Predicted IELTS Speaking Topics May-Aug 2020

Below are predicted IELTS Speaking Topics for May, June, July & August 2020. Please read all this page carefully so that you prepare properly for your IELTS Speaking Test.


  • Below are predicted topics for part 1 and part 2 speaking
  • Part 3 questions are based on your part 2 topic
    • Example:
    • Part 2: A skill
    • Part 3: learning, practical skills, technology, skills for business & work, children learning skills etc
  • Do you want topics for IELTS Writing Task 2?

Preparing Speaking Topics

IELTS do not release their list of questions for IELTS Speaking. This is to ensure that you don’t memorise answers and the test fairly checks your natural level of English. But you can prepare predicted and common topics. By preparing as many topics as possible, you will hopefully be better prepared. The list below is predicted list of topics for this period that are due to be recycled. Also prepare other common topics, click here: Speaking Section.

Do not memorise whole answers. Prepare ideas and useful vocabulary that you can use naturally in your test. Remember to be natural and chatty – not rehearsed or repeating from memory.

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topics May-Aug 2020

The list below shows topics that could appear in IELTS Speaking Part 1. This part lasts from 4-5 mins in length. Answer directly and then add one or two sentences more. Be prepared for the examiner to take the lead and interrupt your answers. Can you find more common topics here: Common Part 1 Topics which will likely appear in your test.

  1. Work/Study
  2. Your home or your house
  3. Where you come from originally
  4. Friends, friendship and socialising
  5. Family (people in your family and relationships)
  6. Diet – types of food, meals, places to eat
  7. Plants, flowers and places in nature (beauty spots)
  8. School, subjects, homework and teachers
    1. languages, history, geography (maps), cookery, art
    2. science, maths, technology, social sciences
    3. note: IELTS do not use political or religious topics.
  9. Holidays, places to stay, activities, journey
  10. Health and exercise (including gentle exercise)
  11. Leisure time
  12. Sport – types of sport
  13. Animals – types of animals, your experience of animals
  14. Visitors to your home
  15. Bags, Shoes and Accessories
  16. Shops & Purchases & Money
  17. Routine – your day and night routines – changing routines
  18. Gifts and special occasions
  19. Cars, buses, trains and planes
  20. Music, songs and singing
  21. Bread and rice: staple foods
  22. Films & TV
  23. Writing – letters, emails, messages
  24. Happiness, enjoyment and fun
  25. Museums and Galleries
  26. Weather

May-Aug IELTS Speaking Part 2 Predicted Topics

Use your 1 mins planning time to think about language as well as ideas that you want to use in your talk. Try to speak for 2 mins. I will add to this list as more topics are reported. Part 3 will last for between 4 and 5 mins. Part 3 is the discussion where the examiner might challenge your answers and push you for more detail – give as much as you can in your answers.

The examiner will have many topics to choose from in part 2. So, I’ve put some predicted topics and also common topics that are frequently used.

The bullet points below are the usual directions that part 3 can take. Part 3 is a discussion so be prepared for the examiner to interrupt and challenge you.

  1. An animal
    • Part 3 questions about:
    • Pets, Zoos, Vegetarianism
  2. A healthy activity
    1. keeping healthy, types of exercise and sport
    2. dangerous sports, bad lifestyles, hobbies
  3. A family member
    1. spending time with family, older generations, family roles
  4. A successful business
    1. local products, success in business, skills for success, family run business, international/local business, business in your area (shops), famous brands
  5. A quiet or crowded place
    1. places to relax, crowds, stress, health concerns around other people, mental health, balanced life style
  6. An old person you admire
    1. retirement, taking care of the elderly
  7. A charity
    1. volunteer work, helping people, types of problems in society
  8. A book
    1. types of books, books & real life stories, films, children stories, learning, e-books etc.
  9. A meal
    1. healthy eating, restaurants, home cooking, food allergies, the food industry
  10. A famous Person
    1. TV or music stars, role models, how media influences people

Usual Types of Part 2 Topics

The topics below are divided into common types. These are the usual types of topics you get in part 2 which are based on everyday life. Remember, IELTS Speaking Part 2 is not about knowledge, it is just a chance to speak at length on a topic that touches everyone’s life.

A person

  • old or young people
  • famous people or people you wish you could meet
  • professions and jobs in society and that help the environment
  • family, friends and strangers
  • children and teenagers


  • to relax, to have fun, to learn, to meet people
  • quiet place, busy place, crowded place, interesting place, colourful place
  • in nature,
  • cities, towns, parks
  • hotels, restaurants, libraries, shops
  • a house, your neighbourhood, 
  • a foreign country and place you wish you could visit
  • a place from your childhood or a recent place you have visited


  • films, books, newspapers
  • clothes, furniture, recently bought items
  • gifts, art, a souvenir
  • a device, a toy, a game
  • animal, bird, plant, flower, garden park
  • a meal
  • a charity, a business, an organisation

Abstract objects

  • websites, skills (learned and innate), a language, useful advice, information
  • holidays, travel, journeys – recent or didn’t go as planned
  • future goals, dreams
  • routine, hobby, activity 
  • something that hindered you, something that helped you
  • weather, seasons, sky, stars, climates, environmental problem
  • professions and jobs 

A time when

  • you were happy, sad, bored, exited, worried, embarrassed, disappointed, confused
  • you helped someone, someone helped you, you got advice, you gave advice etc, you got news, you told someone good news
  • you got lost, you found something, you learned something, you achieved something, you forgot something, you remembered something important


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  1. Hllo liz

    • Today 14-07-2020 my speaking

      Part 1
      Cakes and sweets

      Part 2
      Describe a goal which u set and achieved

      Part 3
      Questions related to goals
      Such as personal goals from childhood to middle age.

      Actually my examiner was so rude but i haven’t stopped in between. Is this will affect my score. Little grammer mistakes but used alots of vocab .

  2. Hi Liz,
    You said IELTS does not use religious topics, but is it ok to talk about the bible as my favorite book?

    • What I mean is that IELTS tests don’t including religious topics or questions. However, if you want to talk about it, it’s fine. However, preparing the bible as the book you want to talk about isn’t a flexible choice. It would be better to choose a book that has been converted into a film so that it covers both – films, TV, books – all in one preparation. Your aim is to get a high score, not to enjoy talking about your feelings or opinions. Be strategic whenever you can.

      • Hi Liz, I took the speaking test today and I think I messed up some questions in Part 3. I was not able to answer one question, the examiner repeated it then looked in the clock and stopped even before I answer. Do I get a bad score for that??? :(((

        • You won’t get marked down because you didn’t have ideas for a question. But it would negatively affect your score is your English started failing you. Having no ideas and having no language ability are two different things. Anyway, it’s one question – I wouldn’t worry too much if the rest of your test was strong.

  3. Hello Liz,
    I hope you are doing good. Iam going to take my ielts on 20th august. So, can i depend on these topics for preparation?
    Thanks in advance.

    • No one can predict topics accurately. Use the list above, use previous lists and also common topics. Basically, the more topics you prepare, the better.

  4. hiii lizz

    I attend my speaking test at august 3 and my LRW at aug 6.

    In part 1: About hometown and further studies?
    In part 2: About leisure time?
    In part 3:who can provide leisure time for employees.
    i forgot some questions in part 1&3

  5. Dear Liz, first I want to thank you for your wonderful website. It helped me alot, I purchased your grammar ebook as I am really going blank when it comes to writing.I was able to get a band 7 in writing and speaking. unfortunately I did not met the band score I need which should be 7. I only got overall band of 6.5, L6.5, R6.0, W7,S7 . I did paper base, I am planning to take the exam again and this time it ‘s computer delivered, however , I need to improve my listening and reading. Again, thank you I am not expecting to get a band 7 in writing.

  6. Do we able to predict writing essay and letter part and any chance to repeat listenings and reading part (LIZ)

  7. Hi everyone,
    This is not exactly an exam question but has anyone been able to successfully appear for the exam in Mumbai post Covid outbreak? My exam got cancelled twice; I guess no one can predict the situation.
    But any insights from fellow friends would be helpful!

  8. Kishān Chāli says

    Dear Liz,
    Can you please let me know if we have to cover all parts of the cue card within the two minutes or does the examiner stops us halfway? What happens if we can’t cover all parts within two minutes?

  9. First I’d like to say thanks for all your advise and content! Today I heard someone say a possible cue card was about a useful app and technology. Is it ok if I talk about an app for IELTS? Will it affect my score?

    • Sure. You are not marked on the information you give. Any app or even any thing on a device that helps you would be fine. Good luck with your results 🙂

  10. Hello.
    Actually, I have a question.
    In 8/29 test, for example, can I think that there is a high likelihood that one of these questions will be given ?
    Thank you. You’ve been a great help.

    • Many of these topics will probably be used in August, as explained on the page above. IELTS do not release their topics so these are predictions based on the patterns of topics I have seen over the years and the topics I know appear regularly. However, the examiner has many topics, The more topics you prepare, the more likely you will get something you are familiar with. For example, a topic in part 2, might appear in part 1. So, if you prepare as many topics as possible, it is the best preparation you can do.

  11. Just thank you Liz for helping us!!

  12. hi Liz
    I have ur Ebook on ideas but the issue is that I don’t know how to use it. I have tried using it but then I can’t could you please show me the best way to utilize this book because my exam is fast approaching in August.
    thanks in anticipation as I await your reply.

    • Please watch the Introduction Video that comes with the e-book to learn how to use it. Remember, it is a self-study book and you take from it what you want – the aim is to learn ideas and learn vocabulary for essay topics. Each topic is a common essay in IELTS Writing Task 2. You can also review essay questions which are listed on this page: If you want to learn techniques to get a high score (ie how to write a high band score essay), you need to the Advanced Lessons on my store: Good luck!

  13. Dear Liz,
    I am your tutorial follower.I have leant many things from your videos in youtube as well.
    I have a question about my speaking module(Part1,Part2,Part3).
    What will do if we didn’t understand the meaning of a word in a question?Can we ask it as follows?
    Examiner : Are you a tidy person?
    Candidate : Sorry I didn’t understand the word “tidy ” Could you please explain what it means?

  14. Hi Liz,

    During part 1 in the speaking section, what should I answer on the question of the full name.If I have an only first name(no last name)
    Could you suggest.

  15. Jennifer says

    Thanks for the update, please I will like to get speaking test for Nigerian, samples of writing that will help me to prepare my test,..My test is coming up in August. Thanks

    • There are hundreds of pages of free lessons, tips, model answers etc on this site. Go to the HOME page to learn how to use this site for free IELTS preparation.

  16. Hi Liz, been reviewing using your website and it is really helpful. I did my exam last week but I am short of .5 with my speaking and I am torn whether to have my speaking remarked or take the whole test again. Thank you for all your efforts in helping IELTS taker like me.

    • It’s not an easy decision. If you have the money, give it a try. The speaking test is all about the English you showed the examiner. Did you show enough fluency? Did you showcase your grammar by offering a range of tenses, conditional statements, comparisons etc? Did you use topic related vocabulary? Did you use informal language (IELTS speaking is informal)? Consider these questions and then decide. Good luck!

  17. Thanks Liz, I had my speaking test today. Questions were about when i was dressed for an occasion, formal outfits .

    • Hope your test went well 🙂

      • I so appreciate your lessons Liz. Many thanks.
        During my speaking exams, can i name vegetables in my native language when explaining to the examiner or I have to give my examples in English only?

        • You are being marked on your use of English in an English language test. Aim to use English. Any word you say in another language will need to be explained or paraphrased in English.

  18. Hello Liz,

    Could you please tell, are these topics are beneficial for India Speaking also. My test is in July. Can I prepare these topics?


    • They are for all countries all over the world. They are for GT and Academic candidates because they all take the same speaking test – 100% the same.

  19. Hi Liz
    In speaking exam I had: Describe an old person you know who you respect. Is it ok if I talk about someone who is dead?

    • Sure. As long as it fits the main topic which is about an old person, it’s fine. You could say “Even though the person is no longer here, I feel like they are still with me”. I would also advise you to use the prompts so the examiner doesn’t think you’re giving a memorised talk.

  20. Hi Liz,thanks for all your updates. It was so helpful! I did my speaking today and my question was based on no 17. I think i derailed at a point but the examiner didn’t stop me. Do you think i will lose points?

    • The only thing that impacts your score is your language. If any lack of confidence or confusion affects your language, it might have an impact. But if it is a one off (one time slip), it won’t matter. The scoring is based on your overall performance in language.

  21. Part1:
    do you like to eat fish?
    your hometown accommodation?

    A City you visited have pollution problems?


    how to resolve the pollution issue?
    What governments cloud do about pollution issues?

  22. If I am asked about “fish and fishing” what do I do? I’ve never fished before and I don’t eat fish?
    Thank you Liz for your amazing website.
    Good luck to everyone who has their exam soon.

    • That’s a tough topic if you haven’t prepared everything about hobbies and food. This would probably be a part 1 topic. So, just be direct and honest. For example:
      Q: Do you eat fish?
      A: No, I don’t. I generally just eat meat like chicken or sometimes red meat such as beef.
      Q: Where do people in your town buy fish?
      A: I would guess in the local market or supermarkets. When I buy meat that’s where I usually go.

      So, just because you don’t like something or do something, you can still communicate in English. Each question is just a chance to talk.

  23. Thank you so much my dear Liz. i get 8.5score from ielts exam .I am so happy , i can’t explain my feelings

  24. Dilshodbek says

    Hi Liz!
    Could you tell me that can we speak in a mixed pronunciation (American/British/Australian…) in IELTS speaking test? Or, do we need to choose only one of them?

    Thanks beforehand 😊

  25. Dear Mam,
    I want to say thanks to you for posting questions in all four parts of Ielts.
    I am preparing for general exam which is in June because of my immigration purpose.
    I just have one question in my mind.
    Sometime it happens that while writing tast 1 or 2 or while speaking,
    We don’t understand some tricky words.
    Because of that ONE difficult word, we fail to understand the real meaning and cannot write well in writing tast 2 for essays.
    Can you please post some words like detrimental..!
    Just for update for Ielts.
    Thank you
    Kiran 😊

    • Did you go to the vocabulary section of this website? Have you read the 100 essay questions and all the speaking questions to see if there are any you struggle with? Please do that. You will see that most questions do not contain difficult vocabulary. Go to the HOME PAGE to access the section of the test you need to learn about for free. And there is my Ideas for Essay Topics E-book which covers over 150 essay topics with ideas and vocabulary – you should consider getting that. Visit my store to see it:

  26. HI Liz

    Good day, I have been much thrilled to go through the great lessons you have put.

    Please answer me whether you have an e-book that is designed for all tips that work for self-study. I have checked out the books of you but I have not found this book.

    Thank you so much in advance.

    • This website contains hundreds of pages of free lessons, tips, model answers etc etc. Use this free website to learn. Go to the HOME page and learn how to use this site 🙂

  27. Is it essential to use a set of standard english rules consistently on ielts only british or america english . Thanks

    • For IELTS Speaking, you can have a mixed accent. For IELTS Writing, you must choose only one form of spelling.

      • Speaking exam:
        Hometown,work , water sports in my country

        Part 2 : ideal house in the future
        Part 3 : pros and cons living in town and countryside

  28. Hi Liz, I just finished my speaking exam. Do I lose points when I spoke and he told me to be more general.

    • No, you won’t lose points. But it means you wasted time in your test by tackling the questions in the wrong way. Time matters. You have only 14 mins max to showcase your entire English language level.

  29. Hey Liz
    Thanks a lot for the information you always share . Its really helpful . Just one query, Can you please tell , if the general listening is marked as academic or is it different ?

  30. Nwachinemere Maryvivian says

    Thanks so much Liz, I found this helpful, I will take my exam in July let me prepare with them.Which other ways can I improve in my speaking.

    • Go to the HOME Page on this site and read how to use this site for preparation at home. There are hundreds of pages of lessons, tips, model answers etc for speaking, listening, reading, writing, vocabulary etc. OR use the RED MENU BAR at the top of the site to access each section of the test.

  31. Shakila Mumtaz says

    Thanks a lot for your kind help.
    My IELTS General test has been canceled by the British Council due to the COVID-19 pandemic so I have more time to prepare these topics.

    Thanks again.

  32. Truly appreciable Liz …
    Thanks for the great help..👍

  33. Thanks a lot Liz. My exam is in 2days, and this will definitely make a difference.

  34. Loveth ogbolu says

    I truly appreciate Liz God bless you

  35. Thanks Liz. I’m doing my speaking on 12th June and the rest on 13th. I hope I’ll make it

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