IELTS Reading Practice: Matching Paragraph Information

Matching paragraph information question in IELTS reading requires strong skills of paraphrasing. This lesson will help you understand the need to paraphrase the sentences given before you try to locate the information in the paragraphs. It’s a good lesson for both GT and academic students.

This is an easy practice to help you get started with matching paragraph information questions. For more practice and more challenging reading, please see the recommended links below.
Hobbies for the Elderly
A. Card making – This has become an increasingly popular hobby, as it’s very easy to start and cards can be as simple or complicated as skills allow. Best of all, it’s a lovely way for your parent to send wishes to all the family and friends.

B. Art – this can be done at your parent’s home, or in a local art class. It can be painting, drawing, sculpture, or pottery. It does not matter how skilled your parent is, as there are opportunities for all levels. Just give it a go. The creative process is very absorbing and rewarding and it is a great way for your elderly relative to meet new people.

C. Learning to use the internet – if your aging parent likes the look of new technology, but has never learned how to use it, the internet is very easy once someone has shown them how. It opens up a whole new world of information and they will be able to keep in touch easily with children and grandchildren via email.

Questions 1-2
Which section contains the following information?Write the correct letter (A-C) as your answer.

1. A way to learn new methods of communication.

2. A way to socialize.

For answers and vocabulary, click here.

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  1. Venkata Padmaja Somabhatta says

    Hello Liz,
    Thank You so much for the useful tips. I really liked the way you took each and every question type and gave the tips.I have a few questions:
    1.In how much time should one complete each practise question?
    2.Is it possible to read the complete passage in 2-3 minutes as your tip states?
    Thank you in advance.

    • 1) You have one hour to complete 40 questions. Always make sure you practice full tests at home. You can find one free practice test to download on the BC IELTS website.
      2) What do you mean by read? The aim is to SKIM read the passage in 2 mins. This does not mean to read for understanding. You do not need to read each sentence. It is about skim reading to get the general gist and layout of the passage. You never spend more than 2 mins skim reading an IELTS passage.

  2. Hany Nabil says

    Dear Liz
    In my experience, I’ve learned that when I see “NB: You may use any letter more than once” in the matching paragraph information questions, I have to find at least one paragraph containing two of the examples given. When not given “NB: you may…….”, I’ve always found no paragraph containing more than one example. However, I was shocked when I tried reading passage 3 in IELTS Book 13 (test 3) as I was told that I may use any letter more than once and found in the model answer that no letter was repeated. I was fooled and made 3 mistakes because I was trying to have at least one paragraph containing more than one example. What do you think? Is IELTS trying its best to get us lose marks and, in turn, have me repeat the test if I don’t get the score I want? For me, it doesn’t really make sense to be told about the possibility to use a letter twice and shocked with the model answer. All other reading passages that don’t have “NB:…..” never contains paragraphs having more than one of the examples given. Accordingly, it should be concluded that when ever given ” NB: You may …..”, you have to make sure you have found at least 1 paragraph containing 2 examples. Please advise.
    Thanks in advance

    • You are trying to create rules about IELTS that don’t exist. Most matching paragraph information (not matching headings) allow you to use one letter more than once. It is something that is possible, not essential. Just try to match the information rather than force your answers into a pattern.

  3. I got 1. Didn’t read with understanding. Thanks.

  4. You r great and helpful dear Liz .thanks alot

  5. Dear Liz,

    Something unexpectedly positive and interesting happened to me in the Reading section test toady. Two of the tasks in test (about 15 answers) i was familiar with since they were the same as those i have exercised from. So, i didn’t really remember all exact answers but it was such a relief to go trough a familiar text ☺

    • That’s excellent news – very lucky 🙂 I have heard this happening once before with another IELTS student. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your results 🙂

  6. Thank you Liz

  7. Heera Lal Chaudhary says

    1. C
    2. B

  8. sok piseth says

    1 C
    2 B



  10. Dear Liz, Thank you for this amazing website. It is extremely useful. I am following your tips and doing exams. I am mostly failing in the area of writing and listening. Could you please guide me how to improve writing skills? I am making a lot of grammatical and spelling mistake. Thanks in advance!

    • You are confusing two different things. Improving IELTS writing skills is about technique. Improving your grammar and spelling is about your English language. Make a list of areas you need to improve on and divide them into techniques and language – then you can tackle them more easily. My main writing task 2 page focuses on technique:

  11. Hello Liz,
    Can we have more practice questions for the matching paragraph questions?
    Thank you.

    • See the IELTS Cambridge test books if you have already finished all my reading exercises on my main reading page (click on the red bar).

  12. Can I write all capital letters in listening test ?

  13. M.Nikitha reddy says

    Hey liz i hve very less time to prepare for ielts test bt my target is to get score 7 wt i shuld do liz plz suggest me wt to do?my xam is on nov 11th.

  14. hey Liz,
    I want to ask in reading section if spelling is wrong then our answer will be wrong but our answer will also be wrong if i have written in small letters and answer was in capital letters?
    and if first word i have written in small or capital does it effect on marking?

  15. Sometimes i get borring to read a paragraph more than one time so ,i will lose my concentration

    • Your aim is not to read to understand the whole passage. Your aim is locate and decide answers – nothing more. Change your perspective and aims.

  16. hi liz, Any more tips in reaching band 7 for academic writing? I bought 2 of your Advanced writing lessons.

  17. Biwas Bhattarai says

    I got 6.5 in reading in last test (GT). I am again starting with the help of this incredible site. Thank you Liz.

  18. Hi Liz,
    I got 5.5 in reading general test. I am having problem in matching headings. How can i improve my score to 7.5 or 8 bands in reading and in listening too.
    please suggest me.


  19. I just want to thank you for making the world better place, unfortunately people be came more greedy there are not alot of blogs or websites that teach for IELTS test for free. you are hero uto me.

  20. Hello
    I am Saba from Pakistan and have been following your blog and practice lessons for my IELTS test.Your lessons are really helping me a lot , thanks for that. I need to ask you , if for matching headings, we should read the complete paragraphs or just the beginning and ending sentences only?

  21. i am in Nigeria,please i want to know the cost,where and how to buy the Cambridge IELTS official examination pappers book 1 to 10

    • You can buy them on amazon, possibly in your local book shop or visit a facebook group for IELTS and see if someone can send you their copies. Alternatively, you can do a free practice test on the BC IELTS website. See my useful websites page for the link (side column).
      All the best

  22. I just took the IELTS test and was confused when I read the instructions. My questions asked me to match statements to paragraphs and said THE LETTERS CAN BE USED ANY NUMBER OF TIMES.
    What confuses me is, does it mean each question could potentially draw from two paragraphs, meaning my answer would be A and C for example. Basically, I’d like to know if I can feel at ease by answering each question with just one choice that sometimes reuse the letter.
    Thanks so much for the help

    • The task is to match information with the paragraph. This means which paragraph contains each statement. Of course, paragraphs might contain more than one statement. Always presume that letters can be used more than once.

      • Thank you for the reply, however, I’m still uncertain about my question.
        I understand that any letter in that type of question could be used more than once, and that paragraphs may contain more than one statement.
        I was wondering if it was possible that I’d need to fill the answer sheet with two answers (eg both A, B for #15). Could a statement be found in two paragraphs.
        In my test, I eventually decided to only stick to one letter per answer even though there was one where I wanted to write two letters that could have corresponded to my statement.

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