IELTS Writing Task 2: Should ideas be interesting?

Watch this lesson to learn more about how the examiner assesses your ideas.

Do your ideas need to be interesting?

Will you get a high band score and better results with interesting ideas?


  1. The advancement of technology has been improving by time and this is deemed to be very advantageous to people as it makes way of living easier and efficient. However, traditional skills and way of living slowly die out and some people believe that its not important for the new generation of people to learn and practice the traditional way of living. I extremely disagree to this argument for a number of reasons.

    Firstly, people would probably rely more on technology in terms of housework such as cooking, washing clothes and cleaning. If these technology fails for instance, they wouldn’t be able to do the houseworks and since these chores are basic necessity to survive, they need to learn it. Secondly, it results to laziness and unproductivity. People are expecting technology to do the work for them, as a result they will have more unproductive time and people will probably get used to this. Lastly, it could affect people’s health in some ways. Exercise is important for fitness and health. If people spend most of their time in an unproductive way like eating or watching televisions while relying on technology to do the work, they will likely develop health problems such as being overweight.

    To conclude, having advancements in technology isn’t a bad thing but it is also detrimental to people’s lives if every work is relied on technology and the traditional skills are forgotten. People must know that they cant rely on technology all the time and must, at least, teach the newer generation the old ways of living to be able to survive even without the presence of technology.

  2. katerina says

    To analyse this effectively, focus on traditional skills and traditional ways of life that are usually first affected as technology advances. Now because we live in different parts of the world, this issue may be described quite differently from different people. However, some common areas that are usually first affected are means of transport, entertainment, communications, agriculture as well as some traditional crafting. These are some idea pools to consider. Just try to connect to the changes you have noticed heard or read about.Of course, organising ideas is something to work on as well, but first pick the ones that are topic related.

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