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Comments to Liz in 2019

Unfortunately, I am not able to answer all comments because I work alone and am overloaded with the number of people posting comments. Please do not let this stop you sending me questions, but just understand that you might not get an answer. I try to answer a few people each day depending how much time I have.

Most of your problems and worries can be answered by looking around my website. This page: IELTS Information Page contains lots of info about using pens or pencils, writing in capital letters etc. So, check it and look for your answer.

In August 2019, I will be on holiday which means I will not be very active on this site. But with over 300 pages of free lessons, tips, videos etc on this site, there is a lot for you to gain without my direct input.

Finding Information on

Below are some key pages where you can find information you need:

Learn Different Sections of IELTS

If you want to learn about IELTS listening or reading etc. Just click on the RED BAR at the top of the site to access lessons for each section.

Recent IELTS Exam Questions Page 2017

I will be keeping all Exam Questions for 2017 up-to-date – so make sure you follow the link below:

Recent IELTS Exam Questions

This page will help you keep up to date with trending topics in IELTS speaking and writing.

Posting your Results

Feel free to post your results and email me a copy of your certificate if you get a high score to post for all students to see: Post Your IELTS Exam Results

If you have concerns about IELTS, please see the IELTS Information Page or the main IELTS sections through the RED BAR at the top of the site.

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