Multiple Choice in IELTS Listening

It is possible to get a multiple choice question in all sections of IELTS listening. The exercise below is based on section 2, which means it’s one speaker talking on a social topic. Make sure you read through each question and check the options possible before you start listening.

Multiple Choice Questions

Questions 1-4
Choose the correct letter A, B or C.

Dashford Study Center

1. Membership at the study center is 20 pounds

A. for everyone.
B. for everyone except the elderly and students.
C. for everyone each year.

2. Members are able to take out

A. an unlimited amount of books.
B. a maximum of 3 books.
C. 3 books for 3 days.

3. Booking is unnecessary for

A. the yoga, dance and gentle exercise classes.
B. any of the classes.
C. the walking class.

4. Arts and crafts classes are taught by

A. volunteers.
B. teachers.
C. teachers and volunteers.

Transcript & Answers

Below you can click to reveal the transcript and answers for this lesson.


The study center in Dashford was opened to give free educational and recreational services to the community of Dashford. Membership is free for over 65’s as well as for students, as long as they have a student ID. For everyone else it is an annual membership of 20 pounds.

Members are able to enjoy full access to our extensive library. The library comprises of a comprehensive collection of classic literature, resource books, children’s books, history books and popular literature. As members, you are able to borrow up to 3 books at a time for up to 4 days.

Our recreational services extend for both members and non-members. We offer social and leisure activities for all age groups. Our yoga, dance and gentle exercise classes are extremely popular and booking ahead is required to ensure your place on one of these courses. However, our walking group, who meet once a week, offer unlimited places but you do have to have a good level of general fitness. We also have IT classes at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. But for those of you who are more creative, there are arts and crafts classes which are run by a qualified teacher with volunteer support. Before checking everything why don’t you take a look around and see what you might be interested in.

1. B
Common trap – IELTS often give the same words in the multiple choice options and the audio in order to trap you. This question is testing if you know the difference between the words ‘everyone’ and ‘everyone else’. You can also see that IELTS has paraphrased ‘over 65’s’ for ‘the elderly’.
2. B
A maximum of 3 = up to 3. This is a direct paraphrase.
3. C
unlimited places = no need to book
The trap in this question is that the word ‘booking’ was used with the information about yoga, dance and exercise – IELTS often give the same word with the wrong answer.
4. B
This is a test of your vocabulary. The classes are run by teachers = the classes are taught by teachers. The volunteers only support, they do not teach.


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  1. I got all right. Thanks Liz.

  2. deae mentor!
    will the acutal exam be with same interface, as here? or there is any time limit to eyeball questions before listening the audio, asking for computer based exam.

    • Whether you take the paper based or computer based test, the time to read the questions is the same. This isn’t a different test. It is the same test and you write your answers on the computer screen as you listen. Some questions require you to select options, some to drag words and others to type a word. You need to be comfortable using a computer. You can get practice tests to use at home which are books called the IELTS Cambridge test books. And to get used to the computer format, there are examples on the BC IELTS website.

      • Hi Liz .

        Just one query , in the audio you said it up to 3 book maxium for the 4 days but on the question paper option were 3 book for 3 days , what does that mean its a trap of mistake.
        Pls advice.


        • It isn’t a trap and it isn’t a mistake. What does “up to four days” include? Does it include three days or not? This is a language test to test your understanding.

  3. I should carefully listen to audios next time. I got only 2.

  4. Hi Liz
    Thank you for these exercises. Very useful

  5. Dear ma’am,
    your website is very much useful for us.thank you so much for your kind support and knowledge.May Almighty bless you.


  6. i fell for the trick in number 4. should be more careful next time. thank you Liz

  7. Hi, Liz
    thank you so much for everything but I heard on the record that it said: Our yoga, dance, and gentle exercise class extremely popular and {booking ahead is required} to etc…

    so she said: “booking is REQUIRED” why the Q3 answer is C? I’m confused!

    • sorry I didn’t read the question carefully the key word was “UNNECESSARY” and I read it as “NECESSARY”

      thank you and I’m sorry again.

  8. Klint Gino Cutarra says

    My result(s) – This is by far my worst result and I got 1 single correct answer. I appreciate the explanation of the answers and I need to be vigilant next time. Can you confirm that these recordings are from old IELTS exam?

    Thanks Liz and more powers!

  9. Hi Liz,
    I thank you for all your materials presented in this website. Could you please clarify my following queries and help me to score higher.
    1. I saw an answer “24 Month” for the question(Note completion type) “Broadband data allowance” in the IELTS official practice test. Shouldn’t it be “24 Months” as plural irrespective of what speaker says. But I have written answer as “Months”. I am not sure what speaker has told.
    2. For matching multiple questions again multiple answers, Could you please give any tip since I feel this as more complex to keep track of all the questions and answers while speaker is saying out.

    • Hi Liz,
      I am sorry about the question that I had given wrongly in the previous post. Its about the broadband plan and I believe that the speaker is saying 24 Month. Please correct me the answer.

    • Plurals are important to get right. However, I can’t which answer is correct unless I read the transcript. It is possible in English to have “a 24 month plan”. “24 month” is an adjective and not plural. There are some MC tips on this page:

      • Hi Liz,
        Thanks for clarifying the doubt. I am trying to understand the adjective and compound adjectives with respect to the usage of hypen. I could see some answers like “Time-Consuming”, “Pest-resistance”, “Biological-control”.
        When we write the above answers without the hypen, Would they be consider as wrong answers? Can you explain some tips to identify where we to use hypen.

  10. Alishba says

    hello liz:
    thank you for your all ielts lessons.they are ery usefull for me.but i’m realy confused with the question 1 under heading ” dashford study center”.can you please make it clear for me.

    • Always check the transcript: Membership is free for over 65’s as well as for students, as long as they have a student ID. For everyone else it is an annual membership of 20 pounds.

  11. Dear Liz
    Thanks for all the practice materials. I love this site.
    I find the material more challenging than some of the other online materials, although I am able to crack them but out of curiosity want to check is there different kind of Ilets exams like with some difficulty level.

    Plus I have one major concern, I am working on my written skills, but not sure in which band it will fall into.
    is there any option where I can upload my essays for quality check and band details.

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  14. hi Liz
    how are you? I want to ask you about Q4
    why you chose B ??
    instead of C?
    thank you

    • There is an explanation given with the answer “This is a test of your vocabulary. The classes are run by teachers = the classes are taught by teachers. The volunteers only support, they do not teach.”.
      All the best

      • Hi Liz
        Thank you for your rapid reply….
        Please Liz I want to ask you :if
        there’s any online ILETS test to evaluate my english ability ?

  15. Thanks Mam.

  16. Aravinth Megnath says

    Hi Liz, this is Aravinth from Tamil nadu ,India. I have registered ielts today and my date of examination is oct 8th. Your website is quite interesting and very useful. I am lagging in speaking and vocabulary,how can i improve that?.. Since eve i am doing listening exercises here.I am not able to get answers for any of the listening exercises.And kindly send all study materials to my mail id. Thank you

    • You should try to get the IELTS Cambridge books to practice real exam papers. And then get some books for improving IELTS skills. You won’t improve just from practice and practice. You need to think about your weaknesses, write them down, plan how to tackle them. You need to make a list of paraphrases from each question when you finish the lesson. Learning and improving come between practice.
      All the best

  17. Dear Liz,

    As others, I really appriciate your website and I do realize how enthusiastic you are 🙂 .

    I am confused because I heard the word “composes” instead of “comprisese” recorded in the transcript at 0:25 . Can you help me ?

    Thanks for your help

    • That might be my error. If the verb is composes, it should be “the library is composed of”. I’ll check it later and make any necessary changes.

  18. Dear, Liz!
    Thank you for such useful website! It’s the best one among free IELTS preparing resources.
    But, the big upset for me, I can’t hear these materials for listening practice (((
    it says that timeout of operation. Is it possible to do smth to get it?

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