Vocabulary for Plant Topic IELTS Speaking

Below is a list of vocabulary for the topic of plants in IELTS speaking part 1.

Pot Plants

  • Cactus (plural = cacti or cactuses)
  • Peace lily (see picture above)
  • Bamboo
  • Palm
  • Flowering plants
  • Orchids
  • Small plants for the window sill
  • Easy to maintain

Balcony plants

Trailing plants / climbers

Plants and flowers attractive to bees and butterflies

Hanging baskets (flowering plants)

  • Roses
  • Geraniums
  • begonia

Other vocab

  • Leaves
  • Stem
  • Bloom
  • Lush
  • Soil
  • Compost
  • Plant feed
  • Pruning
  • Re-potting
  • Drainage
  • Watering (daily/ regularly)
  • Automatic watering system
  • Full sunlight / shade / exposure to sun
  • North facing window
  • Variety of colours
  • Petals
  • Herbs grown in pots
    • mint, parsley, coriander, basil, oregano, rosemary, thyme
  • Vegetables grown in pots
    • tomatoes, peppers, peas, beans
  • to have green fingers

Sample Questions & Answers

You can see that some questions might produce shorter answers and other questions require more detail and explanation. This is normal in speaking part 1.

  1. Do you like plants?
    1. Yes, I do. I usually have at least one indoor pot plant in my sitting room such as a peace lily.
  2. Are you good at growing plants?
    1. No, I’m not. I definitely don’t have green fingers, unlike my grandfather who was really good with plants. I frequently have to buy new plants for my house when they die.
  3. Why do people grow plants?
    1. I think some people grow plants because it’s a pleasurable hobby that they can enjoy all year round. It is very rewarding to grow a plant, particularly when the flowers bloom. For other people, it is a way to make their living environment better. What I mean is plants can provide not only clean air but also greenery which is supposed to be uplifting for the spirit.

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  1. iftakhar ahmad says

    i have completed all of the vocabulary. do i need more vocabulary words or are these enough??

    • There is no such thing as “enough” – it is subjective. You might feel it is enough or you might feel you need more. You must decide. If you wish to learn ideas and vocabulary for a wide range of topics, get my e-book: Ideas for Essay Topics. It covers ideas and vocabulary for over 150 common topics. It is available to purchase in my online store: https://elizabethferguson.selz.com/

  2. Hi Mam,
    You are my favorite teacher and I always try to follow your lesson.
    I want to know would you have any speaking book with part1,2 and 3.

    I will be glad if you inform me.

  3. Hi Liz, I wrote my speaking test today in Nigeria.
    Part 1
    – What’s your full name
    – What can I call you?
    – Do you live in a flat or in a house
    – Where is your favourite room
    – Have you ever look after plants when you’re younger?
    – Do you have plants in your house?
    – Do TV program popular in your country?

    Part 2
    Describe a competition you would like to take part in.
    When would the competition take place where and when
    What would you do?
    Describe the competition
    What would you do to win the competition.

    Part 3
    Firstly I talk about cooking competition and she begins;

    Do you think cooking competition requires any skills before you can competes? Then in said no because the competition does not requires any professional skills before you can competes. Then I use internet as an example that someone can easily search for recipes on google and follow the process and techniques.

    Who are the people that can participate
    Do u think there’s competition among the employees in the workplace?
    I said yes and I use marketing department as a case study and I developed my point.
    Do you think some organisation Copy to competes?

    I hope I’m good to go.

  4. Thanku..You are good teacher
    Your tips and trick are very usfull for us

  5. Thanks Ma
    Very helpful

  6. Very helping.
    Thank you Ma

  7. Seerat Dhingra says

    Dear Liz
    Why am I missing the perfect score of 8 7 7 7
    Viz a viz a 7.5 7.5 7 8 and in the second attempt an 8.5 6.5 7 7? I am feeling really low, clueless and demotivated.Could you guide me as to why am I missing the bull’s eye and the way forward please.

    • This is a test. All tests have some degree of luck involved: different topics, different vocabulary, different questions etc. You are obviously close to your target score and you need to keep positive. You also have to be proactive – review all techniques very carefully, review language etc.

  8. Leant a new word:”neighborhood or local area instead of locality.
    Thank you, Liz for all the very useful tips you share .

  9. Thank you Liz for all useful lessons you share.
    I think this part of your lesson needs some correction.
    “It is very rewarding to grown a plant…”
    >>> “to grow” I think.
    Thank you again.

  10. vasanthakumar says

    Hello Liz,
    your writing advanced lessons were very much helpful.
    would you like to add some points using the passive sentences, examples from personal experience and quoting articles or research papers?
    can we do all these in task 2? kindly enlighten me, Liz.
    looking for your reply.

  11. Ankush Jain says

    Thank You Liz

  12. Mam can we go partial in task 2 when it is asked that to what extent do you agree?

  13. Thank you.
    This is helpful.

  14. Thank you very very much Liz. I have been following you on this forum and l have finally passed my IELTS because of your help. Your tips are very helpful and surely it is those simple skills that makes the difference. I am going to tell people about your website because it is very helpful.
    Once again thank you

  15. Hi Liz. Would it be out of place to mention plants found in my locality?

    • We don’t often use that word. We usually say in your “neighbourhood” or in our local area (this means a broader geographical area).

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