IELTS General Training Reading: Information & Tips

Learn about the IELTS General Training Reading Test. The IELTS GT reading is different to the academic reading in a number of ways but mainly due to the language and difficulty level of the texts. Similar to the academic reading, the general training reading test is 60 minutes in length and has 40 questions.

General Training Reading Sections

There are three sections in the IELTS GT reading. However, sections one and two might have more than one text. The sections get increasingly difficult.

Section 1

: This section is based on one, two or three texts about English life and could be, for example, an advertisement for a hotel,  sports center facilities or educational courses. The texts are not long and are factual rather than descriptive.

Section 2

: This section may also consist of more than one text and often relates to work about pay schemes, work conditions or machinery instructions.

Section 3

: The final section is usually one text which is quite long and it is the hardest.

IELTS General Training Reading Band Scores

Below is a list of the scores from band 2 to 9 for the GT reading test. The scores are not the same as the academic reading test. Click on the table to enlarge.

general training reading scores

IELTS Reading Question Types for General Training

The types of questions you will be asked in the GT reading test are the same as the academic test. Here is a list:

  • matching headings
  • true false not given / yes no not given
  • matching paragraph information
  • summary completion
  • sentence completion
  • short answer questions
  • table / flow chart completion
  • diagram labeling
  • multiple choice / list selection
  • choosing a title
  • categorisation
  • matching sentence endings

You can click here for: Tips on the Different Types of Reading Questions. You can find free practice lessons for most of these types of questions in the reading section:  IELTS Reading Lessons. However, must practice exercises are on the level of section 3. Also learn: How to Improve your IELTS Reading. For one full GT IELTS practice reading tests, please visit the BC IELTS page of practice tests.

GT writing. For information about GT writing, see this page: GT Writing Information

IELTS True False Not Given Questions


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  1. obaid rahman says


    I just watched your video and found it very interesting. I have already given many reading practice tests and scored around 32 and 33 sometimes. I liked the tips you have mentioned and am already following many of them. Yes the questions are always in a sequence and yes its all about meaning and not matching. I am about to start watching more and more of your videos and going to learn a lot from you. Thank you

  2. Thanks for the excellent way you explained true/false/ not given questions. You are a great teacher and with just this lesson alone I decided to subscribe to your channel and started following you on social media. Once again thank you for this free lesson.

  3. Can you suggest best book for IELTS General reading practice.Dont ignore my message…Waiting for your reply

    • Just get the IELTS Cambridge test books which contain real IELTS tests you can practise at home. As for building skills, the question types in GT and 100% the same as for the Academic reading test. So, you can still build awareness and technique using my reading lessons on this website.

  4. Thank you very much for such a clear explanation on True/False/ Not Given. Most helpful.

  5. rifad ahmed says

    hey there.where can i find the playlist for reading section

  6. Hello Liz,
    Your website is great and is helping me a lot. I have recently shared some of your links with a friend who’s preparing for Ielts as well. And he is glad!
    I’m hopeful that your health improves speedily. You’re in my prayers.

  7. This homework Answer is False

  8. Really you are different from Other

  9. Manjot singh says

    Hi ma’am,
    I love the way you teach ! 🙂
    Just want to know to, about how develope strategies for reading section (GT). I urge you to please help me I have done dozens of practice test but still not getting the command over reading section and my score revolves around 29-31, in the same way I gave an attempt of IELTS in jan I got 6 bands in reading and till now I am unable to develope sufficient self-confidence for another attempt, because I want to achieve 8,7,7,7, and I want to make sure that my second attempt is last one.
    Please help !

    • Manjot singh says

      P.s – And yes there is alot problem in section 3, 🙁

    • See my tips on this page: Your score will be limited by the level of your English. If you are struggling with understand the English and vocabulary, you will need find an English language teacher to help you.

    • My question is regarding-
      Gt reading cambridge book 10 test B-
      Passage- As proof of your citizenship and identity, you must enclose either your passport or your birth certificate. All documents must be original; these will be returned with your passport.
      Q. Photocopies of documents are acceptable in some circumstances.
      A. False
      Kindly explain why it is not given and it is false?
      I am really confused, do we have to imagine on it that they will return originals, so photocopies are acepted but where they mentioned about *some circumstamces*?

      Kindly reply asap.
      Thank you.

      • The question states “Photocopies of documents are acceptable ..”. The passage shows this is incorrect. The passage states exactly the opposite: “All documents must be original” – this means no photocopies will be accepted because only originals will do. Remember, IELTS reading is not about matching words – it is about meaning, it is about context. Hope this helps 🙂



  11. Kaur armin says

    Good job mam… I appreciate u🙂🙂

  12. Joshua Oladimeji says

    Hi Liz,
    You are doing a fantastic job. My exam is booked on 22nd June 2019. I just learnt another technique on Reading exam that the question in a given passage comes in order. Thanks for this piece of information. It’s worth more than a MILLION.
    On the homework on reading, the answer is FALSE. Hope i am correct????


    Joshua Oladimeji

    • Not all types of questions have answers that come in order. Some types of questions do and some do not. You need to learn which ones by reading the page above carefully. Your answer is correct 🙂

  13. Please help, I dont know where I am going wrong. After 3 attempts, I am still not getting 6 in GT reading. I find difficulty in Matching headings, T/F/NG, GAPS, AND WHEN I GO TO SECTION 3 i always see 10min remaining. AND section 3 IS ALWAYS DIFFICULT. What advise you will give me to overcome my situation

    • Why don’t you try doing section 3 first? You need to fine methods that work for you by testing it out at home.

  14. Karthika says

    “No destination too far” means “all destinations are possible”??????

    I thought, “taxi dont go too far”. So i chose “FALSE” 🙁

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