IELTS Speaking Part 3: Technology Questions and Model Answer

Technology is a popular topic in speaking part 3. Below are some common questions with a model answer underneath.

  • What modern technological devices are most common in your country?
  • Do you think modern technology is useful?
  • Do you think people rely too much on technology?
  • Do you think men and women view technological devices differently?
  • Why do you think people spend so much money buying the latest devices?

Model Answer

  • Question: Do you think men and women view technological devices differently?
  • Answer: Yes, I do. For starters, men are usually more obsessed with gadgets. They are almost like children with the way they want to play with the latest gizmos and learn all their new functions. They are constantly fiddling around with their new toys. I also think that gadgets are a kind of ego for men. I mean they often compare their new toys with each other to see who has the best one. Women, on the other hand, are more down to earth and see devices more rationally as a means to communicate with others or to perform a particular function. Of course, this is pretty stereotyped but it seems to hold true for most men and women I know.

Useful Expressions

  • fiddling around with something = playing with something
  • down to earth = realistic, practical
  • stereotyped = putting people into a group or categorising them not based on fact

Note:  As you can see this model answer is from a woman’s perspective, if you would like to give a sample answer from a man’s perspective, please post it in the comments box. Feel free to post your answers to other questions as well.


Technology Vocabulary for Speaking


  1. Hellow Liz! Thanks for your efforts to offer students who learn IELTS. I found your website is so valuable and perfect for IEALTS learners .i always follow your tips and lessons.
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  2. Long Batcheller says

    Gracious. Just thinking about that is making me perspire slightly.

  3. Hi Liz

    Yesterday was my speaking test and i am not sure how it went. I missed last cue question as my time was over but i was speaking continuously and gave all other answers but i felt the time was very less for each question to answer, So, does it affect my score as i missed one question ?

    • There are no questions on the cue card – only prompts which you can use or not use as you wish. It does not affect your score whether you cover them all or not.

  4. Liz,thanks for wonderful videos and information .we practise in front of whole class and I get stuck during cue card get anxious .what I should do

    • Practising in front of the class is a good way to test yourself, but you also need to practise more on your own. You need to review ALL comment topics and ALL recent topics for part 2. The examiner is not interested in you sticking only to the prompts – you need to expand further. If the topic is about “a recent holiday” – when you went, how you got there, what you did and why you liked it, you need to add: who went with you, why you choose that place, describe people there, describe buildings & countryside, compare with another place, how long you stayed, how long the journey was to arrive there, what kind of people would enjoy such a place, would you go in the future, your future holiday plans (where, when etc).
      As you see, it is the planning and techniques for adding more that will help you. The more you have to say (the more types of language – descriptions, comparisons, future forms, past memories etc), the less nervous you will be.
      I hope this helps.
      All the best

  5. Arif Hossin says

    Hello Liz,
    This is Arif from Bangladesh.Could you please record the answer with your voice which will help to learn pronunciation?

  6. There is hardly any difference the way men and women look at technological devices these days. Both of them use the devices the same way, whether it is a smartphome which they keep fiddling around or it is a computer except that women are often also engaged in altogether different devices like washing machines and microwave etc which men hardly ever use.

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  9. Parminder Singh says

    Osem. These questions are really helpful.
    And your vocabulary are incredible. I learn so many essay but i never understand vocab.but in your essay i understand all words.

  10. Harshal Goyal says

    Yes, I do. Mens always have curosity for the new gadgets and they are always eager to explore those technologies and to use them. For them it is a obsession and they are always wantedto do show-off with others in order to show their status high. While women’s are view are little different from those of men’s, they are happy to use technologies for their own entertainment purpose only like cameras for pictures, and movies or social media.

  11. Attempting to answer your question Liz, in Men’s perspective:

    I strongly feel that men tend to love the gadgets and will always look forward to update the gadget with the next version of it. On the other hand women give more importance towards the appearance of the gadgets while Men think deeper within the device with its functionalities.

    • I like your ideas and the way you express them. Well done 🙂 You’re using the vocabulary very well.

      • Men fondness their gadgets, they are feel sense freedom, sense power, lure woman , and ego_booster, and others, this some feeling when man use their gadgets, on the other hand the women prefre use gadgets for doing something down on the earth such as communication with their freinds so for finding some vider about cooking and others.

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  13. Hi Liz.
    I am a bit nervous.
    Even a speaker who are exposed much to the challenges of speaking, even in the large audience, like Naaz could not reach the highest score, so I doubt the objectivity an the accuracy in the way candidates are judged. I just mean that is IELTS speaking test so hard that it requires us not only the fluency, LR, grammar and pronunciation but also the mastery of speaking? I also doubt even the native speaker could ever reach band 9.0.

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