IELTS Reading Practice: Matching Paragraph Information

Matching paragraph information question in IELTS reading requires strong skills of paraphrasing. This lesson will help you understand the need to paraphrase the sentences given before you try to locate the information in the paragraphs. It’s a good lesson for both GT and academic students.

This is an easy practice to help you get started with matching paragraph information questions. For more practice and more challenging reading, please see the recommended links below.
Hobbies for the Elderly
A. Card making – This has become an increasingly popular hobby, as it’s very easy to start and cards can be as simple or complicated as skills allow. Best of all, it’s a lovely way for your parent to send wishes to all the family and friends.

B. Art – this can be done at your parent’s home, or in a local art class. It can be painting, drawing, sculpture, or pottery. It does not matter how skilled your parent is, as there are opportunities for all levels. Just give it a go. The creative process is very absorbing and rewarding and it is a great way for your elderly relative to meet new people.

C. Learning to use the internet – if your aging parent likes the look of new technology, but has never learned how to use it, the internet is very easy once someone has shown them how. It opens up a whole new world of information and they will be able to keep in touch easily with children and grandchildren via email.

Questions 1-2
Which section contains the following information?Write the correct letter (A-C) as your answer.

1. A way to learn new methods of communication.

2. A way to socialize.

For answers and vocabulary, click here.

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