IELTS Listening Practice: Time

It is common to be asked to listen for a time in IELTS listening section 1. This lesson gives you practice in listening and writing down times.


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  1. Hi ma’am, I appeared in IELTS 07 december 2019(yesterday’s) test. On of the reading (T/F/N.G) questions was ” If you have any further queries you can contact advisor on 0806xxxx from 9:00am to 5:00pm”
    However, in the passage it was only written ” you can visit our website xxxxxxxx or contact advisor on 0806xxxx if you have any question.” (There was no any mention of time.
    Now what would be correct answer to this question? True or Not Given??

    • Without seeing the full paragraph, it is impossible to say. The answer is often divided into different sentences which is why you need to first locate the area of the passage with the answer and then read around that area to get a clearer understanding.

  2. Hello mam
    Two days back I wrote LRW test .
    In listening the speaker told for French classes it is 6 to 9pm and German classes it is 5 to 9:30pm and Thai classes will be in the evening.
    The question is
    Which class will be there in the evenings______
    D.all the above

    If I consider the time all classes will be in the evening.but I didn’t understand why speaker told particularly Thai classes will be in evening.according to the question can I know which answer is correct and why?

    • IELTS is testing your English and for that reason they use paraphrases to test your understanding. The information about the Thai classes is a paraphrase to check you understand. The answer is D.

  3. Q> The bag consists of 1> ———- and ————-. (and is printed in the question)

    What should be the correct answer (You can use Three words)
    a) Books, Pencils
    b) Books and Pencils
    c) Books Pencils

    • As you see, the word “and” is not missing. Your task is to complete sentence – fill in the gaps. If you wrote the answer b, it would be marked wrong. The answer is two words – not three. In IELTS listening, if you use punctuation or don’t use it, it makes no difference. Basically – it not actually needed at all. That means option c is what you should write, but option a would be accepted as well.

  4. Oh goodness. I will be taking an exam this coming Saturday and I don’t have a proper IELTS review. I just started doing mock test 2 days ago and I was so confused with dates and times because the test keeps marking me wrong for times like 8:45pm, another time I tried 5:00 PM and still wrong. Like it is super frustrating. I was thinking, should I add the dots on the PM or what? But it doesnt make sense when I saw that the passages itself write like 6.45pm. Confusing and frustrating. I hope you are right about IELTS accepting any of these forms because the mock tests are getting to my nerves now. Also, I used to write dates as 1st August 2019. I really hope these forms are all accepted.

    • We very rarely write 5.00pm. We just write 5pm. We don’t highlight zero minutes. 5 o’clock is a precise time. If there are minutes, then we write the minutes 8.45pm. This is just a standard way to write time. The dates can be written either way 1 August or 1st August or even August 1st.

      • Hi Liz,
        Thank you for the reply.
        This was how I learned writing time in school (6:45 PM, 4:00 AM, 7:15 PM) but all the mock tests Ive taken had marked all this wrong. Is it safe to just follow your way (6:45pm, 4pm, 7:15pm)? Though i feel so weird writing that way.

        • This is not about how you feel. It is about using correct English. We write 5pm and we do not write 5.00pm.

          • I faced a similar problem while taking a mock test this morning. I had to write ‘nine past fifteen’ in time format so I wrote 9:15. But, the test marked me wrong for writing 9:15 and revealed the correct answer to be ‘9.15’. I find it really perplexing because, in one of my previous mock tests I used the similar time format which I used in today’s test and it was marked correct.
            The time period(a.m. / p.m.) was already specified in the question paper.

  5. Hi Liz,
    You’re doing an amazing job by helping students with their doubts.. Really grateful to you 🙂

    I have a very specific question in regards to dates while taking a Computer-based test.

    In the listening test, will my answer be marked wrong if I use for instance 22 april instead of 22nd april?

    I’m guessing the answers for Computer-based exam are pre-stored and automatically marked by the system, so will this treated as a correct answer? I’m little skeptical on how the answers are evaluated!!

    Could you please help me get clarity?

    Thanks a lot!!

    • It makes no difference if you are taking the computer based test or the paper test. The rules are the same for writing answers. For dates, both options are accepted.

    • Edward Yo says

      Hi Liz, I want to ask so the question is “Which collections have not been moved in?

      The rules is no more than three words

      I answered Economics Collection and French Literature Collection, but turns out the answer key is only Economics and French Literature. So why are my answers wrong? It still follows the rule right?

  6. Hi Liz,

    Thank you for teaching students like me through your excellent tutorial videos. I would like to clarify something, what if there are two answers for a specific number, how should we write our answers? For example, the answers are cats and dogs.. (the word and is given already) Should we write – cats, dogs

    Thank you!

    • You don’t need any punctuation for listening answers. Two words is simple that – cats dogs
      Just make sure the two words are distinct. If you do use a comma, it will still be marked correct. However, if you write “cats and dogs” it would be marked wrong because that is three words.

  7. Hi liz
    I want to say thank you so much because of your such a grear websit and your useful tips
    I will be appticiate if you organize more videos about diagrams and names
    All the best

  8. Anant Kumar says

    Hi Liz,

    I would be thankful if you could please help me out with my query mentioned below.

    If it is instructed to write “NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS” and answer for a particular question is “yoga”, will “yoga classes” be considered as correct answer too?
    ** “yoga” is under a column with “Class/Activity” as its heading.


    • If you are referring to a table, you can see that the word “class” is already given in the column heading. You do not repeat words.

  9. Hi Liz,

    How can I write the date of 16th of October 1987?
    The question has said two words and or a number. I have written October sixteenth 1987. Is it correct?

    Thanks in advance.

    • It would be 16 October 1987.
      or 16th October 1987
      or October 16 1987
      or October 16th 1987
      IELTS accepts all forms.
      The instructions will always say “no more than two words and/or numbers” (plural) if two or three numbers are required. If the instructions say only “a number” then you write one only because only one is required.

    • Uwadiae Omon says

      Good day Liz
      I appreciate your help so far, is it possible to get a practice listening video with more than one speaker

  10. Hi Liz,

    Can you please confirm if we use comma between month and a date, will it be correct or wrong? I mean writing February, 10th is okay as per IELTS exam?

  11. Hi Liz,

    I didn’t get the 4:40. How two twenty means 4:40? Can you please describe this for me?


  12. Anchal Jain says

    I am facing problem in Date type Questions. The speaker says the 4th of December but in practice test, the answer is 4 December. I always make it wrong. I write the way the speaker speaks. Please guide me for these types of questions.

  13. Hi Liz,
    I have a small doubt regarding use of units such as g/kg/ km, am/pm, should there be a gap between the number and the unit?
    For example: is 9kg correct or 9 kg?

    I recently took a practice test and was marked wrong for writing 9am (the answer was 9 am).

    • There are no such rules in IELTS. 9am would be marked correct – a space is not required.

      • Mudassir Sultan says

        Hi liz, Can we write 6.25 pm or 6:25 pm. Which one will be the correct answer?

      • Hi Liz. Hope you’re doing fine. I’m an Iranian who is preparing for IELTS and I should say that you and your website are AWESOME! I had so many questions about different parts of the exam and the information on this useful platform helped me a lot. Thank you so much for being so generous with your time and knowledge. I really appreciate it and will definitely recommend to all my friends. Wish you the best! Happy New Year in advance.

    • Akhil H Gada says

      Hi Divya, just to correct your English, use “I have a small question”, instead of, “I have a small doubt”. It is a very common mistake that most of us Indians make (even I used to make in the past 🙂 ); ‘doubt’ in Hindi means “kisipar shak karnaa”, while question means “prashna”; so, “I have a small doubt” would mean, “Muje thodaasaa shak hai,” in Hindi, while, “I have a small question” would mean, “Muje ek chotasa savaal hai”. Best Wishes for your IELTS.

  14. Murala Sritej says

    If there is half past six in audio of Listening how to answer this in the booklet?

    • A = three words – this is not always possible. Usually we write 6.30

      • you are still replying to comments to video from 2014 that so amazing ..thank you for your sharing your knowledge

      • Dear Liz,

        I hope you are doing well. I heard recently from some people that they have changed marking Criteria in ielts exams. For example, if you get 39/40 it is a score band 8 for GT. I am really worried as I cannot find any information online confirming this. Since I follow your blog and classes, I want to confirm with you. Kindly let us know and request you to upload any marking score sheet if you have please.

  15. Hi, i am confused about dates. In listening , we hear second of October but the answer in cambridge books says 2 October. Should’t it be 2nd October?

      • Thank you for your prompt response. I forgot to add the information concerning my question. I meant if we scored 38/40 in GT listening it’ll be a band score 8 for listening in ielts GT unlike the previous marking system, wherein scoring a 36/40 amounts to band score 8 in listening. Since you are the only teacher I follow and believe in, I blindly trust that you will update us in case of any changes in marking Criteria.

        Thank you,

        • If you are referring to listening scores – there is one listening test for all candidates and only one scoring for all candidates. GT candidates have the same listening test with the same scoring as Academic candidates for both listening and speaking.

  16. Hi Mam,

    How can we write in numbers if the pronunciation is like “4 pounds 45” whether we can write it as 4.45 or 445?

    • You can’t write 445 because that means four hundred and forty five. You can write 4.45. You might or might not have to use the £ symbol depending on how the question is written.

  17. Hello Liz
    hope you’re fine
    I want to ask a question that if i write all answers in capital then how i would write any number e.g 9th or 9TH , 2nd or 2ND ?

  18. Hi Liz,
    Thank you for all your tips for the IELTS exam, I am planning to write all my answers in capital letters, all the letters should be in capital, right? not only the first letter in every word and same goes to reading exam as well, right?
    Best regards,

  19. Hi Liz,

    Thank you for free tutorials on IELTS. I came across below queries in listening can you please help to solve.

    Q. Work to call between ….. and ….. (Time to be mentioned in blanck)
    Query : Can we write 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm. can we write and in between two blanks ?

    Thanks and Regards

  20. You are perfect as usual.

  21. Hi Liz,

    Which date format is correct ? From the below mentioned dates.

    July 15th 2017
    July 15 2017
    15th July 2017

    Thanks in advance.

  22. Hi Miss .. how can we explain minutes… time is 2:34
    Half past two and Four minutes …is it correct?

    • two minutes and thirty four seconds

      • Hello Ma’am
        Thank you for the videos.They are really helpful.i recently gave exam on 06 Jan 2018.could you please tell me how to write date of birth when criteria is to answer in two words/ and or a of birth was 22 July 1985.

        • It is usually written 22/7/1985 (using slashes or dots). However, if you can write one word and numbers (plural), then it’s fine to write 22 July 1985

  23. Hi liz
    Can i write 8.00 for 8 (time)

  24. Hi Liz,

    For questions one word and/or a number, is 18 months a correct answer as it involves a word and a number?
    Please let me know.


  25. Hi Liz,
    I got 5/5.

  26. Dear Liz
    Could you please tell me how should I write a date on an answer sheet while i am using capital letters.
    23rd MARCH or
    23RD MARCH .
    Kindly reply and many thanks in advance.

  27. Alex Adams says

    Dear Liz,

    Thanks very much for the videos. However, I can not watch the videos in my country. Can you change the videos to the text? Or add a transcript along with the video? Thanks very much. I came across the same issues in other parts of the courses supplied. Although some videos are accompanied with transcripts, there are also some videos without transcripts.

    Best wishes,

  28. Hi Liz

    In this time practice, which format is correct?
    1. 5.30
    2. 5:30 (with column) and
    is it necessary to mention am or pm ?

    Will we be marked wrong if we write 5.30 (using stop instead of 5:30?)

  29. I got all of them. Its normal. That’s how we say it over here in Nigeria.

  30. Hello dear Liz,
    Thanks a lot for your precious support.
    Are these notes correct : To = before / Past = after
    exple 1 : 5.20 : 5 to 20 / 20 past 5 / five.twenty
    exple 2 : 4.40 : 20 to 5 / 40 past 4 / four.forty
    Thank you again

    • There is no such thing as 5 to 20 in English. There is also no such thing as 40 past 4. I think you need to review how to tell the time in English. This is basic English – you must get it right before you do IELTS.

  31. Liz,

    thanks a lot for every thing.. 🙂 May God Bless you in every walk of life.


  32. thanks a lot !!

  33. Hi Liz

    I need your help in question no 2 of listening activity TEST 3 BOOK 6. The answer is given 27.1.1973 while instructions says ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER. I am confused that shall I have to write it 27 January only OR 27.1.1973? What should be the answer?

    Many thanks in advance

    • One number = 27 and one word = January. However, 27.1.1973 is actually one number only so this is a correct answer. It depends whether the answer requires the year or not.

    i want to know that just suppose if original answer is glass only but i have written down strong glass… will it consider right or wrong or even is there any chance to get .5? n vice versa that if answer is strong glass and i have written down glass only will i get marked or not? will wait for your response!!

  35. hi mam
    there is little bit confusion in pronunciation of third question . It is audible as 4.14 so am confusing .can u clarify it please.

  36. Hi thank you very much for your lessons.

  37. Hi Liz, Than k you for your lessons.

    I want to know if the the question is like (………. and………..). and answers are ”sun (and) sunny”

    How should i write in answer sheet….like 1) Sun, Sunny or 2) Sun and sunny or 3) Sun Sunny… Please advice.

    Also, Can i put the comma if need to choose two alphabets….. for example 1) B,D or 2) B and D or 3) B D

  38. Ramamohan dasari says

    What should we write for true .. t or true?

  39. Thank you Miss Liz!


  41. Hi Madam,

    Thanks for sharing the Essential Tips for IELTS.
    I have a difficulty to differentiate the time of 22:15 and 20 to 15 (ie, 14:40) when Listening Practice.

    Which one could be write answer.

  42. Dear Liz,
    I would like to know about writing the time and date value:
    1) I came across IELTS 8, section 2, question 11, the correct answer was 1.30 meanwhile I wrote 1:30. So in this case, is my answer still marked correct?
    2) IELTS 8, section 2, question 12, the correct answer was 12 December meanwhile I wrote 12th December. The instruction allowed “no more than two words and/or a number”. So is my answer still correct?
    I am longing to hear from you.
    Kind regards

      • Can’t find the web page you are referring to. Would greatly appreciate if you could answer a few questions:
        1. Should I write the abbreviated form for metrics? eg. When the listening recording says 9 kilometers, would the answer be 9 Kilometers or 9 Km or 9 Kms?
        2. When the recording says 7 in the evening, should my answer be 7 or 7.00 or 7pm or 7.00pm?
        3. When the recording says the 27th of January, should my answer be 27 Jan or 27th Jan or 27 January or 27th January or Jan 27?
        4. If the recording says 1876 A.D, should my answer be 1876 or 1876 A.D.

  43. ahmed alhadidy says

    you’ve been very helpful liz,thank you 🙂

  44. Khristine Alaba says

    Hi Liz!

    I started to watch your online practices/lessons yesterday in the evening.
    I find it very useful to me for I wilk be taking ielts this october.
    Thank you. It is a big help for me.


  45. Dear madam
    I was quite surprise two foreign examinar of british council taken my speaking test on different date in a gap of one gave me 6.5 and other gave me 5.
    Why there is this big variation in score I doubt these is some mistake or would it depend on examinar to examinar mood .
    Pls suggest

    • It is due to the language you used during your test and your ability to develop answers. It is common to get different scores depending on topics, your performance and other factors. What is also shows is that you need to learn more about what the examiner is looking for in their questions so that you can achieve your maximum score more often.

  46. Hi Ma’am Liz,
    I am just little confused, These 2.20 and 2:20 are the same?

  47. Hi Liz,

    a couple of more questions I have doubts about.

    1. Do we need to put $ or Pounds sign in answer sheet all the time? What if they are already given on question paper, Ex. cost of tour $………………..
    In this case what would be the Answer? would it be $100 or just 100?

    2. For Time, which one is correct formate, AM or A.M.? also sometimes AM PM is already mentioned in the question, do we still need to put it on the answer sheet?

    Thank you for all your help! My exam is on 26th september in India.

  48. Hi Liz,

    I’m planning on writing all my answers in capital letters. what is there is something like 22nd, 14th, 1st? should I write 22ND, 14TH, 1ST?

    Please advise!

    Thank you!

  49. Hi Liz.
    Thanks a lot for the videos & tips.
    For question #5, Will it be right to answer 14:35 ??

    • It would be wrong because the answer was actually “a”. If it is multiple choice, your answer will be a letter.
      All the best

  50. Hi Liz,
    First of all, let me thank you for your wonderful video lesson on all areas of IELTS. Really, this site is the One stop solution for preparation. Please answer my following query.
    1. Listening Test: In which date format should we answer the question? Which of the following is correct & acceptable? Actually, In IDP workbook, I find answers in different format each time.
    E.g. 28TH AUG, AUG 28, 28 AUG OR anything?

    2. Reading Test: In Academic paragraph, for summary completion task, many a time answer is paraphrasing of the word from paragraph. How to effectively guess the target word?

    3. I am facing tough time with Match paragraph information question especially when there is question on Advertisement of Restaurant Or Entertainment club. Many a time I am confused between for than one option for answer. Can you please advice?

    • Question 1: any format. Question 2: you must have a good level and understand of English vocabulary to be good at paraphrasing. This is language test. If your English is good, you will be able to paraphrase. If your English is weak, you need to improve it before doing the test. Question 3: please see my tips on the reading information page.
      All the best

  51. All of them are correct! My lesson when i was elementary school. xoxo

  52. Hi Ma’am Liz

    I got perfect!

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