Listening Practice: Big Numbers

Improve your listening skills with this listening practice with big numbers. It is common in all section of the IELTS listening test to be asked to listen and write down large numbers.

Listen to the recording and write down the numbers you hear.

There are 10 questions.

  1. 451
  2. 730
  3. 1,600
  4. 2,460
  5. 6,768
  6. 10,550
  7. 20,200
  8. 35,050
  9. 102,700
  10. 1,400,002



Listening for similar numbers: video tutorial


  1. Supandeep says

    Hii Liz, I hope you are doing great. This is a very useful website thank you so much for useful tips.
    I have a question can you help me?
    my question is …. instructions of the question said no more than three words
    1. Queen park 100 people visiting per day.
    2. Albert park ……. people visiting per day.
    3.Utrecht park 3000 person visit per week.

    so let 2nd question have answer 200.
    can I write 200 or should I write two hundred?

    • Spelling is essential to get right or the answer will be marked wrong. So, it is best to write “200” and be 100% sure your answer is marked correct. The instructions will always add “and or a number” or “and/or numbers” if a number is possible for an answer.

  2. Hi Liz,

    Thanks a million for all these lessons. Please does it matter if i write number 7, with a stroke across. I am used to writing my 7 that way.

  3. Thanks Liz.

  4. Thankyou so much for these practice tests.You are helping so many people.

  5. Thanks Liz, in writing numbers is the comma necesaary? Would your answer be marked wrong if you didnt put comma?

    • It is not wrong to miss the comma. But commas are used to help the reader see big numbers more easily – it’s good to use them.

  6. Zubair Qaiser says

    Thank you so much. I am Zubair from Pakistan. I found this site and your teachings really helpful in my IELTS test preparations.
    God bless You
    Respect from Pakistan.

  7. Garima Verma says

    Hey Liza, your tutorials are really beneficial.I have a question to ask to you.Suppose the answer of any question is 98 and the word limit is two words and/or a number.Please let me know if “Ninety-eight” will be counted as one word or not.

    • In listening, it will always say what the limit is for numbers: “one word and/or a number” or “one word and/or numbers”. Just read the instructions. “98” counts as one number.

  8. Hello Liz,

    Hope you have recovered and in good health now. Please take good care of your health. I have started reading nook and corner or your website since I posted my first question. The comments/FAQ and your replies to them are fabulous and very much helpful for anyone who is preparing for IELTS.

    As I was trying to cover your listening practice today I observed from one of your comments that currency should accompany with a fullstop. Please advice if I understood your comments incorrectly. Should I always complete the currency with a fullstop though it doesnot fall at the end of the statement.

    For ex: $500.
    : Rs.100.
    : 1000 Euros.

    Secondly, just incase if the currency symbol is not given in the listening question and if I hear 2000 Dollars, how should I interpret them in my answer sheet(when no more than one word and/or a number). For example
    2000$/$2000/2000 Dollars. I am sorry to ask, I am not much familiar on whether the symbols needs to be prefixed or suffixed.

    Awaiting for your valuable suggestions.


  9. thank you, Liz, for providing your material for free and helping everyone to pass their test. I have one question how to pronounce in decimal numbers in British pronunciation like 0.76? etc I always get them wrong because in my language its different. thanks again

  10. Vimal Kamothi says

    Hi Liz,

    If there is currency icon given in the question paper, do we need to have the currency icon in our answer or just the cost in number ?
    example the cost :- £…….

    Vimal Kamothi

  11. Sunny Chowdhury says

    hello, in listening the question instruction is like “no more than two words and or a number”
    so what’s the correct answer – “seven miles” or “7 miles”

  12. Klint Gino Cutarra says

    My result(s) – I got it all correct!

    Thanks Liz and more powers!

  13. really useful source… thank very much you for moderators

  14. syamnadh says

    Hi Liz madam,
    Thank u for ur practice lessons and the valuable comments on the queries. Both sounds informative and practical. God bless u

  15. Thank you very much for these practices!

  16. if there is $____________ in listening. Can we write “920 DOLLARS” in answer? if there are 2 words allow in given direction.

  17. Very good practice. Thank you.

  18. Hi, Liz, I have big problems with big numbers, please add more practises …..

  19. Hi Liz,

    thanks for these free lessons. I am still not sure about in/correct answers in the case of numbers. Thanks to your lessons here, I found out that you use commas in numbers in the UK.. So is it mistake if I write 12 000 instead of 12,000?

    Thank you in advance

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