IELTS Writing Task 2 Paraphrasing Practice No. 3

The lesson today is about paraphrasing in IELTS writing task 2. It is about paraphrase the essay question in order to make a background statement for the introduction.

The introduction for an IELTS essay in writing task 2 consists of two sentences: a background statement and a thesis statement. The background statement paraphrases the essay question. The thesis statement gives your answer.

Yesterday, a student wrote this to me about paraphrasing:

Hi Liz,

You said that it’s ok to keep some words the same when you paraphrase. My question is: “Do you have a maximum number of words that can stay the same?

For example: Artists need a certain amount of freedom to develop their creativity. Some people think that artists should have total freedom to express any thoughts and ideas. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

I think I can keep the word “artist” and “creativity”. But I doubt using “freedom” Should I paraphrase the word “people”? What words can I keep?

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You can find a model introduction with paraphrasing tips on this page. The link below will explain how you can paraphrase your background statement.

Paraphrasing: Model Introduction & Tips




  1. Hi Liz,
    Thank you so much for your generosity and this blog is really useful.

  2. People in the field of arts require some liberty from restraints in order to grow. Many even suggest that there should not be any shackles to those, who are in this field.

  3. Hi Mam Liz. Your video is very helpful for me as a timer in teaching IELTS WRITING ESSAY.Can you help me by sending some example topics to pratice or topics with answers already. Thanks and have a great day!

  4. Some people embrace the idea that artists shall be given a certain level of freedom. On the contrary, some espouse to the belief that artists shall be given a total freedom of expression. This essay adheres to the theory of freedom of expression as it is necessary to nurture the creativity in oneself.

  5. Nasib Al Habib says

    It is believed by some people that artists ought to be totally liberated towards expressions of their own thoughts and ideas, as development of creativity and innovativeness requires certain degree of independence. In my opinion, I would like to disagree with the concept of total freedom because too much liberation of opinion might result in tumult in the society. However, artists must have certain freedom of expression to develop their potential talent.

    • Vigneshwaran says

      The artists require sufficient liberty in order to deepen their creativity skills.There are some people who believe that the artists shouldn’t be provided with complete freedom to express their views and ideas.This essay will discuss why I totally agree that the artists ought to be given the right to express what they want to.

  6. You r great teacher of Ielts .your video is very fantastic .I m really impressed

  7. Hello liz,
    Could u please check my answer,
    Right to improve the creativity of an artist moreover some people believe that artist should have right to convey their feeling and opinions. However in my opinion, I agree that artist should have deliver to develop their creativity and feeling.

    Thank u

  8. Hi Liz, My paraphrase consists of 50 words. Please comment, what you think about it. I am writing here first time. thanks

    It is true that artists required some degree of independence to create an art. Few people have been arguing that artists should have fully freedom to exhibit their imaginations and feelings. I totally agree with the latter statement that artists should be freed from any boundaries.

    • Nasib Al Habib says

      There are few grammatical mistakes in your writing. ‘It is true that artists require …’. The second sentence can be written as, ‘Few people argue that artists should be fully free to exhibit their imagination or feelings’ or ‘ Few people argue that artists should have full freedom to exhibit their imagination or feelings’. Moreover, spelling of later is wrong and it is enough to say ‘artists should be free from any boundaries’. No passive voice is required. 🙂

  9. It is often believed that artists should never be restricted in expressing their ideas in order to reap a good and creative result.I completely agree with the statement as an artist’s skills are wasted if not given complete independence in his thought process.

  10. It is argued that creative minds are supposed to freely articulate their ideas into the desirable forms. However, I believe that imposing certain restrictions on them will in contrary stimulate their productivity and innovations in the forms of art.

  11. My question was
    in writing
    Task 1 was table
    Task 2 was related to job satisfaction, job security and permanent job

    part 1 About transportation and types of houses
    part 2 about sports
    which sport you watch most?
    when and where you watched first?
    with whom?
    Advantages of watching sports?
    Part3 related to part 2 (forgot ) 😉

  12. Part of the audience says that artists are supposed to be absolutely independent to create and to communicate their beliefs and concepts. Partially I agree that artists demand liberty to express themselves and their art, bus I also believe that all people must be respectful and concerned about others opinions and feelings.

  13. Artists do not require total amount of freedom to improve their creativness, while few people consider that they should have all freedom to show their ability. However, in my opinion, i fully agree with later that artists reflect their culture and other social evils in their art.

  14. Rosie O'Grady says

    While it is generally understood that in order to be creative an artist must have some liberty to develop impulses and ideas creatively , some would argue that they should have full, and unrestricted, creative licence.
    Though I agree that artists require a great deal of personal space to create, I believe that some structure within the discipline is necessary to guide and give shape to their creations as well as possibly ensuring their work does not intentionally draw harm to others.

  15. Artists require the particular extent of liberty to enhance their imaginations.Few people anticipate that artisan should be granted with complete flexibility to explicit their innovative thoughts and ideas. In my opinion, inventors should have the limited degree of independence to articulate their perceptions.

  16. Artist must take large space of freedom to improving their talent, thought, and creativity.

  17. Artist have a level of freedom to develop their creativity,but people think that artist have the total liberty to express their opinions

  18. It is considered by some that artists, in order to amplify their creativity, should be totally free to express their ideas and thoughts. As art is a result of the way each individual sees the world, I strongly agree that artists should have total freedom of speech to produce their work of art.

  19. A certain amount of liberty must be given to artist to express their creativity. However it is thought by some , that total liberty must be given to artist to innovate their own ideas. In my opinion I agree that there should not be any restrictions on the artists to implement their thoughts and ideas.

  20. To enhance their creativity,artists require limited freedom.However,to certain people,they think,artists should have the absolute free will to fully express what they have in mind and their ideas.

  21. It is being argued that artist should have limited access to enhance their creative sense while others feel they should not be restricted in any form to enable unlock the given potential,in my opinion I think they should have freedom of thought because it will help them produce original works and good sense of creativity

  22. Artists functionality are under debate, some people argue that they must be restricted whist others believe in their independence. This essay,to the greater extend support the notion of artists freedom.

  23. Since art requires a level of freedom to be creative, some believe that artists ought to be granted all the freedom of expression they need.

  24. It is often argued that artists require limited privilege to build their creativity,while others claim that full independence is necessary in order to develop their ideas .I completely agree on the statement that artists need a full liberty for better expression of their own views and opinions.

  25. Diana Georgieva says

    Hi, Liz,
    Thank you very much for your help. I got your advanced writing lessons.They are great. Please, if you can check my sentence and give me advice.Many thanks.

    Artists possess the talent to depict the reality, their feelings, and perspective of the world by artwork, therefore, like some people I also think they should be given full liberty to exhibit their vision through pieces of art.

  26. It is commonly believed that artists should be given absolute freedom in order to showcase their creativity and imagination. In my opinion, a certain level of restrictions would be beneficial to maintain social harmony, particularly in religious matters.

  27. Israel Iyamu says

    The world of artist cannot be determined by creative boundaries, hence the quest for total freedom by some. The limits for creativity can only achieved by the social cultural environment of these artist. I strongly disagree for a total freedom of artist without the boundaries of social values.

  28. Sunil Shrestha says

    Hi Liz.
    I have watched the video that you have uploaded on the topic of how to paraphrase the W.T 2’s introduction and i found that you have written ( In my opinion, I believe that ) is it effective to write i believe that after you already have written in my opinion? As my tutor instructed me that it is not necessary. So i just get confused whether it should write or not?

    After all i ma getting lots of most useful tips from you. Thanks for your contribution to the entire world.

  29. Kavitha.ceelam says

    The question whether,artists should need certain amount of freedom or full is a frequent debate of topic these days.I strongely support the idea that artists should have entire freedom to express their thoughts and ideas.

    Liz,please evaluate my introduction part…
    Iam started battle with ielts for the last 2 years but not getting sucess. I want to improve myself..plz plz 🙏🙏🙏

  30. Art is the subject that can not be confined within boundaries. Artists required certain degree of liberty to create their piece of art, and therefore, a group of people argue that artist should enjoy complete freedom to convey their imagination.I personally believe that artist’s creativity creativity should not be stifled by restricting their expression.

  31. Creators have to have a degree of independence to develop their artwork. Few feel that they should be free access to express their ideas and feelings. I believe that without independency, creators will not be able to develop their artwork and likewise cannot express their views and feelings.

  32. Swapnil Shah says

    Hi Liz,
    Artists required some amount of liberty to cultivate their creativity, but, few people believe that they should have full liberty for expressing their thoughts and ideas. In my opinion, I agree with the latter view that artists should have full freedom to express there innovative thoughts and ideas.

  33. Hi liz,
    I have been going through your lessons for about a fortnight now and I am just loving them. I would take this opportunity to thank you as well for the Amazing tips and knowledge you share.
    Kindly review and suggest changes for the below paraphrasing of the stated essay topic:
    It is believed by some people that the art creators should be provided total independence for demonstrating their views and ideas in the art so as to nurture their innovative and creative skills, where as there are others who think that a limit should be applied to this liberty given.

    Thanks and Regards

  34. Whether or not to provide full freedom to the artish for the development of creative ideas is a matter of debate. Some argue that they should be given freedom to express their creativity to limited extent while other refute this fact,holding an opinion to let artists full liberty.

  35. It is often argued that certain amount of freedom is essential for artists to enhance their innovativeness while other claim that unlimited freedom is mandatory inorder to develop ideas and thoughts to full extent. I completely agree on the fact that artists need a full liberty for better expansion of creative thoughts and to improve their artworks

  36. It is argued that creative person need a limit authority to grow their is commonly believe that artist must have full liberty to show their feelings.personally,i feel that this is an appropriate way to artists display their thoughts.

  37. Some people believe that artist require total while others think partial freedom is needed in expressing their creativity. I strongly agree that total freedom should be given to artist to show their ideas.

  38. It is always a topic of debate that whether artists should be given a total freedom to showcase their imaginations or there should be some restrictions to that.I believe that by providing required independence they will be more innovative and motivated to create new masterpieces.

  39. The creativity for many artists requires the presence of freedom to be well developed, so I believe it is a must to provide the artists with an absolute freedom.

  40. kalaivanan pullaiannan says

    Developing Artist’s creativity there should be some level of freedom to express.And few people suggest, that they should be granted hundred percent freedom to exhibit their views.
    I my opinion, I strongly support the above said idea, because it will fetch good thing to the individual and the society.

  41. Zin Mar Khing says

    Artists should be given a considerable amount of absolute freedom of expression to be able to develop their creativity.

  42. There are those who believe that in order for most artists to be more creative they should have a complete free will in expressing their thoughts and views through their artworks. I strongly share with this view.

  43. It is true that a level of liberty is required by artist to enhance their imaginative skills, but some people believe that artists should have unrestricted freedom in giving voice to their opinion and believe. In my opinion, total freedom is vital in artistic work as constraints will reduce creativity.

  44. It is certainly true that, artists should be given some sort of restricted freedom to express their views. However, other people argue that, artists must get full independence to show their creativity and talent. In my opinion, I completely agree to latter view.

  45. Artists require limited freedom to enhance their creativity while others believe that they should have complete freedom to show their creative ideas and thoughts.

  46. It is thought by some people that artists should limit their creativity, whilst others believe that endless freedom is the key to self-expression. In my opinion, I agree that art does not have boundaries and those who create it are allowed to express themselves the way they wish.

  47. To improve the creativity of an artist they need freedom to expound their thoughts and ideas.

  48. Sally Moussa says

    Most people believe that in order to have the ability to create,Artists should have the space to show their feelings and work because imagination has no boundaries while others think it should be controlled because it might hurt or disturb them. In my opinion I believe Art is madness so,I’ll go for freedom with a certain level.

  49. Freedom is essential for any artist to improve their creativity,so according to some,artists should completely feel free to express themselves in to their art work.while i agree that total freedom maybe beneficial in some circumstances,i also believe it could be damaging in other areas.

  50. Hi Liz, my answer is 69 words. I purchased all three of your advanced videos. I have only watched half of the opinion video as I am still practising my reading. My introduction is as follows:
    Artists are entitled to some degree of freedom to develop their creativity, some would argue that artists are entitled to complete freedom to present their views. In my opinion, I agree that artists should have complete freedom to present their views as this allow them to do this free from criticism and prejudice. Having this freedom will also enable the general public to understand their views. Please let me know what you think. Thank you.

    • Your introduction is too long. Don’t give too many minor details in your thesis statement. Present your main points but in a short way.

      • Hi, Liz, I have cut it down to 47 words. The background statement is 26 words and thesis statement is 21 words. I have changed my third main idea. Instead of talking about the general public’s understanding, I will talk about why it is important to allow the artists freedom to express their ideas. I hope this makes sense to you. I am finding it hard to paraphrase my last sentence in the original statement thesis. My new thesis statement is as follows: In my opinion, I agree. By having this freedom they will not be subjected to criticism and prejudice when presenting their views. is this any better? If not, I will keep trying. I will wait for your model answer. In the meantime, I will carry one revising the reading section, Thanks. P.S. I am doing the General Training paper. I am building my academic vocabulary so this is good practice for me.

        • Make your thesis one sentence.

          • Hi Liz, I have tried to make it one sentence. Thesis statement: Artists should have complete freedom and as a result of this they will have an opportunity to convey their views, avoid criticism and prejudice. Is this better? Thank you.

  51. Mohammad Aabed Obia says

    Artists are supposed to have considerable degree of freedom to guard their ingeniousness, to the extent that some argue they should be totally free to reach their ultimate.

  52. My answer:

    Artists require some freedom to enhance their artwork, but many think artists must be given total freedom of art. In my opinion, complete freedom of work is required to present an artwork. However, artistic skills also play a major role in creating a perfect model.

  53. Hello Liz,

    Some argue that people from art sphere ought to be guaranteed with unlimited freedom to give voice to their opinions and impression while others advocate introducing a limit on liberty art people. Although there are some aspects that could justify restricts in some level, I personally believe that ultimate artist freedom is one of the important factors that might make life more interesting.

  54. Eman Elshekh says

    Artists need aspecific quantity of liberty to improving their creativity. It is thought by some that artists ought to be completely free to explain their believes and points of view. In my opinion, putting constraints on artists will decrease their creativity. However, I also think that feeling free is very important for every.

  55. Hi Liz,

    It is sometimes though that providing a full privilege to artists allows them to perform well and produce creative ideas. In my opinion, freedom is essential for creativity and outstanding performance, however, it must be controlled to the extent that does not disturb and overlap with other’s privacy and rights.

  56. Likith Pushkar says

    There should be a particular amount of independence to cultivate their creativity for the artists, while some people anticipate that artists should have total independence to show any thoughts and plans

  57. It has been a matter of debate that there should no bound on creative persons to reflect their individuality. while there are many who do not agree with the given idea. I completely agree that creators must allowed to excel their imaginations.

  58. Freedom of thoughts is considered as the root of creativity. However, it is thought by some that artists should have full liberty to express their ideas and thoughts. I disagree with this statement as uncontrolled freedom of expression can deter sentiment of other cultures, societies and can also sway youngsters on a deleterious path.

  59. A particular level of space and freedom is required for Artists, to help improving their creativity and talent, while on the contrary, many people believe that they should be given full freedom to express any thought and ideas.

  60. Dear Liz,
    Please find my i background and thesis

    It is some times thought that providing a full privilege to Artists allow them to perform well and produce creative idea. In my opinion, freedom is essential for creativity and outstanding performance, however, It should controlled to the extent that does not disturb others.

    Thank you

  61. Inorder for artists to develop their creative abilities, it is thought by some that artists ought to have all the right to freedom of expression.

  62. Even though it is a fact that artists require freedom to bring out their imaginations, some people think that they should be given complete freedom for their creativity.

  63. Silvia Farinha says


    I would say something like: “It is said artists should be free to expand their imagination and freely reflect it in their work.”

    I hope it is right to say it like this…
    Thanks for your help!

  64. Please unsubscribe me.

  65. Mohammad faisal aziz says

    Freedom of mind is the base of an artist, this is why he can create. Full expression of himself can make him a creator,the artist.

  66. Hello Liz,
    That’s my answer. Is it ok to write like this?
    Some people think that artists will Improve their creativity if they have a total liberty. In my opinion, I agree with that creaters need a number of freedom in order to express thoughts. However, having a full freedom may cause some problems such as poticial, religions issues.

    I am really appreciate your helping.

  67. To improve the creativeness of an artist they need ample amount of freedom, although it is some times thought that artists ought to have full license to show their ideas. In my opinion, I believe that artists need to have complete freedom to express any thoughts.

  68. 77 words….this is one of my struggles cos I was told introduction has to to be a maximum of words….Pls let me try again.

    It is true that freedom is crucial in development of creativity for artists, and it has been proposed by some, that this freedom be allowed in totality. I do not agree with this, because artists tend to be eccentric which could sometimes be deemed as insane by society, and control of these eccentricities could, in the long run, prove problematic when the need arises.

  69. It is thought by some that artists should express their minds with a completely free to enhance their creative ability. In my opinion, I don’t agree with this statement because the unlimited freedom of artistic expression may bring negative effects on people’s views of society.

  70. It is believed bt some people that required freedom should be provided to the artists so that thay can develop their thinking and idea as freedom is essential to gain creativity.

  71. Majors of studies are different according to their contains and importance as well as their effective on the people’s life, animals’ life and plants as well. I totally agree to allow artists to express and introduce what they feel and display their ideas widely in order to generate a recent things and convey humans’ believes.

  72. An artist, in order to develop his creations requires some sort of liberty, however, few believe that they are ought to be given full freedom to exhibit their own views and concepts more freely. In my opinion, I believe that only when an artist is completely given the right to express their minds there will be more creativity and master-piece been designed for the others to cherish.

  73. It is widely believed that artists ought to be given absolute freedom of expression, because freedom is essential in the development of their creative process. I disagree to a large extent that they should, because artists tend to be eccentric in nature, which is not always compatible with what is believed to be sane by society, and control might become a serious issue in the long run, when there might arise a necessity to curb their excesses.

  74. Methyle Ann Isulat says

    Complete freedom should be given to every artist for them to display their creativity with their own ideas and thoughts without limit. I agree with the statement because imagination can be boundless.

  75. Betsy Merrin Varghese says

    Artists require a requisite liberty to enhance their creativity. However, some believe that artists should b given total liberty to freely express their mind. I think that the artists should be allowed to express their thoughts on social evils and highlight the flaws of the society we thrive in order to keep the values of the society intact

  76. Kaoshaal thapa says

    Artist require certain amount of freedom in order to enhance their creativity. However, some believe that artist should have absolute freedom to create new thoughts and ideas.

  77. Creating arts require some flexibility and generally people believe that total autonomy require to illustrate quality arts .

  78. Expressing thoughts and ideas require certain amount of freedom to develop creativity which is the belief of some people.

  79. Abdul Khaliq says

    Artists and performers require a fair extension of freedom and exemptions to promote their creativity, few people consider that artists ought be given complete liberty to express, all thoughts and ideas.

  80. Mohammed Essam says

    It is believed from the masess that, artists ought to have freedom in order to be more creative. I believe that, it is indispensable for any artist to be sat free to come up with the best ideas he can imagine.

  81. Some people believe an artist should be given some limited amount of restriction about their work while other argue they will be given full independence about their work.This is an issue very debatable and controversial but I strongly believe they should be given full liberal about their work.There are several reasons for my standing on the side why the artist require their independence.

  82. It is often argued that artists should given a defined level of right to express their imagination in their creation while on the other hand, some state that artists should allow to showcase their creativity without any boundaries. In my opinion, artists need their space to express their creativity but with certain restrictions according to the audience.

  83. Its argued that,to increase the cretivity, artists should have particular freedom whereas some believe that the artists are not required to be fully independent in expressing their notions. I also consider being freedom completely for expressing their ideas to be one their rights..

  84. It is thought by some people that Artists should be given complete freedom to express their imagination because a free environment facilitates them in crafting their art.

  85. Constriction

  86. Talented people have the right to express their views freely with no constructions in order to excel their gifted skills.

  87. Hi liz
    This is about academic or general.l need general reading thing more,can u pls tell me reading ans should be in capital letter or not on ans sheet.

  88. It is argued that creative people must not be confined in strict borders in order to fully develop their opinions and views. I absolutely agree with this idea because firstly, limitations of any sort disrupt the process of creation and secondly, in some situations it is a violation of the freedom of speech.

  89. Rupinder kaur says

    Hi LiZ, can we use the word ‘kids’ for children in writing task 2 ?

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