Short Answer Questions: IELTS Listening Practice

Short Answer Questions

Read through the questions before you listen to the audio. Predict the type of answer you need to listen for and underline any key words that might help you find the answer. Also prepare paraphrases as this is the key to IELTS.

Dashwood Sports Center

Questions 1-5
Write no more than two words and/or a number.

1. What time does the center open?
2. What kind of sports equipment does it sell?
3. How long do you have to return faulty items?
4. Who can give advice?
5. What time does it close on Tuesdays?

So let me show you round our Sports Center. As you can see, it is set in lovely grounds where you can find outdoor tennis courts as well as a swimming pool. The center itself opens daily at 9am and closes at 6pm. To the right here you can see the reception where you can book courts and find more information about the sports center. Further along to the right, just after the reception room, you will find the restaurant which opens at 11am and serves brunch, lunch and light snacks in the afternoon before it closes at 4pm. To the left, opposite the reception, there’s a small shop which sells sports equipment. I’m afraid it’s rather pricy but the quality is excellent as it sells only professional equipment. If you do decide to treat yourself to something, make sure you check it as soon as you get home as you’ll only have three days to get a refund if there’s anything wrong with it. If you go straight ahead, you’ll come to our advice desk. Now it’s only open for a short time each day around lunch time when one of our ex-pros, John Roberts, comes to give help to anyone who needs it. Oh and before I let you go to have a look around on your own, I just have to mention that on Tuesdays we have late night opening until 9pm. Well, that’s all. I hope you enjoy your time here and if you need me at all you can find me in reception.

1. 9am
2. professional / professional equipment
‘…there’s a small shop which sells sports equipment. I’m afraid it’s rather pricy but the quality is excellent as it sells only professional equipment.’
3. 3 days
‘…you’ll only have three days to get a refund if there’s anything wrong with it.’ (faultly = anything wrong with it)
4. John Roberts (capital letters not needed)
5. 9pm
‘…on Tuesdays we have late night opening until 9pm’. This question was a trap because a closing time was given at the beginning of the audio but you can’t answer question 5 before question 2, so you need to wait for another answer to come. Also the information at the beginning was about a daily closing time not specifically on Tuesdays. This is a very common trap in IELTS.



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  1. Obukonigho Akpede says

    I forget to put “s” after John Roberts, did i get it wrong

    • The answer is either 100% correct or it is marked wrong. IELTS will test your ability to get the spelling right.

  2. Is it wrong to write AT 9 AM or AT 9 PM ?
    For first and last question?

  3. Priya Yelpale says

    Hi Liz. My name is priya. I noticed in this pratice lessons, spelling of the names are not specified. For ex. in real IELTS, they spell names of people. Here John Roberts name was used however the audio was not very clear of name

    • Usually common names are not spelled. The spelling is only required in certain circumstances – difficult names, different spelling, to ensure clarity.

  4. Shin Shin says

    LIZ can i ask u ? if i write : 3 day ( lack of S ) is it wrong ?

    • It would be wrong if an “s” is required. Your answer is either 100% correct or it is wrong. You are being tested on your ability to listening for plurals.

  5. at last I got 5/5 =)

  6. The first time I score 5/5. I’m so happy. Thanks Liz

  7. gabriella ceciliati says

    very useful thanks

  8. For question 4, i wrote, “an expert ” and in bracket ( John Roberts) . Is that wrong?

    Thanks Liz

  9. Hi Liz

    if we plan to write all the answers in capital letters and write JOHN ROBERTS, will it be considered as correct or incorrect. Please advise

    thank you

  10. this is easy one. I can tell. I even got 5/5 .

  11. Omme_hashmi says

    I got 5/5 Thanx Liz☺

  12. Khan Muhammad says

    Got 5/5

    Thanks, Liz.

  13. Hariharan mahadevan says

    Hi Liz,
    Thanks for this.

    Is the answer “professional equipments” wrong? ..i thought ‘s’ plural is required as the shop would sell more than one equipment.

  14. yeah…got 5/5
    thnx Liz

  15. Hey Liz, Why they chose “Professional equipment over “sports equipment” in second answer ?

  16. I wrote “John Robert” instead of “John Roberts”, is it correct?

  17. Hello ma’am!
    Firstly thank you for all your efforts! Really helpful to me. Ma’am could you tell me whether all the questions of all the 4 sections follow a chronological order? If no, what are the question types where I can expect jumbled questions? A ton of thanks, your tips and tricks are stunning! Thank you very much!

  18. shaik tanveer says

    Hello mam, mam can i also use 9:00 am instead of 9am..

  19. thank you so much for your efforts with us.
    And I have a question, if I wrote Roberts without John it will be wrong or right.
    thanks advance

  20. Hi please explain me the concept of , not more than 2 words/or number.

  21. I wrote ‘three days’ to question 3 would that be fine ? or does this has to be ‘3 days’ instead ?

  22. Alisha Sebastian says

    Thanks mam.

  23. Alisha Sebastian says

    Hi mam,thank you so much.I got all answers correct except no.4,because I wrote an expert instead of name.

  24. My answer in Question 1 was 9.00 am. Which is correct or wrong?

  25. Hi Liz,

    Can i say 9- 6pm instead for answer no 1?

    • No, it does not ask for “opening times” which is both opening and closing times. It asks specifically for the time it opens which means only 9am. So your answer would be marked wrong.
      All the best

  26. Hi Liz
    I wrote robbert is it wrong??!!

  27. For q num 1 n 5, i m little confuse abt the quesion related to time:-..if used 9.00am instead of 9am. ?is it wrong…??

  28. Wow!!!!!!!all really happy.its building my confidence levels.

  29. Hello mam,,,for question numb 4 instead of writing the name John Robert ,,if I write experts will the answer b wrong ??? Please clarify my doubt n Thanq so much…….

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