Spelling Practice for IELTS Listening: City Names

Spelling practice for city names and other place names, such as towns. Improve your listening and spelling by listening to the spelling of particular places and writing down the letters you hear. This is important practice for IELTS listening section 1.

Writing down the letters you hear. The place names will be given and then spelled. Each place name will be spelled only once. There are 15 place names to write down.

Listen & Write: 15 Town & City Names


  1. Birmingham
  2. Carlisle
  3. Chichester
  4. Leicester
  5. Peterborough
  6. Truro
  7. Wolverhampton
  8. Amersham
  9. Framlingham
  10. Gillingham
  11. Goole
  12. Ormskirk
  13. Painswick
  14. Rochdale
  15. Sawbridgeworth




  1. Thank a lot for this amazing website. I have got 10/15 , I found it hard to differentiate between the sound “b” and “p”😑

  2. I got a perfect score 🙂 Thank you so much, Liz. I’m enjoying your free lessons. More power to you.

  3. maryam bajwa says

    13/15. Also i did not listen your ”r” properly. i wrote it as ”i”

  4. Hi Liz,

    Thanks so much for your help! Your website is really useful! I have one question, I read that you recommend using all capital letters for listening because it’s easier to read, but another student told me that capital letters aren’t marked in the listening and reading, so if I write “Peterborough” as “peterborough” this would still be marked correct. Is this true? My exam is next week so if you could let me know I would appreciate it 🙂

  5. Vu Viet Khue says

    I’m quite confused the word double ‘u’
    Could you explain for me when I will write ‘uu’ and when I will write ‘w’ ?

    • There are very few words in the English language that contain “uu”. As IELTS listening, focuses on relatively simple words as answers, the only word that is likely to appear is “vacuum”. So, this isn’t an issue you need to worry about. However, the actual difference in pronunciation is that uu is pronounced as two separate words “double you” with a clear gap in between the two words, whereas the letter “w” is pronounced as just one word.

  6. Thank you Liz

  7. Moiza Mahmood says

    Thank you liz for these useful practice, I didn’t expect that I will get all of them correctly.
    My test is on 26th April, I hope I will do best!

    Kind regards,

  8. It is an amazing job you do here. I love you Liz.

  9. Radityo Pangestu says

    Hello, Liz..
    I have a problem in spelling part.
    In my first language, ‘e’ is pronounced ‘ei’ (like ‘a’ in English) and ‘i’ is pronounced ‘iy’ (like ‘e’ in English). How do I fix this since I find it difficult to switch my mind from my own language to English when I interpret those letter.
    Thank you.

  10. Hi Liz! A quick question. I attempted the listening test for town and city names. There were three of them that even though the spelling was correct, i jut wrote the word in 2 words rather than one word. For instance, Sawbridgeworth. I wrote it as Saw Bridge Worth. Similarly Wolverhampton as Wolver Hampton. So in IELTS will i lose one whole mark for writing the name as a two word rather than one? Because the concerning thing for me is, shouldn’t more emphasis be given on the “spelling” of the city/town’s name rather than it being written as 1 or 2 word? Thats all. Guess it wasn’t a quick question!

    • It would be marked wrong if you didn’t write it as one word. However, this is not a test. It is a practice lesson so you can learn how to improve.

  11. Álvaro López says

    Thank you. I thought I had a good listening level but spelling is surprisingly hard to me. It’s an amazing practice this audio.

  12. Jaroslav Henzely says

    Thank You. This is exactly what I have been looking for !

  13. Aafsanna Kamrul says

    OMG .. Got All 15 Correct. I was a bit confused on Goole And Peterborough, But wrote them correctly as i checked the answers. Thank you so much LIZ, You are like a life saver for people preparing for IELTS Exam. Stay blessed.

  14. Klint Gino Cutarra says

    My result(s) – I misspelled Peterborough. Instead, I made it as Peterporough. P and B are jumbled.

    Thanks Liz and more powers!

  15. Liz,

    What if no 5 is written as Peter Borough instead as peterborough?


  16. OMG you spell so fast, why you don’t upload 3 levels, beginers, normal and this one that is insane, i only was able to take the first 4-6 letters.
    So frustrating

  17. Nidhi Priya says

    No.11 spell as Gwle but the answer is Goole.Please confirm?

  18. Really helpful, got 15/15

  19. Thanks Liz, you are awesome.

  20. Hi Liz,
    Thank you very much for your valuable tips. I’m totally confused whether to USE CAPITAL LETTERS IN SENTENCE COMPLETION TYPE questions also. Please reply me. My exam is in next month.

  21. Hi Liz
    Thank you for this useful exercises for Listening. I got 14/15 for this practice. I missed the letter E in Chichester.

  22. IELTS User says

    Love you Liz

  23. Thank you so much Liz for these tips. i got 13/15 in this practice lesson.

  24. In this Video, is that Chichestar?
    Answer written Chichester.

  25. Anıl Hoşcan says

    You are fabulous Liz, thank you.

  26. Anıl Hoşcan says

    You are fabulous Liz. Thank you.


  27. Alessandro says

    I am italian and I do a lot of confusion about A, E and I. They are the most tricky letters for me

  28. Hey Liz, first of all, let me thank you for excellent efforts! All videos are quite useful.

    I have one question.
    Can we write ALL CAPS in Listening module and SMALL in rest of modules?

  29. I have a problem to differentiate between the sound of “p” and “B” 🙁
    do you have any useful tips?

  30. Thankyou so much liz
    take a bow , you’re doing a great job – 14/15
    found it tough !!

  31. Very useful (I was a disaster)…thanks!

  32. Ronald Gonzalez says

    I’m so glad to find this material, quick question…
    Do you have more records of city names that you can share with me? if not, Can you please do record some more for me?
    I’m training my students on how to catch city names then get their correct spelling by hearing them from English native speakers around the world. I’ve found your records priceless for my class because they’ll help me to upgrade their listening skills before getting them on real conversation with English native speakers over the phone. In exchange, I can share my experience with you in the long run also I want to point out that by doing so, you’ll help me to shape my path as Trainer and I really appreciate that.

  33. Thank you Ms. Liz for your useful lesson. I always get into trouble with I and E because in my native language, there are I and E with the same pronunciation but different characters. But I think in the real test, they spell much faster, which makes it harder

  34. the hardest citynames I’ve ever written. Thank u Liz, 9 out 15

  35. Sundus Shafiq says

    Hi, Liz
    hope you are fine, you are doing a great job, all the stuff you share is very useful, i am from Pakistan and am also planning to give my ielts in the next month, i will give Ielts Life skill A1 , KINDLY SHARE SOME USEFUL TIPS, AND test pattern for that particular module, i vl b really thankful to you,

  36. Madam I have a big problem with my listening and reading so can you help me this two subjects I have ielts exam in December 2015, I wanna to get good score so this two subjects are difficult to me please help me. Thanks

    • All my tips and lessons are currently on the main listening and reading pages which you can access on the red bar running along the top of this blog. Read all information pages and tips, then start developing your skills with practice.
      All the best

  37. hello madam
    i have a problem in multiple choice
    question in listening and reading

    • Please see the multiple choice video in the listening section. For MC tips for reading, see the information page in the reading section.

  38. Hi Liz,
    I’ve heard that in the listening and reading we can give all answers in capitals. Some say that it’s a good idea to avoid making mistakes(no need to capitalize where needed), but others say that it’s not necessary because answers in lower case are accepted even if the word needs to be capitalized. For example, if the answer is “Green Street”, can we write “green street”?

    • Thank you for your answer!
      So, if we don’t write a capital letter at the start of a proper noun, it’s counted as a wrong answer, am I right?

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