IELTS Writing Task 1: Line graph 4 main sentences

Learn how to make 4 different complex sentences for a line graph report. It is important to show the examiner that you can make a range of complex sentence structures.

It’s not difficult. You can easily improve your range of complex sentences.


Hello in this lesson I’m going to show you
how to write

different complex sentences for

a line graph report in IELTS writing
task 1

it’s very important when you write

your body paragraphs for your

IELTS task 1 that you have a range

of different complex sentences to show
the examiner

now in a previous lesson

I showed you how to write a sentence

similar to this if you haven’t watched

lesson please watch it is very important
that you understand how to make

the sentence so what I’m going to do is
I’m gonna take this sentence

the same information and change

the order so that we have different

let’s have a look at the sentence first

the number of people becoming a vegetarian

that is our subject it’s quite long

after the subject we’ve got the verb

and if you look at the dates you can see
that it is

the past tense after the verb we need to

described the movement and that

is we say its increased steadily

so that’s our adverb after that

we had the numbers and after the numbers

we had that date so let’s

change that a little bit and write the
sentence in a different way

well one way we could change as we could
start with the dates

so between 2004

and 2007

the number

of people

we say becoming vegetarian increased

steadily from

about 75

to 200 I’ll stop there often when
we put the date first

we have a comma after that

and then we have the number of people

so that’s one way to change it now

there are more ways let’s have a look at
another way

the next way I’m gonna show you to
change that

is can you see this word here increased

now that’s a verb but

we could also use it as a noun an

increase so I’m gonna write a sentence

this word as a noun to do that we need
to start with

there was an increase

okay we always start with there was if it
past tense of course

so there was and lets

stop for a minute because here we’ve got

the word steadily which is an adverb

now we still want to use that word

but because this will be a noun we need
to use this

as an adjective so

if we have an adjective it usually comes

before the noun so that means we need to
change the order

and the form of the word so there was

a steady

increase so

again very important remember if it’s
a verb you have the adverb

afterwards if it’s a noun

you have adjective in front and
we change from steadily

to steady so there was a steady increase

now we need to give this information

but to do that we need to use a
preposition first

and the preposition is

in so there was

a steady increase in the number

of people

we could say becoming vegetarian

if we want to develop that so we’ve got

now we need the numbers

from about 75

to 200 and what’s missing

well the dates are missing

got between 2004

sorry 2004

and 2007

so that is another way to structure

your sentence and still give

all the information we need with the

and the dates now there;s one more way

that I’d like to show you so let’s have a

so the last way I’m gonna show you in
this lesson

is again to use this as

an noun but we changed the sentence

again so the number of

people becoming


experienced a steady


so with this sentence we’ve got the verb

the number experience the figure

we could also say witnessed after the

verb we’ve got the noun a steady

adjective a steady increase

and we got a steady increase

from about 75

to 200

between 2004

and 2007

so now we’ve added the numbers

and the dates well those are the 4

main complex sentences you can use

when you write your line graph report

writing task 1 there are other
sentences we can use but they are the


main ones that you need to practice and

perfect which means write without

too many mistakes remember the more mistakes you

lower your band score will be

so please practice writing those
sentence structures

well that’s all for this lesson I
hope that was useful for you

please remember to press like or share it
with your friends

if it was useful well I’ll see you

in another IELTS lesson


  1. Vidir Oskarsson says

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  18. Anjali Ajnager says

    Hi Ma’am! You r really an inspiration.I am an indian student and doing ielts now and the material u provide really really help me alot.

    Thankyou so much 🙂

  19. Hi Liz
    I’m a new student for you. You are terrific

    • I hope you find the help you need in my website. All the main pages for IELTS are found by clicking the part you want in the red bar at the top of my site. And you can find more options in the right hand side column. Good luck!

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    • Because I have over 1000 comments in waiting. I work alone for free and don’t have time to help everyone.

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    The line graph illustrates four different ways of good transportation (road, water, rail and pipeline) in U.K. The data was collected between 1974 and 2002. Units are measured in million tons.

    Overall, there is an increased in the demand in transferring of goods by means of road, water and pipeline. On the other hand, utilization of rail was fluctuating throughout the period but remain identical at end of the span.

    Road being the primary means of transportation started over 70 million tons in 1974 and increased to almost 100 million tons at the end of the period. However, same way with pipeline which is the least popular, came at around 5 million tons in the beginning but deflated over four folds in 1994 and remain constant until 2002.

    Moreover, water and rail started at almost the same level with around 40 million tons, but not until in 1992 where in water started to gradually increased until around 65 million tons, in contrast to rail that begins to fluctuate between 20 to 40 million tons and ended up over 40 million tons.

  42. Liz, thank you for your valuable lessons & tips.
    I have one query about the rephrasing the statement in a complex way.
    For example, in the above video you suggested to use the verb ‘experience’ which is not mentioned in the question, then how could it be relevant for this topic & how can we decide whether which one would be suitable.
    The number of people becoming vegetarian ‘experienced’ (???) How can we say that they experienced / witnessed.
    Could you please guide me on this? I request for an early reply, as I have my IELTS exam tomorrow.thank you.

    • This relates to the word “number” not the word “people”. The number [of smth] experienced an increase…”
      All the best

  43. Hi Lyz, great site! It’s helping me a lot. I have a doubt about the following sentence I wrote while practicing task 1 on a line graph. Here it goes: “Overall, Leatherback turtles showed a decrease in their population through the years, while the Olive Ridley turtles displayed an increase.” I think there’s something wrong with the subect…


    • It’s better to write: “Overall, there was a decrease in the population of Leatherback turtles, while the population of Olive Ridley turtles witnessed an increase”. You need to understand that it is not the Leatherback turtles that are decreasing, it is the population of Leatherback turtles. It is a common mistake that many students make when writing the subject.
      All the best

  44. Liz, u are really a great teacher, may ALLAH blessing u.,,, I want to give u my favourite teacher award, do u have any Facebook account? 🙂
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    • It is my pleasure to help IELTS students. You can contact me any time on this blog or follow my facebook page which is in the right hand side column.
      All the best

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  46. Zidael Meshichi says

    Once again Hi Liz,

    Fortunately I found the transcript of this video and I’ve got the complex sentences and pretty clear with the topic. 🙂 and I’m writing down the 4 different sentences.

    1. The number of people becoming vegetarian increased steadily from about 75 to 200 between 2004 and 2007.
    2. There was a steady increase in the number of people becoming vegetarian from about 75 to 200 between 2004 and 2007.
    3. Between 2004 and 2007, the number of people becoming vegetarian increased steadily from about 75 to 200.
    4. The number of people becoming vegetarian experienced/witnessed a steady increase from about 75 to 200 between 2004 and 2007.

    PS: Possibilities of errors.
    Thanks Liz.

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    • You use past tense when the graph is presenting dates in the past. “go up” = “went up”, increase = “increased” etc
      All the best

  52. Hi Liz!
    First of all I would like to thank you for your revealing videos!
    I would like to ask you some information about the position of time and place adverbs in english sentences. It is not clear to me wether the adverb of place should come first or not. For example, “The number of people becoming vegetarian increased steadily …between 2004 and 2007 in China” or “The number of people becoming vegetarian increased steadily … in China between 2004 and 2007”? Is there a standar grammatical rule?
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    Thank you very much.

    • You can write “the number experienced an increase”, “the number witnessed an increase”, “the number increased” or “there was an increase in the number”. Anything else will be risky and less appropriate. The more errors you make, the lower your score will be.

  58. Thanks a lot Liz 🙂

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