Vocabulary for Shoes Topic in IELTS Speaking Part 1

Learn useful vocabulary for shoes topic in IELTS Speaking Part 1 and improve your pronunciation. This topic is currently being used in the speaking test January 2017. This lesson provides vocabulary and audio to improve your pronunciation to talk about shoes.  Try to use these words in your answers in your test.

Listening and Vocabulary Practice

Can you label the missing shoes in the picture below? Pay attention to plural or singular nouns. Some answers will be plurals and some will be singular.

  1. Listen to the audio recording below and write down the missing words in the diagram below.
  2. Check your answers by clicking the arrow to reveal the answers below.


  1. Some answers are plurals and some answers are singular.
  2. Answers will be presented from left to right.

Shoe Type Vocabulary

Listen to the recording below. Write down the missing words you hear.



Click below to reveal the answers to the missing words:

  1. high-heeled shoe
  2. loafer
  3. slippers
  4. walking sandal
  5. flip-flops (also knows as thongs)
  6. trainers (also known as sneakers)
  7. wellington boots (also known as wellies)
  8. cowboy boot
  9. walking boots (also known as hiking boots)


More Vocabulary with Pronunciation

Learn more useful language for shoes. Listen to the recording below and practice your pronunciation.

Shoe Parts Vocabulary

Listen to the audio  for the above vocabulary:


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    • There is no conclusion in speaking part 2. It is not formal talk or a lecture. It is just an informal talk with the examiner for 2 mins max. You don’t need to conclude or summarise.

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