Answer for IELTS Writing Task 1 2016

The IELTS model answer below is for a recent IELTS writing task 1 which was reported in early 2016. The two pie charts and bar chart are illustrated beneath the report. Further down the page, you will also find examiner comments and a download link for this model answer and task. Also note the useful links provided for more IELTS writing task 1 lessons. This is for the IELTS writing task 1 academic test.

IELTS Model Answer, Reported 2016

The pie charts give information about how the world’s water is distributed, whereas the bar chart illustrates the percentage of water used in agriculture, domestic use and industry in three countries (Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Canada).

Overall, salt water makes up an overwhelming majority of the world’s water. Fresh water is made up of mainly water from ice and glaciers. While most water in Egypt and Saudi Arabia is used for agriculture, in Canada it is predominantly used for industry.

The pie charts show that 97% of global water is salt water compared to a mere 3% which is fresh water. Water from ice and glaciers accounts for 79% of all fresh water as opposed to ground water and surface water (20% and 1% respectively).

In terms of the use of water, both Egypt and Saudi Arabia use almost 80% of their water for agriculture in comparison to domestic usage and industry which account for approximately 15% and 10% respectively. The reverse is seen in Canada where only 10% of water is used for agriculture and domestic purposes in contrast to industry, which uses 80% of water in Canada.

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IELTS Writing Task 1 Charts Jan 2016

Download this writing task 1 with model answer: IELTS Writing Task 1 Charts & Model 2016

Examiner Comments:

The information is well organised into logical paragraphs. The overview paragraph contains the key features of all charts. Information is accurate and no irrelevant information is given. There is a flexible range of linking devices for showing comparisons. Vocabulary is well used and this report contains complex sentence structures.



  1. Hai Liz,
    I really appreciate the amount of free practice materials that you have uploaded in your site. Thanks a lot! I have practiced some academic writing task1 from cambridge english test series 14. But I am not a 100% confident as I don’t have anyone to proofread and correct. It would be great help if u could help. It’s from test1 writing task 1 and I have no idea how to copy the pie chart here in the dialog box. Here is my report on the chart:

    The three pie charts illustrate the proportions of sodium, saturated fats and added sugars consumed by Americans during breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. The units are measured in percentage.
    Overall, the percentage of sodium, saturated fats and sugar in a meal is the least during breakfast. There is a sharp increase in the amounts of these nutrients consumed during dinner however, during lunch the quantities consumed are almost equal. The amount of added sugars in snacks is almost double the quantity of the rest of the nutrients in a serving.
    As per sodium and saturated fats, the maximum quantity is consumed during supper, which is 43% and 37% of the ,meal respectively. These nutrients are consumed in the least quantities with breakfast which is 14% of sodium and 16% of saturated fats. Lunch accounts for 29% and 26% of sodium and saturated fats intake respectively. Only 14% of sodium and 21% of saturated fats are consumed during snacks.
    Levels of added sugars are the highest in snacks while for lunch and breakfast it accounts for 19% and 16% of the total nutrient intake. Added sugar intake is 23% by the Americans during dinner.

  2. sawssen knani says

    the pie chart illustrates how water was distributed in the world , whereas , the bar chart below shows how water was distruted in Egypt , Saudi Arabia and Canada.

    Overall, the fresh water represented a very small proportion of all the water distributed . While , in, Egypt and Saudi Arabia water was mostly used for agricultura purposes , in Canada it was used in industry.

    As it can be seen , salt water was widely distributed by the rate of 97% . The remaining 3% were fresh water. This latter was distributed in three different forms , ice and glaciers 79% , Ground water , 20% and surface 1% ;
    it is obvious that Egypt and Saudi Arabia used 80% of water in agriculture .Whereas , Canada used the same proportion in industry . The domestic use of water was nearly the same in all the three countries , 10%;

  3. Hi Liz
    Thank you so much for your great work so far is been helpful to me.
    Please help me check what I have written for the question above and correct me where need be.

    The charts illustrates information on the distribution of water in the world and the proportion of water used for three different activities in Egypt,Saudi Arabia and canada.

    Overall, Salt water accounts for the highest type of water distributed in the world when compared to fresh water which is the least. Among various kinds of fresh water distributed, ice and glaciers has the highest percentage. Most of the world’s water is used for Agricultural purposes in Both Egypt and Saudi Arabia while domestic use of water is least in the three countries given.

  4. This two pie chart illustrates the allocation of the world’s water, and the table shows the employ of water in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Canada on Jan 2016.all the charts measured by percentage.
    To begin with fresh water, in addition, the percentage of ice glaciers was much
    more than groundwater at 79% and 20%, respectively. As well, in all water, the
    percentage of salt water was much more than fresh water at 97% and 3%,
    respectively. The percentage of fresh water(3%)and surface water (1%) in Jan
    2016 was similar.

    To moving Egypt. In Jan 2016, the percentage of the use of water in agriculture (80%) was higher than industry(7%), but in Canada, industry (80%) become more than agriculture(9%). The percentage of agriculture and domestic in Saudi Arabia were very similar in Egypt at 80% and 12%, respectively.

    Focusing on Saudi Arabia, the use of water in agriculture was exactly 7 times as many as the industry at 80% and 10 %, respectively.

    Overall, the most significant features on the chart are: the percentage of salt water was
    higher than surface water over the period given.

  5. Meeth Sanjana says

    Dear Ms.Liz,

    In this model answer,on the second paragraph you have written “salt water makes up an….” which is in the present tense.But in the second line you have written “Fresh water is made up of…” in past tense.Why did you use two tenses.Can’t we write both in past tense “made up” Is there any difference of these two make up and made up??What is the meaning of make up of and made up of??

    Thank you.

  6. hello Liz,I have a question.In the third paragraph,”Water from ice and glaciers accounts for 79% of all fresh water as opposed to ground water and surface water(20% and 1% respectively).”Are the brackets must to be wrote?

  7. Amigna Joshi says

    Thanks Liz for your humble task…
    I had practiced from your blog and given test in October ’15. But unfortunately I couldn’t achieve good score. Because of lack of speaking practice I was so nervous on entering the speaking venue and become total speechless in front of the examiner. I got 7 bands in reading and listening but only 5 bands in speaking and 6 bands in writing though I could write really good after practicing on your lessons on writing but don’t know what happened, otherwise I was very confident about writing in last test. My query isn’t academic writing task 1 do we need to write all points about pie charts and bar charts or table charts? As I got to write report from pie charts and a table, which I felt really lengthy on writing after considering all points. Please give idea regarding this. I am going to take ielts again to secure high score in August / September.

  8. Hi Liz

    Could you please explain how to know which details should I describe in the body paragraphs and what key features shall I write in the overview to achieve more than 7 in task1 academic. Thank you.

  9. Helo mam,
    Just want to ask can we use word “proportion” instead of “percentage”?

  10. Harinder kaur Grewal says

    Hi, Mam In most of the books for writing task in Ielts, overview is written at the end but in ur sample answers they appear after introduction. What’s the proper way of writing. Also what’s the difference between overview and conclusion.

  11. Moni khan says

    Hello liz
    I need your help. I want to sit for ielts on 28 May.How can improve my listening, reading and writing within 1 month. Also I can not speak fluently, plz give me some suggestions how can I practice speaking staying at home.

  12. Hi, Liz. I took the exam last year 5th December. Here are my scores :
    Reading 6
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    I needed 7 in all four. I am planning to take IELTS Academic again this May. Please give me some advice on how to improve my reading and writing. Thank you very much,

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    I have a query regarding.

    Since IELTS is conducted by Bristish Council, the words according to US english spelling considered as mistake in writing tasks for general training?

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    Thankk you very much for your excellent guidance.I’ve got overall 8 .Your lessons were very helpful.I followed them all.

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  21. Thanks. mam. I am very weak about writing plz give advice me.

  22. Simon Peters says

    Thanks alot Liz. Your blog has been quite helpful. My last attempts were: Listening (5), Reading (5), Writing (7) and speaking (7.5) and overall (6) instead of 6.5. I still have challenges with reading and listening. For reading, it is time factor and for listening I lost my place and that created problem for me. Any useful tip you can give me? Simon Peters.

  23. really helpful. thanks Liz

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  29. Thankyou liz. for posting latest task. My word limit actually always exceeds whenever I get two tables or charts or bar graphs in task 1. But after reading your model answer above, I have got an idea how to make things precise. Thanks a lot.


  30. Dear liza,

    I require 6 band in each section i got 5,5 in two section 5 and 4.5 in another two i just prepared one week prepration secondly please guide me what i do to achieve my score

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  32. This is very useful, for all IELTS candidate .particularly for me becouse my examination will be schedule for 21 April.
    Thanks you very much madam Liz

  33. hii liz..regarding the bar chart u mentioned that only 10% water is used for agriculture and domestic purpose…but in chart its clearly visible that agriculture is slightly down to 10 and domestic is over 10..can we round it and use it as approximate to 10…or any issues with it….

  34. Can I paraphrase “fresh water” by “drinking water”? like, “Drinking water is made up of mainly water from ice and glaciers.”

  35. Hina Vadsarya says

    Thanks for sharing useful information

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    It’s useful for me because I took more than 25 minutes to complete this task. Last Friday, I got my result W-5.5, R-6, L-6, S-4.5. only a few weeks practice(self-preparation with online resources and library books) I’m happy with the result. However, I need band score 6. My next exam coming March. Thank you for this great blog and support.

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    Is it necessary to have the paragraph with same length in task 1?


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