Answers to Matching Information – Carnivorous Plants Reading

Below you will find the answers to the reading lesson about Carnivorous Plants which focused on matching paragraph information questions.

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  1. D
    1. Question Statement: The plant preys on animals that live in water.
    2. Passage: “the waterwheel plant, is a fascinating rootless, carnivorous, aquatic plant. It generally feeds on small aquatic vertebrates,”.
  2. C
    1. Question Statement: The plant is able to tell the difference between prey and inedible items.
    2. Passage: “The plant is so advanced that it can tell the difference between live stimulus and non-living stimulus.”
    3. Remember, this isn’t about only matching word for word. This is about matching meaning. This whole passage is about how plants trap their prey (food). This means that “non-living stimulus” refers to something inedible.
  3. B
    1. Question Statement: Prey is known to die through submersion in liquid.
    2. Passage: “The trap contains fluid, produced by the plant, which is used to drown and digest the insects.”
  4. A
    1. Question Statement: Prey is drawn to the plant by its appearance.
    2. Passage: “Insects are attracted by colour, smell and a nectar-like secretion”
  5. D
    1. Question Statement: The plant is known for its speed in trapping prey.
    2. Passage: “The trap closes in only 10 milliseconds, making it one of the fastest examples of plant movement in the animal kingdom.”
  6. A
    1. Question Statement: The soporific effect of the nectar can cause prey to tumble into the plant’s trap.
    2. Passage: Slippery footings, aided in at least one species, by a narcotic drug lacing the nectar, causes insects to fall inside where they die and are digested.
  7. B
    1. Question Statement: The plant is capable of trapping creatures large than an average insect.
    2. Passage: “….some larger species, such as Nepenthes Rafflesiana and Nepenthes Rajah, have been documented to catch small mammals like rats.”

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