet and its already 9th of july today and already past the delivery due date.

    I have my first marketing project due in a week’s time for my current semester and i was eagerly waiting for the book to kickstart with the proceedings right away. i ordered it at a discounted price on offer which made it a better deal from offline market.

    I specifically ordered it from amazon for faster delivery speeds contradicting to which you failed to deliver it on time and i was not able to withstand the wait any longer and i purchased it from offline market at a much premium price. furthermore i would like to cancel my order and as it was a prepaid order i request you to refund my amount back at the earliest.


  68. I think the letter fully covers all information required but it’s not organised well into paragraphs.

  69. I feel that this letter is quite rude, he can be polite and ask what he wants, that’s how formal letter should be. Also, there are numerous grammatical error for instance I did not received the book which should be I did not receive the book.

    I will post my answer soon.

    Thank you Liz you are amazing teacher

  70. The writer did well in organizing the paragraph. He also covered all the task given.

  71. The candidate was able to fulfill the task given to him

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