IELTS Diagram: Introduction and Overview

For an IELTS diagram, you need an introduction and overall paragraph containing the main features of the diagram or process in your report. The overview is one of the most important parts of your report if you are aiming for band score 6 and above. See below for an example of how to write the introduction and overview for the process shown in the picture.

The site uses images to explain objects.

Source: The diagram above was not designed by IELTS Liz.

Introduction and Overview

  • paraphrase the information given about the diagram for the introduction
  • choose the main stages for the overview ( eggs, water, tadpole, land, adult frogs)
Model Introduction and Overview
The diagram illustrates the different stages involved in the life of a frog. Overall, tadpoles, which emerge from eggs in the water, pass through a number of phases before going on to land and maturing into adult frogs.


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  1. Mehdi Mazaheri says

    Hi Liz
    Thank you for your generous informing, I appreciate it.
    Would you please alittle bit clarify for me the differences between outline sentence which comes immediately after the introducing sentence and the conclusion which basically is expected to settle as a separated paragraph ?


    Kindly evaluate my introduction, thanks!

    The diagram depicts a frog developmental cycle in seven stages. Overall, it can be seen that after a frog had undergone five crucial phases in its life; from egg reaching to its tadpole frog phase, it is now ready to live on land wherein it has fully developed lung function and complete limbs till it further later matures as an adult frog.

  3. The diagram above showed a frog life cycle. On the whole, start from an egg to a tadpole, and then to be a mature frog, the frog spends most of its time in the water phase.

  4. The given diagram illustrates the circle of a frog’s natural life.

    Overall, the imature form which develope from the egg under the water, going through multiple and different stages before going on to the ground surface and becoming a mature frog.

  5. Rafaela Ramos says

    Hi Liz,

    On this type of exercises (diagrams), we only have to write an Introduction and Overview? What about the Body Paragraphs? By the way, the number of words required is less than 150, right?

    Thank you!

    • This lesson is about introductions and overviews. The lesson isn’t about other paragraphs. Go to the RED BAR at the top of the website and enter the writing task 1 section to learn more.

      • Hi Liz ,
        Thank you for the amazing videos you share , it truly helps mine writing skills better
        I want you to check my writing task so that I can improve more and also score it.

        The diagram illustrates the different phases involved in the cycle of a frog’s life. Overall, tadpoles which emerge from the eggs in the pond, pass through a number of stages before going on to a land and maturing into adult frogs.

        At an initial stage, the eggs laid by the mother frog develops into an embryo. A fully grown embryo hatched on to emerge as a small tadpole which has an elongated body with long tail. Gradually, the body of the small tadpole enlarges along with the tails. This phase continues till it’s front legs break through the body.

        The next stage involves the development of the main features of a young frog . The process includes the starting of the pulmonary breathing with fully developed eyes for the sight. Furthermore, the immature frog slowly and steadily grows onto become a tadpole frog with flexible legs for the movement . The last stage shows the maturity of the tadpole frog into an adult frog and comes out of its comfort zone to reach the nearby land.

        Thank you so much

  6. akmal khan says

    First of all thanks for hardworking and your efforts are appreciatable.
    My question is IELTS exam is identical for all countries or it is up to country wise to prepare a different test for a different country?

  7. The diagram illustrates the stages of development of a frog. Overall, the eggs transforms to embryo, the next phase is the tadpole, metermophosis continues until it becomes a frog.

  8. Intro: The diagram illustrates frogs development during their life.
    Overview: It can be seen that the process mainly occurs in the water, where egg becomes embryo who becomes tadpole; after that, front legs appear and finally a pulmonary system let the frog start to breath. So, at this point, the animal could move into the land and turn into an adult.

    thankyou Liz for your amazing job, I’m very grateful

  9. Pranju Shrestha says

    The diagram illustrates the stages in the life cycle of a frog.
    Overall, eggs hatched into embryos which later develop into tadpole and then adult frog.
    Intially, eggs are float in the surface of the pond. The step after the egg hatched is develop in the form of embryo. After the emergence of the small todpole, which has a small body and long tail. Gradually, the todpole developed its body enlarges while the tail become longer. At the point in the cycle, the leg appear in order and the tail are becoming short to be prepare for the todpole frog.
    Eventually, the todpole frog start to develop into the young frog with a wider mouth, reduced tail and bigger legs. At that time young frog continue to live in a pond. Over a time, the frog matures and when the frog finds a mate so as to produce eggs and the life cycle begins again.

  10. patel prit says

    The diagram shows that how the frog is produce from the eggs into the water to the land to form tadpole to the adult frog oveall , it is a life cycle of frog that represent how the eggs are develope into embryo and futher breaks into different part and go to the land to form adult frog

    • The technique is correct, but the level of your English is a problem. There are constant errors in English which will very seriously lower your score. Your English is currently about band 5.

  11. This was my answer: The diagram illustrates the stages of metamorphosis of a frog. Overall, there are six stages in the life cycle of a frog, from the eggs, through the tappole, before it becomes an adult. Please Liz, i hope that wasnt an awful effort?. Thanks for your awesome lessons.

    • A good try. But be careful of spelling and grammar.

    • The pictorial representation depicts the life cycle of a frog. The cycle starts from the time the eggs are laid to the time where it becomes a full blown adult. Picture speaks a thousand words and I cannot find a greater example than this.

  12. Alessia Farolfi says

    Hi Liz,
    Just a quick question.
    Why in this example the introduction and the overview are in the same Paragraph and I take it that it is allowed to just have one paragraph for the two if the introduction is not substantial enough.
    Thank you for your time.

    • There are no fixed rules. I often put my introduction and overview together for diagrams for the exact reason you stated. But they must be two clearly different statements.

  13. Hi Liz, for diagram type report, do we write an overview in the same paragraph of introduction!? Because, for other types, you have shown to write a different paragraph for an overview.

  14. Liz, what is the difference between introduction and overview? how many lines can i write for introduction? secondly, must i write an overview? is overview part of the introduction or it should be written in a separate paragraph?
    Please, i need your reply. Thanks.

  15. Is there any difference between the checking of british council and idp writing?

  16. Laurisabel says

    Hi Liz,
    First, I want to say that I’m grateful for your hard work. That’s amazing! Really help me.
    Could you tell me if I could write my introduction and overall like this:
    “This diagram demonstrates how a frog grows under normal environmental condiction.
    This cycle starts in the eggs put on the leaves of plants, goes between it pulmonary breasting phase and finishes on adult phase”
    Thank you so much once more!

    • Make sure you are highlighting which statement is your overview. The overview is the most important part of your writing task 1 – make it easy for the examiner to find.

  17. Is overall is necessary in diagram??

    • This whole page is about the introduction and overview for diagrams – I’m sure you know the answer to your question!

      • Intro
        The diagram shows the distinct period of process of a frog life cycle.

        It is given the conplete transitionof the adult frog from eggs, embryo, tadpole until its overall feature are totally formed like front legs and starting to get life.

  18. The diaphragm illustrates the metamorphosis of frog. Overall there are 7 steps and majority of steps occur in the water while the final steps takes place on the land. Initially, the egg’s are laid in the water. The eggs are laid in the clumps and it requires moister hence they remain in the water. Later the eggs develop into an embryo. The embryo then matures to form an tadpole. After several weeks, the hind legs begin to grow from tadpole. All these steps are aquatic and as lungs began to develop, the life cycle shifts from aquatic to the earth surface. The tadpole by this stage has evolved to tadpole frog. It closely resemble the young frog but still has long tail. After several week on the land, the young frog sheds its long tail and will begin to grow into an adult frog.

  19. Is there a complete model answer available for this diagram?

  20. Hi Liz,
    My exam is this Saturday and I really don’t know how to improve my writing. I keep watching your videos and reading your tips. Although, I don’t make many grammar mistakes, I always feel like my vocabulary choice is so much worse than words or phrases used in the model essays. I have subscribed to a writing correction service and they always return my work (band score 6.5) with single words being highlighted and replaced by ‘better’ ones. On numerous occasions, their feedback would say that my vocabulary is too sophisticated. How should I work on it? Any tips? I’m so desperate to improve it, just don’t really know how to and I really need to get 7:(

    • It sounds like you are greatly focused on vocabulary. Why? It is only 25% of your marks. Judging from your message, both your vocabulary and level of English are fine to get a higher score. So, the problem is obviously technique, not language.

      • What should I focus on in particular? What tips,regarding technique, should I become familiar with? Thank you for your help!!

        • The list is long:
          understanding what the examiner is looking for – how your essay is marked
          writing thesis statements
          writing topic sentences for body paragraph
          linking ideas
          presenting supporting ideas properly
          Unless you understand that this isn’t an academic essay – it’s an IELTS essay, you will struggle. IELTS essays have particular requirements and techniques. If you need help see my advanced lessons. Also avoid learned phrases and poor choices with language.

  21. Here are the two introductions which i have written. I will be glad if you will see these Liz. Thank you.

    1.The diagram illustrates information about the seven stages of life cycle the frog has to undergo from an egg to become adult.

    2.The diagram illustrates information about the transition stages of life cycle the frog has to go through for becoming an adult from an egg.

  22. Oyedeji ademola oyewumi says

    Please lizy help to access my introduction, all your tips has been found helpful.

    The diagram gives information about the five stages involved in the life cycle of a frog which transcend from egg through tadpole and to adult frog.
    Overall,there are five stages in all in which the first three cycle are water based and the remaining two were on land.

  23. your lessons have been of immense value to me.Thank you Liz.
    Please point out errors in the below introduction and overview.

    The diagram depicts the developmental stages of a frog.

    Overall,there are roughly five essential stages(egg, water tadpole, lung breathing tadpole, land tadpole and adult frog) in the life cycle of a frog.
    The stages involves aquatic and terrestial phases starting with the egg stage and ending in adult frog stage respectively.

  24. Alessandra says

    The diagram below illustrates the phases of frog’s life, from the eggs to the adult frog. Overall, it is possible identify seven phases in which the frog develop hear features that will bring her in a mature state. Five of these stages happen under water from the eggs until the beginning of pulmonary breathing. Before of this stage the egg becomes embryo and in turn it changes into tadpole. The latter increases his dimensions through various steps and at the end his front legs come out. When there is the beginning of respiring, obviously, begins the life of the frog outside from the water, on to a land. Here it can be noted two phases: the tadpole frog and the adult frog. With this her maturation concludes.

    What score can I have from his answer? Thanks

  25. sakhi muhammad says

    The diagram illustrate how frog grows up during different stages of life cycle from an egg to adult frog.

    please let me know this intro is enough & also highlight mistakes.

    • Dont’ forget “illustrates” with an “s”. Also animals don’t “grow up”, only children grow up. Always tried to avoid errors in grammar and vocab.

  26. Dear Liz

    Could you please read my writing and tell where i’ve made mistakes and the improvement that could be made?And also how much I would score with a writing like this. It would really help me. Thanks

    The diagram depicts several stages that are involved in the Life Cycle of a frog from the stage of it being an egg, to the time it becomes an adult frog. Altogether there are 4 stages in its life cycle.

    The cycle begins from first stage where an adult frog lays eggs. The egg then grows to become what we call the embryo in the second stage which further in the stage three becomes a tadpole. A significant growth of the tadpole can be seen in this stage where its legs break through, gradually its pulmonary breathing starts .
    Its not until the third stage that the tadpole frog is out of the water and starts its life by adapting to its new environment that is the land.
    And finally in the stage four , this tadpole frog becomes an adult frog. The cycle continues in a circle.

  27. Hello Liz,

    I chanced upon your website and I would be happy to receive your comment on the introduction and overview for the Life Cycle of a Frog:

    The diagram illustrates the different stages that a frog undergoes in its life span. Clearly we see its growth from an egg and gradually developing into a tadpole until it becomes an adult frog.

    • Try to avoid “we will see …”. Avoid using “we”. Make sure your overview is easy to find: Overall, …

      • Thank you for the immediate feedback, Liz. You really are a big help. To rephrase, will this do:

        “The diagram illustrates the different stages that a frog undergoes in its life span. Overall it shows the growth and development from an egg as it gradually transitions into a tadpole until it becomes an adult frog.”

  28. Dear miss liz,
    Sorry, maybe this topic was so late. Because, to be honest, I have just visited your website and these last 3 months I have been struggling by my self. But, let me convey my ideas. I promise, this will only be introduction and overview matters due to some data problems. And As you said it is crucial to give us a high score in writing task 1. Please give me comment.

    ” The diagram illustrates a life phases of a frog as a whole. Overall, it can be seen that life cycle of a frog begins from eggs which is water as its habitant. And then, Before being a tadpole which in the next stage, land as its place to live and finally, developing to be an adult frog “

    • You’ve got all the right techniques but with so many grammar mistakes with it will seriously affect your score. I’m telling you this, not to make you unhappy, but so that you can fix your problems before your test and get a higher score. See my list of errors:
      a life phases = the life phases (you MUST learn when to use “the” and when to use “a”
      as a whole = you are adding extra words to sound good or because you think the intro is too short. Don’t do this. It is a short intro – fine.
      that life cycle = that the life cycle (problems with “the”
      which is = which are (eggs is a plural word)
      as its habitant = I’m sure when you wrote this that you were not sure if this was right or wrong. So, don’t use it. Avoid errors at all costs. Just write that the …begins from eggs which are in water.
      And = never start a sentence with “and” this is a common error which the examiner will look for. “and” is a conjunction in the middle of two sentences. So, in this case, just start your sentence with “Then”
      ” Before being a tadpole which in the next stage, land as its place to live and finally, developing to be an adult frog “” this whole sentence is grammatically incorrect. Kept your information easy to read. “Before becoming a tadpole, moving onto land and developing into an adult frog.” I gave three stages clearly in order. This is your overview – no need for linking words – use them in your body paragraph.

      I hope this list will help you develop. Here is a list of tips:
      1. Keep your information easy to read
      2. be careful with “the” or “a”
      3. be careful with plural nouns and third person verbs eggs = are
      4. don’t make your sentences so long and don’t pack sentences with too much information. Keep things clear and easy to read.
      5. don’t use “and” or “but” or “because” at the beginning of sentences. See my linking words on the main writing task 1 and 2 pages.
      6. Aim to reduce errors. Don’t try to impress the examiner – just keep your errors down. More errors = lower score!!

      Good luck!!

      • The provided diagram personifies the different phases involved in the life cycle of a frog ‘s life. Overall, tadpole which emarage from the eggs , pass through a seven stages and converted into adult frog.

        To commence with, we can observe that , there are some eggs which laid by mother frog and develops into an embryo. After that, a fully grown embryo hatched on to emerge as a small tadpole which has a minor body with tail. In the next, tadpole front leg break through the body.

        In the next stage shows the development of the cardinal features of an adult frog. The process involved the tadpole starting of the pulmonary breathing with established eyes. The frog is slowly slowly grow and become tadpole frog. The last stage shows the tadpole frog converted into adult frog.

  29. How about this introduction for the diagram. “This diagram illustrates the life events occurring in the development of eggs into mature adult frog.”

  30. Hello Liz. For the diagram do we need to have a conclusion or not?

  31. hi liz
    i am sajid form india l love your lectures,model paper as well as practice paper they are really very helpful for me keep it up liz you are doing job may god bless you

  32. hi liz
    is this type of graphs(diagram ) often come in ielts
    because quit hard

  33. Hello Liz
    Is it important to always have an overview??
    I’ve read many task 1 samples of maps and line graph with pie chart combined in one task without an overview
    I’m confused as when i should have them

  34. Dear Liz,

    Do you think this type of overview is correct? ” Overall, it takes six stages (listing all the stages) starting from eggs and finishing with adult frog.”

  35. You are so great!Thanks a lot.

  36. its great….

  37. Dear Liz,
    thanks a lot, a big like to you 🙂

  38. Hi Liz,

    did this question come out last year on oct-november?

  39. Dear liz, thanks for ur helpful guideline. Liz I need a model answer for frog life cycle. Can u provide me this model answer?

  40. Hello
    I have prepared myself for a long time but I think that my english is quite bad and the mostly I am afraid to get less than 6.5.
    I think that I’ll have the most problem with listening part and also with these diagrams . It’s looks so complicated and rare.
    My test date is in Dececember 5th.
    How I can make better my listening .?
    Always I was bad with that.
    What You could advice me to get band 6.5 ?
    Thank You for Your time .

  41. is one sentence for the introduction enough? or do i still have to make a 2 sentence introduction?

    • One sentence is enough for an introduction for task 1. This is not an essay. You can put your overview with the introduction (which means two or three sentences) or in a separate paragraph.

  42. Dear Liz,
    Thank you for your great support on our path to success.

  43. Elizabeth kasamn says

    Hello miss Liz ,
    it would be a great help if you take a look .

    the diagram illustrates the development stages of the frog’s life cycle. Overall, the life cycle of a frog is a natural process which improves in six tips , which are ( eggs, embryo , tadpole, legs , land to adult frog ) , it begins with eggs’ production and ends with being adult frog.

  44. Noha Faisal says

    Hi Liz,
    Can i write (at the first glance ) in IELTS writing task 1 ? or it is considered as a speaking language more ?

    • “At first glance” means that you are looking quickly without thinking much. That is completely the wrong information to give when your task is to analyse the chart or graph deeply. So, don’t use it.
      All the best

  45. Hi Liz,
    I stubbled upon your website this afternoon and its so nice to have a very active kelt tutor that responds to every comment from her subscribers.please kindly go through my essay and let me know how I did.

    The diagram demonstrates the different phases in life of a frog. In overall, there are 6 main stages starting from egg and to the final stage of adult frog. And the whole process takes place inside water and on water surface.
    The initial process begins with many eggs being laid inside water, which eventually gets into embryo and embryo develops into tadpole. There are 2 stages of a tadpole, but from the second stage which is slightly longer in length, it starts developing legs. As soon as the front legs are developed, the next phase is the start of pulmonary breathing .
    From the moment the tadpole start breathing through the lungs,it jumps unto the water surface and becomes a tadpole frog. And from tadpole frog, it develops into an adult frog. The life cycle then starts again with the adult frog laying it’s eggs inside water.

    Total of 146 words.(tried to makeup the remaining 4 words but my 20mins is up)
    Please can you grade it for me. I tried to write it as if am in exam although I know if I am in exam I will get extra time from task 2.

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