IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic: Travel & Transport

It is common to get the topic of travel or transport in IELTS speaking part 1. These topics can actually be divided into subtopics which are all be asked in part 1, see the list below:

  • Holidays
    • Weekend Breaks
    • Hotels
    • Traveling Abroad & Culture
    • Public Holidays (Celebrations and Festivals)
    • Days off work
    • Trips
    • Journeys
  • Tourist Attractions
    • Historical Attractions
    • Museums and Galleries
    • Statues and Monuments
  • Private & Public Transport
    • Bicycles
    • Cars
    • Driving
    • Buses
    • Trains
    • Planes
    • Walking
  • Getting Around
  • Roads
  • Traffic

As you can see above, there are a number of subtopics for the topics of travel and transport. Make sure you prepare a range of ideas and vocabulary for all topics and subtopics.


  1. Hello Liz,
    Thanks so much for the useful information you put up on your blog.

    Below are excerpts from my speaking test of Monday, June 24th 2019

    Pt. 1
    -Do you work or schools
    -What do you do at your job?
    -Would you consider yourself to be an organized person?
    -Do you think it’s okay for people to borrow money from others?
    -How about borrowing mobile phones?
    -Tell me about a time where you borrowed a book from someone

    Pt 2
    ***Talk about a prize you would wish to win
    – How you heard about the prize
    – What you need to do to win the prize?
    – Why is this prize is important to you

    Pt 3
    – Let’s talk about prizes that children win in your country
    -what are the significance of these prizes to parents?
    -what are the advantages of international sports events?
    -What are some disadvantages of pushing a kid too hard to win a certain prize!
    – what do you think are the disadvantage of working too hard as an athlete?

    That’s all I can remember at the moment.

  2. travel and transport

  3. Dear Liz, could you please advise me what topics and what level do we need to pass IELTS skills for life A1 test?
    Thank you.
    Kid regards

  4. hi , how many days require for ielts preparation

    • It depends on your level of English and your ability to develop the skills for IELTS. Please see the IELTS Preparation video on my home page for more details.

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