IELTS Speaking Part 1: Vegetables

It is possible to get a topic about vegetables in IELTS speaking part 1. Below are some of the possible questions with a model answer and also a link to learn vocabulary for this topic.

  1. Do you like vegetables?
  2. Are there any vegetables you dislike?
  3. Did you like vegetables when you were a child?
  4. Are vegetables popular in your country?
  5. Do most people eat vegetables with their meal in your country?
  6. Are there many vegetarians in your country?
  7. Do you think it is important to eat vegetables?
  8. How can parents encourage their children to eat more vegetables?

Model Answers

  • Question: Do most people eat vegetables in your country?
  • Answer: Yes, they do. Almost every meal has either rice or potatoes and also another vegetable as well, such as cabbage, carrots, green beans or something like that. Quite a lot of people have a small proportion of vegetables to meat but at least they always have some kind of vegetable with their meal.


  • Question: Are there many vegetarians in your country?
  • Yes, quite a lot. Many people choose to avoid eating meat and their diet consists of both vegetables and grains. There are quite a few restaurants in my city which cater to vegetarians and offer the most wonderful dishes such as fried aubergine, spinach and potato, onion cakes and things like that. They’re actually very delicious.

Click the link to learn vocabulary for vegetables


  1. Hello Liz, I just wanted to ask you if it is a problem if I am saying the phrase ‘you know’ during the speaking test. I have noticed that during normal conversation I tend to say this a lot unintentionally. Please share your thoughts on this

    • It’s completely fine to use that. The speaking test is informal so you need to speak naturally. I use it all the time. Be yourself in the test 🙂

  2. Dear Liz,
    How crucial to use British names of objects and subjects instead of American? Like aubergine versus eggplant, or flat vs apartment, etc? Will using American words and phrases affect the assessment?

    • In IELTS speaking, it is fine to have a mixed accent and use words for both US and UK English. This is not the case with IELTS writing where you must choose one only.

  3. Hi Liz, How can I get all of your speaking lessons?

  4. Eat your beans was such a good stuff that i got from your website and i request you to post some more vedios like this 😊

  5. Good job Liz, very well done. This is what I was looking for. Actually I came across your site by googling the expression ‘ eat your greens ‘ and I was kind of amazed. Keep it up ! Take care. Alessio

    • I’m really pleased you found my site, Alessio! I only made that video for fun one day 🙂 I’ll try and make more English language videos next year.

      • I’d be chuffed to bits because you seem to be such an efficient communicator. Looking forward to other videos of yours then. Keep in touch

  6. hi liz
    Do you think interviewer read the person profile ( age, education, religion, nationality… and ask them accordingly?
    or the topics are just picked randomly?

  7. Dear liz,
    I wanna take IELTS test at the end of January 2016, also I need overall 6.5 and minimum for each band 6. can you tell me how can I can start ?

  8. hi liz ur website is very useful for me. jus i’m started ielts. thank u for this giving a useful things.
    thank u

  9. Hi, dear Liz, I found yr website quite interesting, Thanks for giving lots of information and encouraging people who are in doubt.
    My daughter-in-law has to pass IELTS Skills for Life test.
    Could you recommend the best way to study preparation for speaking and listening as this is the requirement. Grade 4 will be enough to pass the test. What level is it? Elementary? Pre-intermediate or all together?
    The topics are covered in skills for the UK?
    Please advise me where to start from and what the best way to get it done.
    many thanks

  10. helpful i am gain a lot of information about IELTS
    Thanks Mam

  11. VERY HELP full . i gain lot of knowledge through your website Mam

  12. Victoria Nguyễn says

    Next October, i have an ielts exam. Thanks to your useful topics, I feel more confident about myself. Because i am learning ielts all by myself. i hope that you will upload many lessons for everyone. Have a good day

  13. Thank you very much for your generosity in sharing your lessons to me!
    In listening, if I’m not sure about two possible answers, can i write both with the hope that i can be marked the correct one?
    Please give me an advice!
    Thanks a lot!

    • If you write two answers, they will both be marked wrong. The words you put in the box on the answer sheet must match the answers that IELTS have – word for word.
      All the best

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