English Expressions: Eat your Greens!

This lesson focuses on a great expression for the topic of food when talking about vegetables “eat your greens”. The video tutorial below explains the meaning and how to use it correctly.

Eat Your Greens: Video Tutorial

Comments: This is a flexible use of English for IELTS speaking but not to be used in writing. This expression is always used in the plural “greens” and never used as a singular “green”.



  1. Thank you for kindness

  2. I really stuck in reading in every kind of question so,Mam please can provide me tips & tricks to solve them easily
    I’m preparing for academic so,accordingly.

  3. Chinmay Khandelwal says

    I want to ask that should we use a proper vocabulary words in writing task 1 also or only in task 2, as my tutor gave me a task 1 to write and to pharaphrase the word reduced, I used abated and also subsided somewhere according to the sentence where it fits suitably with the sentence. But my tutor told me not to use such kind of typical vocab in task 1. I should use them only in task 2. For task 1 the basic words like reduced, lessen, decrease, fall, maximum, minimum should only be used.
    Please tell me that should I use them or not. And also apart from it I have also used absolute instead of total, is it right or wrong.

    • Your teacher is correct but didn’t explain it properly. You should choose a word just because it has a similar meaning. You should choose the verb because it matches the noun. Writing task 1 is about data. So, the word “reduced” should be replaced with decrease, drop, fall, decline – these are suitable words for describing a fall in numbers. The words “abate” is not used with numbers. The word “subside” is not usually associated with most graphs. In fact, the word “reduce” can only be used in particular contexts. So, this is about learning collocations. It has nothing to do with “proper vocabulary” is about collocations. Also remember that writing task 1 is a report, not an essay. Reports are written in a very formulaic way with particular language.

  4. Varun Sareen says

    Dear liz,

    Yesterday, I visited your website and after thorough research, I found the website to be extremely informative and helpful to achieve my desired scores. Even though, I have taken a 3 week IELTS coaching back here in India, I wasn’t able to score well in writing. I am all baffled up because I used the exact same technique which was taught in the class, still wasn’t able to materialize the bands required. L/R/W/S – 8/7/6.5/7

    Well, I must admit that I did some real silly mistakes in the reading section and I can certainly improvise my performance in that section. I have booked my exam on 28th of this month with very little time to left for practice.

    My question is that would you prefer me taking the advanced classes you offer? I mean, woudn’t it confuse me further with the existing strategy I have grasped in my classes?
    I must admit that the existing strategy makes it more difficult for me to put it on a paper because it comprises of writing 5 full paragraphs. In my exam, I wrote almost 400 words and did a lot of erasing at times. Henceforth, the less scores in the result.

    I look forward for your keen guidance and immediate attention on the same.


    • You should be aiming for between 270 and 290 words, if you are aiming for a high band score. A long essay does NOT help your score – in fact it presents more opportunity for errors in grammar, vocab and relevancy. Your essay should be HIGHLY focused with each sentence being 100% vital to the essay. No words should be used to impress the examiner – all words should be carefully chosen because they are 100% accurate and 100% appropriate. ALL errors will lower your score. My Advanced Writing Task 2 Lessons are bought individually – I suggest you get one and watch it: http://subscriptions.viddler.com/IELTSLizStore

  5. I was always told in school that including proverbs or quotes in an essay creates a better impact to the write-up. Idioms even. But I see that you are advising us test takers to avoid it. So I am a little worried now. I have my test in a week!

    • This is not a school essay or a university essay. It is an IELTS essay with specific requirements for IELTS band scores. It is also a language test which tests your language and not other people’s language that you have memorised.

  6. harjot singh says

    task 2 views problem
    less views and i cannot eloborate it well

  7. Sneha Singh says

    Hi Liz, I was under the impression that I can use idioms in informal letters in IELTS writing task 1 – general training. Am I wrong?


    • Be careful using idioms. They are frequently over used and not considered a good sign of your level of English. It’s better to use idiomatic language, such as phrasal verbs which show more flexibility with informal language.

      • Hi Liz,

        Can you please tell me that what do you mean by idiomatic language? Can you please elaborate it with an example?

        • Idiomatic language is language that does not have a direct translation and is based on symbolism. Idioms are one type of idiomatic language but they are mostly informal and often over used in IELTS – which doesn’t help your score. Phrasal verbs are also idiomatic. They are prefect for IELTS speaking as they are frequently used by native speakers in speaking. However, some are informal so you need to be carefully using them in writing. Just google phrasal verbs online to learn more.

  8. Hi Liz
    Tomorrow my speaking test . idioms are used to good score? ,
    i don’t know idioms. i want to above 7+ in speaking. Please tell me.

  9. Hey Ms. Liz,

    I am from India and I have two days to go for my IELTS test. I am scared to give my test as I did not find time to go through the books. I have been watching few of your videos and those were very helpful for me.
    I am lacking in vocabulary and idioms as far as my knowledge. Please help me with any possible way….

  10. Yousaf Imran says

    Hi Mam,

    I am following your channel on youtube and found very impressive,

    I have a little request please share some notes related to General Test as i am the student of this test.

  11. Dear Ma’am,
    I’m going to give the test next month,I’m Panic in Writing(both tasks),I need 7 bands in writing but It’s hard to write task 1 and task 2,how do I write them in the proper way !
    please help me that I could get the high score!

  12. You are really an excellent teacher,i get your every points.I wish i could meet you for personal consultation about my upcoming IELTS test,unfortunately I’m from bangladesh.

  13. Aman romana says

    Hi,my name is Aman romana.please you can help me for reading because, I am very poor in english language .

  14. Dear Ma’m,
    I ‘d like to know about Idioms ,phrasal verb and proverb through video tutorial.
    Could you please help me to find out the above said lesson . It will help me in my preparation for Toefl .
    Again, many thanks.
    Waiting for a positive reply from your end.
    Warm Regards.

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