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The essay question below is currently being used in IELTS writing task 2 and was reported last weekend.

In many countries in the world, some people earn extremely high salaries. Some people think that this good for a country. Others think that the government should not allow salaries above a certain level. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Why some people earning high salaries is good for a country:

  • people who are highly skilled and talented should be rewarded with high salaries.
  • high salaries are an incentive for others to work harder.
  • high salaries are important to entice people to do dangerous or unpleasant work.
  • having high salaries is a sign of a country’s wealth.
  • high salaries is a way for a country to express their gratitude for a person’s experience or expertise.
  • high salaries deter skilled or talented people leaving a country.

Why the government should not allow salaries above a certain level:

  • the government should ensure that wealth is evenly distributed throughout a country.
  • limiting high salaries would bring more equality.
  • it can be disheartening for some to receive a low salary while others receive a high salary without much justification.
  • capping high salaries will prevent the rich from gaining unfair control over certain aspects of society.
  • limiting high salaries will mean more funding for public services which will benefit all people in society.

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  1. Please give ideas about common topics which is asked in ielts exam

    • Please go to the RED MENU BAR or the HOME PAGE to access information, topics, tips and lessons for each section of the test.

  2. Dipali Patel says

    Typo error in answer…’Now’ instead of ‘Not’
    Why the government should not allow salaries above certain level..

  3. Marcelo Oppermann says

    Money distribution among individuals is unequal everywhere. In some nations, this difference is even more expressive with few people having big paychecks. For that reason, some believe that the government should dictate rules to limit how much money people could earn. In this essay, I will discuss both views and explain why I am totally against any control by the government.

    In some societies, especially after World War II, the local government was “inflated” by tremendous power; by controlling aspects of their citizens that had not been addressed before. In Cuba, for example, Fidel Castro stipulated that there should be a maximum limit on how much money a person could earn. The idea behind was to decrease the financial difference among people. Moreover, he was trying to avoid the feeling of oppression that some low-income individuals experienced when confronting the lifestyle of the wealthy ones.

    However, this concept turned out to be inadequate in the long term. The fact is that people started to become less ambitious, and for a good reason. Why should someone be fighting for a better income, working more or producing more, if, at the end of the month, the government would not allow this individual to receive more for the extra effort? In my opinion, our society is not educated to the point that they would work and thrive for the good and well being of their nation. Until that, there is no place for any salary control.

    In conclusion, the subject of controlling high salaries by the government has been discussed here. Although some thinkers believe that setting a “ceiling” to high incomes would make society more even; others, including myself, understand that competition and ambition are essential. So any rule to limit earning could be unappropriated.

  4. Hello LIZ, Hope you feeling much better now.

    I have got a question in regards to opinion essays, even though I have gone through your advanced writing task 2 videos but still I am not sure that how to structure an opinion essay question, for instance, frequently asked question is to what extent do you agree?
    So when I write my answer, do I have to write that I am partially agree, fully disagree or completely agree?

    • The instructions: “to what extent do you agree?” / “Do you agree or disagree?” / “to what extent do you agree or disagree?” / “what do you think” etc etc – they are all the same instructions. They are the same essays and you write your introductions and opinions in the same way as I thought in my advanced lessons. You do NOT need to use the words “partially” or “fully” or “agree” – just write your opinion clearly as I explained. The list of instructions were given in the extra tips document under the video lesson.

  5. Leanna Mae David says

    G’day Liz! I am aware that you don’t comment and assess on writing. However, I still want to comment my ideas about the statement you have posted and hoping that some students who are more knowledgeable than me can correct and improve my writing. Thanks!
    Here it is…

    In most of the countries in the world, incredibly high salaries are earned by some people. It is believed by others that giving an extremely high wages on employees benefits the country, while others thought that the government ought to set limit on giving salaries to workers. In my opinion, I am convinced that government should give the employees the salaries they deserve.
    On the on hand, giving high salaries to employees is one of the indication that the country is wealthy enough to give their people the wages they deserve. High salaries can motivate employees to remain in their work and work hard. In addition, getting paid with excessive salaries can deter people from doing crimes, which are usually due to poverty and lack of money. For instance, younger people who are being paid with good salary can save them from hunger and can even support the financial needs of their family. Lastly, giving a huge salary can prevent talented and skillful people from emigrating the country.
    On the other hand, government should ensure that the country’s wealth is being evenly distributed. In addition, controlling the salary of employees can benefit the country. Firstly, limiting salaries will mean that the government will have more funds to improve public infrastructure, which will benefit all people in society. Secondly, wealthy individual can be prevented in terms of gaining control with some aspects of the society. Lastly, it will be unfair to some low-earner employees if others are being paid more than them without due process.
    In conclusion, while limiting the salary of the employees can benefit the country, I believe that it is much better if the government will provide the workers the wages they deserve with further justification. Also, giving talented and skillful people what they deserve will prevent them from going out of the country.

  6. Dear LIZ
    I done 12th on punjab board school,I don’t understand that how i get 6.5 band………..plz help me

  7. Bharat Chhabra says

    In today’s world,mostly in every part of the country,workers are earning incredibly good salaries.It is believed by many that giving handsome salaries to the employers is beneficial to the country,while others think that the government has put a restriction and should not allowed salaries above a threshold level.In my opinion,i believe that paying employers a high amount of salary boost the confidence of the employers and encourage them to work harder.

    On the one side,salaries act as a reward or incentive,different companies come with different strategies to encourage the employers such as naming employer of the month,reward for overwork are cited as a key examples of boosting the confidence of the worker.Consequently,paying handsome salaries incite them to work more harder that in turn,it benefit the company.It will refrain them from going to abroad for a better future.In addition to this,the employers will get a sense of satisfaction that their work is being valued by the organisation,therefore,it strive them to do more better.

    On the other side,paying less salaries to the workers specifically,to those who are highly skilled or proficient lower their confidence level.Workers start taking their jobs as only some way of feeding them,rather than as a profession.Admittedly,it effect the growth of the organisation and consequently, the country.Employers are no longer work with the zeal and the interest and as a result,they start migrating to the abroad where there talent should be acknowledged.

    In my opinion, i strongly believe that the government should not have to limit the salaries as it will discourage or insecure the employers and effectively it will cause the country.

    To conclude,paying high salaries encourage the employers to work more harder as it increases the confidence and endeavor it to do work harder.

  8. Hi, Liz
    Can I use “On the other hand” regardless of using “On the one hand” prior to it?

  9. Kindly Liz give the proper introduction of the above mentioned essay..How to write the intro of this essay?

  10. Hi Liz, Is my introduction correct? “It is considered by some people having high salaries is good for a country while there are others who think that salaries above a assertive level should not grant by the governance.In my opinion, earning intensely high salaries is good for people who are highly skilled while the government by limiting high salaries would bring more equality.”

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