IELTS Writing Task 1: Introduction Errors

IELTS Writing Task 1 Introduction Paragraph – learn what mistakes to avoid. The introduction should be short and factual based on the information given. It should also be the quickest part of task 1 for you to write. 

Look at the graph and introduction paragraph below. Then answer the questions.


Source: The above chart was not created by IELTS Liz.

Introduction Paragraph

Look at the introduction below and spot the mistakes.


The graph give the information about the number of computer ownership by education level in two different years.


  1.  How many mistakes are there in the introduction above?
  2. How would you write the introduction?


Click below to reveal the answers and a model introduction.

  1. The graph = The bar chart
  2. give = gives (s)
  3. gives the information about = gives information about (no “the”)
  4. the number of = the percentage of / proportion of
  5. computer ownership by education level = copied from graph. Do not copy phrases from the question paper. You can use the words, but change the order or paraphrase where possible.
  6. in two different years = always provide full information. Give the precise dates
Model Introduction

Model Introduction

The bar chart gives information about the proportion of people from five different levels of education who owned a computer in two different years (2002 and 2010).

Model Introduction Comments: As you can see, the first words are not altered because they are not required to be paraphrased. A bar chart is a bar chart. However, the verb is paraphrased and the rest of the information is reworded. As the education levels are length to write, it is possible to give information about how many there are in your introduction. Regarding dates, you can use brackets in IELTS Writing Task 1 and you can see that the dates are given in the brackets in this introduction. 


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  1. Nuruzzaman says

    Amazing model answer. I got surprised with that.

  2. Is this right?
    The bar chart illustrates the percentage of computers owned by students depending on their place of education, in two different years, in 2002 and 2010.

  3. Humyra Islam says

    It will be ” GIVES” in the place of “GIVE” in introduction part.

    • That is one mistake. However, there are more to find. Keep looking. Then check the answers given on the page above.

  4. sandeep reddy says

    hello Liz
    in writing section we shoud not add any information we know , we just have to write the information as shown in figure right ?

    • Correct. This is a factual report based on the information on the paper. You can’t add any opinion, interpretation, prediction, advice or anything else except what is presented on the paper in fact.

  5. is overview important to write if we are doing diagram question,
    if yes, how to wright the overview for diagram
    kindly help me

  6. Paraskevi Giouvanaki says

    Dear Liz,
    First of all I would like to thank you(a lot!!) for all your wonderful work and the segnificant IELTS tips I learnt from you.
    I want to express my “fear” when it comes to the writing task 1…
    Well, I feel that I don’t know from where to begin when I am about to report the data…could you please give me any tips?
    Thank you in advance.

    Greetings from Greece 🙂

    • You need to take a deep breath and relax. Task 1 is about being logical and writing a clear report. There are simple steps:
      1. Paraphrase the description given and put the list of categories in the introduction if possible.
      2. Circle the key features and then present them in an overview in either one or two sentences – occasionally three.
      3. Decide how you will divide the body paragraphs which contain the details. Always choose the most logical way – paragraphing should be easy to understand.
      4. Make sure each sentence in your body paragraphs is supported by data. In the case of maps or diagrams, use the words given.
      Four simple steps. Now go to my main writing task 1 page, which is located on the RED BAR at the top of the site, and read the model answers and also watch all the free videos and then review the practice lessons.
      Does this help?

  7. Hi liz, i just took the exam yesterday and i was worried because instead of saying diagram in my introduction i changed it to illustration. Will it affect my score?

    • You definitely should not be worrying about one single word. IT isn’t needed to alter the word “diagram”. A diagram is a diagram. However, the word you chose has a similar meaning and does not confuse the reader, even though it can’t be used for all types of IELTS diagrams.

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